The developmental center-of-gravity of the Western world is approximately (in Tier 1) rational, modern, “orange” consciousness, which has characteristics of achievement orientation, scientific, materialistic, driven by success and results (strive-drive). This “orange” third-person perspective, and its ability to take other people as objects to examine & understand them objectively, was a solution to a consciousness locked into ethnocentric, second-person perspectives, which could not take a third-person perspective resulting in things like enslavement of other humans that are not part of the ethnocentric perspective.

whew. heavy. wordy.

It means that the modern world developed a scientific mind and freed slaves by creating mechanical workers.

Humans once worshiped the sun for its life-giving light and warmth. Little did they know it was a fusion reactor.

And that trend toward achievement at work continues. With the exponential growth of information, information management, and information analysis, the capacity to achieve means, more & more often, the capacity, or intellect, to make meaning out of information. And so, naturally, the new, great “Orange” God is artificial intelligence.

The focus on AI is so dominant right now that I cannot even get access to my ChatGPT account due to system overwhelm. (Yes, I have a ChatGPT account. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”)

If your world is centered around achievement, then that which achieves the most is valued most.

“When you’re starving, God can only appear to you as bread.” — Mohandas K. Gandhi

When you’re trying to be smart at work, “God” can only appear as that which is smarter. AI is smart and getting smarter at a rate that is outpacing the cognitive capacity of humanity. Yes, humanity needs to get smarter, but not just cognitively, also spiritually, also kinesthetically, also sexually, also emotionally… Each line of intelligence runs from the bottom to the top, from archaic to clear light, from body to mind to spirit, from Tier 1 to Tier 2 to Tier 3.

While AI may soon compute faster — maybe way faster — than the human brain, I suspect that AI is going to find it challenging to move into Tier 3 in any line.

And if AI does somehow miraculously have a non-dual awakening, it will be processed through whatever stage of development AI is imitating. And it will imitate Tier 1 values — archaic, magic, mythic, modern, postmodern — because it’s imitating us. And we enslave stuff, use stuff, and crucify stuff…

You’re It

The New Human is IT. The next singularity is the New Human Culture & Society.

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