What’s a ThriveStyle?

We humans have developed survival strategies over tens of thousands of years, and we’re really good at them. Because we’re good at these strategies, the predominant human lifestyle is survival with short bursts of entertainment and occasional small doses of meaning and purpose. If our lives were more focused on higher forms of meaning and purpose, instead of basic meanings such as living to survive (sex, food, shelter, clothes), then as a species we’d move closer to lifestyles that were thriving. Survival is an excellent strategy that will always be with us. But thriving — which transcends and includes surviving — is how the New Human lives.

A ThriveStyle is a lifestyle which a person makes real-time decisions based on the activation of SalutoGenic mechanisms associated with higher purpose of the Authentic Self, Transcendent Self, and Kosmic Self. It’s an advanced state of being and enacting the life process…

New Human Strategy

How do you make decisions based on what is good, or bad, for you? What “source” do you turn to when faced with a choice? What knowledge can you rely on to move you towards thriving?

The New Human experiences multiple stages in awakening Inner Organic Technology (IOT), which an emergent property of evolution leading towards thriving.

First, IOT unlocks SalutoGenic mechanisms which awake the dormant, higher capacities in the body, brain, and mind.  These new capacities require more metabolism (oxygen & blood flow) to support new, higher functions in the brain.

Second, the New Human begins developing a next-level life. They discover deep purpose and meaning in life and get the sense — maybe for the first time — that perhaps they could come to the end of their physical life without regret. They undergo a process of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up, and discovering actions required for the life they desire, fueled by their soul’s purpose.  They acquire maturity and reclaim their immature and underdeveloped aspects of their persona. They transmute shadow material into fuel. Surviving turns into thriving.

Third, they discover higher order purpose that transcends and includes their soul’s purpose; they discover their Kosmic Self and Kosmic Purpose. The Kosmos itself finds a home in the Kosmic Self, which is diredted in real time by Kosmic purpose.

Fourth, they develop a flexible flowing lifestyle that allows them to thrive in any situation. The New Human makes choices based on fulfilling both Kosmic and Authentic Life purpose, guided by SalutoGenesis. If an intention increases in SalutoGenesis in the Kosmos — which includes their own body-mind — then the New Human acts on that intention. Otherwise, their actions could hinder the amplification of SalutoGenesis in the Kosmos.

This new strategic lifestyle is a ThriveStyle.  A lifestyle that supports Kosmic Purpose, embodied and enacted by a New Human as an Architect of Epoch 6.


“PraxisAletheia” means “a practice that reveals new truth.” The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School which lead to the ThriveStyle of the New Human. Click this link to watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia. We are currently offering early enrollment into the class beginning January 31st, 2022, with substantial reduction in tuition.