A New World

In PraxisAletheia, we are creating a new world in which humans are

  • waking up to higher states of self-identity
  • growing up into healthy stages of life altitudes
  • cleaning up by transmuting any suppressed, rejected, or denied energy
  • showing up as the Authentic Self, informed by Soul and Absolute Spirit (Transcendent Self).

and the process for the above steps is supported in all cultures and by all systems. This new world has never existed before. The current world is barely aware of the differences between states & stages. The sum of all cultures and societies could not be said to support this process.

In PraxisAletheia, have the firestarter required to create this new world and overcome the overwhelming influence of the old, survival brain/mind. The firestarter, SalutoGenesis, is a recent phenomenon that has now been patterned out and leveraged for individual growth and evolution.

In PraxisAletheia, we also have the map and the means for delivering this transformational, evolutionary revolution at scale.

Beyond the fifth epoch …

The stages of self-identity available to human beings has been evolving since dawn humans appeared on earth. These stages have gone through five major “phase transitions” — from archaic, to magic, to mythic, to modern, to postmodern — and we’re on the brink of a sixth transition to a newly available stage of evolution that is a greater transition than all previous five transitions.

Beyond the fifth epoch is Epoch 6. An Epoch in which humans have transcended and included all previous epochs. In Epoch 6, humans do not suppress or deny the previous stages of development; they make all previous stages as healthy as possible by cleaning up and reclaiming the past. This process of reclamation is a new way to be in the new world. A new world that evolves integrally…

… into four dimensions

To have a “new world,” it must be expressed integrally in all four dimensions of a sentient being.

  1. Mind — individual interior
  2. Body — individual exterior
  3. Relationship/Culture — collective interior
  4. Environment/Systems — collective exterior

When growth & evolution is partial and reductionistic (e.g. only evolution in the Mind dimension) then progress toward a new world will get arrested. In PraxisAletheia, we leverage the SalutoGenic & resonant effects of holistic enactment.

Signs & Features of Epoch 6

While we cannot be absolutely sure what the New World will look like, we can provide the systems and structures for signs and features of The New Human to become real in the world.

Signs of a New Human emergence into Epoch 6

  1. Insight, intuition, synchronicity, and psychic experiences
  2. Creative transformation of challenges into opportunities
  3. Deep sense of higher purpose with new behaviors
  4. Heightened perceptions
  5. Confidence and Joy
  6. Meaningful relationships without personalized drama and victimhood

Features of E6 Emergence

Most Advanced Physiology Activated

Key Features in Consciousness

  • Fully Awakened Prefrontal Cortex
  • Higher Heart
  • Integral
  • Holistic
  • Universalistic 
  • Self-actualization
  • Systems thinking
  • Flexible
  • Intuition and insight
  • Trans-rational thinking
  • Holds multiple perspective
  • Co-creator of relative reality
  • Spiritual depth
  • Both horizontal and vertical 

Features of Epoch 6 Ascension

Most Advanced Physiology Activated

Key Features in Consciousness

  • Fully Awakened Prefrontal Cortex
  • Whole Brain Coherence
  • Higher Heart
  • New DNA Expression
  • Kosmocentric
  • Driven to create heaven on earth
  • Value created and uncreated
  • Matter is awake, energy is alive
  • Direct identity with Source
  • The World is a Process
  • Simultaneously in and out of time
  • One with the Kosmos, inside and out

Architects of Epoch 6

An Architect of the New World develops themselves and others to the point that humanity reaches a critical mass and a tipping point in human consciousness. At this tipping point, we can leverage the phenomenon of “downward causation” — reaching back down with love & compassion to create the cultures and systems that support healthy growth for all six epochs.

Do you want to be an Architect of Epoch 6? If you are ready for a Hero’s Journey, then watch this WEBINAR and apply for enrollment into PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School, a one-year journey through The 9 Summits of Transformation, the highest-level teaching and training offered by The New Human University.

Let’s build a new world together.