Source Code Alchemy: Theory & Practice – Master’s & PhD Degree FAQ

Is this online or in-person learning?

The majority of both degrees is completed online. However, there are a few in-person components in Chicago, IL:

  • (7 Days) Master’s Degree: PraxisAletheia’s Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment week (August, 2024)
  • (7 Days) Master’s Degree: A live training week during the “Practitioner Courses” (March, 2025)
  • (2 Days) Master’s Degree: An Immersive Workshop and EEG brain scan (multiple date options) – You will have several opportunities to attend, and we can work with you to schedule these around the same time as another required live week in order to reduce your travel time. (If you complete this during your time in PraxisAletheia, it satisfies the requirement.)
  • (7 Days) PhD Degree: A live training week during your time in the PhD courses (September, 2025 or future years)

What does the time involved look like?

An important note before you read on: PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School, makes up about 60% of the master’s degree. Therefore, by the time you are done with PraxisAletheia, you will be done with the majority of the master’s degree curriculum! You will learn more about PraxisAletheia on our webinar, which is the starting point for the process to apply for a degree.

You can begin working on your Foundational Courses for the master’s degree right now, and graduate at the end of April, 2025 with your Master of Arts in Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice. (You can take longer if you’d like.)

Once you complete your MA, you can immediately begin working on your PhD courses. The PhD courses are self-paced, so you can essentially take as little or as much time as you want (up to 7 years). However, keep in mind the PhD is 104 credit hours, which is approximately 1560 hours of time. If you start now and dedicate 30 hours per week to the courses, you could complete your PhD in a year. As that is unlikely to happen for many of you, a more realistic timeline for completing your PhD is two years, which would mean graduating with your PhD in 2027.

I currently work 9am to 5pm. Will we be able to do the classes on our own time? What will the schedule look like?

For the most part, none of this should interfere with your current work schedule. There are only a few things that are scheduled out for specific days and times that are required (note the in-person events listed earlier, as well as the 2 courses conducted through Ubiquity University: the 5-day dissertation course for the MA, and the 7-day Chartres Academy course for the PhD – remember, these courses can be taken any time within 7 years of enrollment), but we try to give that information far in advance so you can plan ahead.

  • PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School, makes up a large portion of the master’s degree. It is a structured course that begins on February 5th, 2024. You are required to spend at least 12 hours of time per week in the PraxisAletheia course. All calls are recorded for you if you cannot attend live. Please learn more about PraxisAletheia on our webinar here – the webinar is also the starting point in the application process for a degree.
  • The Foundational Courses can be done at your own pace, and will not add a lot of demand to your PraxisAletheia program (or if you enroll now, you may finish all Foundational Courses before PraxisAletheia even begins!). Once PraxisAletheia completes, the Practitioner Courses will be more demanding and on specific timeline (similar to how PraxisAletheia runs), but still very manageable for those with jobs.
  • The Dissertation course can be taken at any time within 7 years.
  • The PhD courses are entirely self-paced.

What if we don't have a bachelor's degree? Will we still qualify for the degree?

Ubiquity University recognizes sufficient “life experience” as enough to qualify for a master’s degree. You will need to submit your information to them – any education, courses, work history, etc. that you can think of that shows you have sufficient life experience. In the unlikely event you do not qualify, all degree tuition will be returned to you.

If you do not qualify, you can also choose to remain enrolled in PraxisAletheia and continue on into our Memberships, which also provides a career path (read more about this option further down in the FAQ). If you choose this, we would refund much of your tuition, and only retain the portion due for PraxisAletheia alone.

(Once you are approved for the master’s degree, you are automatically approved for the PhD as well.)

Once you enroll in your degree of choice, we will send you an email with next steps on how to upload your documents to Ubiquity.

What does tuition look like? How can payments be made?

Enrolling in the MA Degree Only:



Enrolling in the MA/PhD Combination Degree:

$54,300 (includes MA tuition)


Payment plans are available. Reach out to us for more information.

Does Ubiquity University have an accreditation acknowledged by the United States?

There are many different accrediting agencies. Global accreditation agencies are usually not accepted within the United States’ federal student loan programs, which, in our opinion is a good thing as it allows us to keep costs very low and not burden graduates with high levels of debt. However, our degrees are legitimate, accredited degrees. For more info, see here: https://www.ubiquityuniversity.org/accreditation/

  • Further information on accreditation from the cofounder of Ubiquity University, Peter Merry: “As you say, we can’t guarantee that the MA or PhD will be recognized in the U.S. as we are not accredited in the U.S. Essentially, the U.S. accreditation system wouldn’t recognize a degree like the one we are collaborating on because of its integral and innovative nature. We, however, believe that the work you do in your program is definitely worth a graduate degree when you add a dissertation to it. That is why we have chosen to accredit globally so we have the freedom to offer degrees from new consciousness programs that the old incumbent system wouldn’t value or recognize. We have had more than 300 graduates from Ubiquity University graduate programs, and no complaints yet. However if they’d be doing it purely for a career move then I understand why they wouldn’t do our joint degree programs.”

Isn't a thesis required for a master's degree, and dissertation required for a PhD?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but yes, the technical term is thesis for a master’s degree. We will be using the term dissertation, as that is what Ubiquity University uses.

What can I do with my degree(s) once I graduate?

OPTION #1: Start a new career as a teacher and practitioner in the exciting new profession of “Source Code Alchemy”. You will have the skills and knowledge to teach the Source Code Meditation technique, host live workshops with hands-on sessions, and offer programs that change the world! Note that the PhD will provide you with additional skills, knowledge, techniques and programs not available in the master’s degree program.

OPTION #2: Apply for a strategic partnership to open your own “Source Code Alchemy Institute”. (PHD ONLY)

OPTION #3: Use your accredited MA and PhD degrees to boost your status for other employment opportunities, or simply go through the process for your own personal growth and development.

What if I'm interested in a degree, but am not ready to sign up yet? Can I start with PraxisAletheia and then pursue the degree path after the completion of PraxisAletheia?

Yes, you can sign up for a degree at any time and still apply your time in PraxisAletheia toward the degree. However, we cannot guarantee the tuition will be the same in the future as it is now.

I love this work but I am not interested in earning a degree. How can I participate?

These degrees are additional offerings on top of our main PraxisAletheia program. They are not required in any way! You can enroll solely in PraxisAletheia and experience the most transformational year known to humankind. If you want to be a part of this movement but do not want a degree, we strongly encourage you to apply to PraxisAletheia. Click here to register for our webinar to learn more.

I am interested in the Training & Certification that is offered after PraxisAletheia, but I am not interested in a degree. What can I do?

You also still have the opportunity to move into Training and Certification after your successful completion of PraxisAletheia, if you would like! Training & Certification is a membership model. We teach you how to become a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator, and license you to use the technique and branding to create your own business with it (for as long as you remain a member). You will become officially certified as a Facilitator after 6 months of training.

(And if you’re really ambitious, you can pursue all avenues – earning your MA and PhD degrees, AND becoming a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. The sky is the limit!)

Master’s Degree

Below are two different ways to look at the master’s degree information. Please review both thoroughly and give yourself time to absorb – we know it’s a lot of information!

Visit the website (this is the best way to view detailed course curriculum):

View the PDF download (this is the best way to get an overview of your journey through the MA):

PhD Degree

Below are two different ways to look at the PhD degree information. Please review both thoroughly and give yourself time to absorb – we know it’s a lot of information!

Visit the website (this is the best way to view detailed course curriculum):

View the PDF download (this is the best way to get an overview of your journey through the PhD):