Stage Development: The Evolutionary Blueprint

Human beings are not static entities; we are dynamic and ever-changing. From the moment we’re born, we embark on a journey of growth and evolution. This journey is not random; it follows a pattern, a blueprint that has been laid down by our ancestors. We evolve through distinct stages:

  • Archaic: The earliest stage of human development, focused on basic survival and sensory experiences. This is where the journey begins, rooted in our most basic needs.
  • Magic: Characterized by magical thinking, where cause and effect are not yet fully understood. Rituals and superstitions are common. A stage where the world is full of wonders and mysteries. Here, the lines between reality and imagination blur, and everything seems possible
  • Mythic: A stage where individuals are guided by stories, myths, and religious beliefs. There’s a strong focus on moral codes and societal rules. The realm of heroes, gods, and legends. This is the stage where we look for role models and ideals to emulate.
  • Modern: The rational, scientific stage. Individuals in this stage value logic, empirical evidence, and the scientific method. The age of reason, science, and technology.
  • Postmodern: This stage is marked by relativistic thinking, where multiple perspectives are valued. There’s a focus on social justice, equality, and environmental sustainability. A stage characterized by questioning established norms and embracing diversity. This is where we challenge the status quo and strive for a more inclusive world.
  • Integral: An integrally informed stage that synthesizes the strengths of all previous stages. Informed by integral metatheory, the most complete and accurate map of reality known to humans, this stage allows for a nuanced understanding of complexity, multiple perspectives, and even paradox.
  • Post-Integral Stages: Yes, these stages exist, but are extremely rare. These stages transcend and include the integral stage, venturing into the realms of paramind, metamind, overmind, and supermind as described by Ken Wilber and Sri Aurobindo, and into Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter’s “Unitive” stage, where the sense of a separate self dissolves into a more expansive, interconnected consciousness. At these levels, individuals are not just integrally informed but are also capable of tapping into transpersonal and mystical experiences. They embody a form of wisdom and compassion that is universal, seeing the interconnectedness of all life forms and dimensions of reality. These stages represents the pinnacle of human development, offering a glimpse into the future evolution of human consciousness.

The Long Pause: A Developmental Quagmire

But what happens after we reach adulthood? Around the age of 25, many of us hit what can be termed as “The Long Pause,” a developmental hiatus that can last a lifetime if not addressed. This pause is not just a gap; it’s a chasm that swallows the untapped potential for further growth and evolution.

Why does this happen? Societal norms? Lack of awareness? Or is it simply easier to remain in a comfortable, albeit stagnant, state? It’s multi-factorial but a key part of it is brain develoment. Each stage of development is correlated with dominant functions and physiology in the brain. For the most part, the lower brain is dominant. The lower brain, which is responsiblie for survival even if using highly-sophisticated thinking, uses stress and anxiety to keep us afraid of change. Change is risky to a brain that’s just trying to keep us alive. The safest strategy is sameness. And our growth can stop anywhere along the evolutionary journey; sometimes by chance but sometimes by choice!

If you wouldn’t allow your child to be developmentally delayed, why would you permit it for yourself or other adults in your life?

The consequences of this pause are far-reaching. It’s not just about personal stagnation; it’s about the collective inertia that holds back societal progress. Imagine the possibilities if more adults broke free from this pause and continued to evolve. The impact on communities, organizations, and even nations could be revolutionary.

Beyond Postmodern: The Path to Post-Autonomous Development

By some estimates, the postmodern stage comprises an estimated 10% of the world population and 20% in the United States. While it’s true that many adults of find themselves stuck in the postmodern stage, it’s crucial to understand that this isn’t the end of the road. Far from it. The work of Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter has illuminated the existence of stages beyond postmodern, often referred to as “post-autonomous” stages. These stages represent higher levels of cognitive, emotional, and ethical maturity.

In these post-autonomous stages, individuals move beyond the relativistic thinking of the postmodern stage to embrace a more integrally informed worldview. This perspective is informed by integral metatheory, the most complete and accurate map of reality known to humans. It allows for a more nuanced understanding of complexity, multiple perspectives, and even paradox.

So why is a developmental delay at the postmodern stage problematic? Because it’s like stopping at a rest area and thinking you’ve reached your destination. The postmodern stage, like any other, is just a stepping stone to greater maturity and complexity. Being developmentally delayed at this stage means missing out on the richness of experience and wisdom that comes with post-autonomous development.

By understanding that there are stages beyond where you currently stand, you’re not just aiming for growth; you’re aiming for transformative evolution. And with the map and method provided by PraxisAletheia, you have the tools to move beyond any developmental plateau.


The PraxisAletheia Breakthrough: An Integrally Informed Approach

Here’s the game-changer: In PraxisAletheia, we’ve recorded significant increases in stage development among adult learners. This is not a mere claim; it’s backed by empirical data. The potential for growth doesn’t have to end in your twenties. The ceiling is an illusion; the sky’s the limit.

The following data show students develop, on average, nearly one full stage. The data is reported in terms of Total Weighted Score (TWS), and not by stage. We used a “research version” of Cook-Greuter’s Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP)

What sets PraxisAletheia apart? It’s our integrally informed approach that integrates cutting-edge neuroscience,  the awakening of an Inner Organic Techology®, and highly-advanced, brain-first meditation techniques. Informed by integral metatheory, the most complete and accurate map of reality known to humans, we don’t just aim for incremental improvements; we aim for transformative leaps. Our methods have the power to awaken dormant physiological and functional phenomena in the human brain and mind, propelling you into the next stage of human evolution.

The Fountain of Youth?

new preprint article presents evidence for efficiently promoting structure-stage growth of adult students enrolled in the PraxisAletheia program at the New Human University.
  • First, the article presents a novel stage theory and assessment methodology, known as Transcendental Pluralism, which measures growth of consciousness and hierarchical complexity. This assessment method served as the main instrument to test human stage-like development as a result of participation in PraxisAletheia’s one-year journey of evolution through the esoteric and advanced forms of Source Code Meditation and The 9 Summits of Transformation.
  • Second, the article presents strong evidence for profound growth in adult students at the New Human University.
  • Third, the article compares growth demonstrated by students of PraxisAletheia to that of other transformational learning programs as measured by other, more standardized assessments of developmental stage growth.
The following image summarizes the evidence for efficiently promoting stage-structure growth via PraxisAletheia, as if there was a real “fountain of youth.

The Integral Advantage

The advantage of an integrally informed approach is its comprehensive nature. It doesn’t just look at one aspect of human development; it looks at all of them. From cognitive and emotional growth to spiritual and ethical development, the integral framework provides a roadmap for holistic human evolution. This is not about piecemeal growth; this is about a quantum leap in human potential.

Your Journey Awaits

For those who are tired of the stagnation and are eager to break free from “The Long Pause,” the PraxisAletheia webinar is your next step. This webinar will provide you with actionable insights into how you can awaken your dormant potential and evolve to the next stage of human development. Informed by integral metatheory, this webinar is not just another self-help talk; it’s a transformative experience that could change the trajectory of your life.

Watch the PraxisAletheia Webinar Here