Graduation of PraxisAletheia Class of 2021

Let’s start with the meaning of “graduation” because it supports the idea that: This is just the beginning.

graduation (n.)

  • early 15th century, in alchemy, “a tempering, a refining of something to a certain degree” from graduate (n.).
  • General sense of “a dividing into degrees” is from 1590s;
  • meaning “action of receiving or giving an academic degree” is from early 15th century
  • in reference to the ceremony where a degree is given, from 1818.

graduate (n.)

  • early 15th century, “one who holds a degree”
  • from Medieval Latin graduatus, past participle of graduari “to take a degree”
  • from Latin gradus “a step; a step climbed (on a ladder or stair)”
  • figuratively “a step toward something, a degree of something rising by stages” (from PIE root *ghredh– “to walk, go“).

The New Human is emerging — graduating if you will — and is going somewhere. But how do we know?


We assess PraxisAletheia students over the course of the year with The New Human Assessment, and the Class of 2021 just completed their year.  The New Human Assessment is an integrated instrument that measures both states of experience and stages of development. In this blog post we’ll address the results of the New Human Assessment for State Experience which consists of the following nine (9) assessments, all of which have been validated through research (unless otherwise indicated below):

  1. Inner Organic Technology (IOT) – A new measurement scale to measure newly emergent properties with six (6) vectors
    • General Experience of SalutoGenesis
    • SalutoGenic Breath Expansion
    • SalutoGenic Breath Rhythm
    • SalutoGenic AutoWave
    • SalutoGenic Double Helix
    • SalutoGenic ThriveStyle
  2. Mystical Experience Questionnaire (MEQ) – The MEQ can be subdivided into four (4) subscales:
    • Mystical Quality: Inner Unity, Outer Unity, Noetic quality, Sacredness
    • Transcendence of time & space
    • Positive mood
    • ineffability
  3. Sense of Coherence (SoC), Orientation to Life Questionnaire: The SoC-19 can be divided into three (3) subscales:
    • Comprehensibility
    • Manageability
    • Meaningfulness
  4. Flourishing Scale — Lower values indicate less flourishing, higher values indicate more flourishing
  5. Subjective Happiness Scale — lower values indicate less happiness, higher values indicate more happiness.
  6. Goals Index — Lower values indicate lower goal accomplishment and higher values indicate higher goal accomplishment.
  7. Pearlin Mastery Scale — Lower values indicate less mastery, higher values indicate more mastery
  8. Anxiety Scale – Lower values indicate less anxiety, higher values indicate more anxiety.
  9. Depression Scale – Lower values indicate less depression, higher values indicate more depression.

The academic year of PraxisAletheia consists of four (4) quarters.  Some assessments were administered more frequently than others based on expectations of capacity for change and other factors.

Quarter Assessments Administered
Q0 – before the start of PraxisAletheia All 9 Assessments
Q1 – after the first quarter IOT, MEQ, SoC
Q2 – after the second quarter IOT, MEQ, SoC
Q2 – after the third quarter IOT, MEQ, SoC
Q4 – after the fourth quarter All 9 Assessments


Before & After Results – Preliminary

PraxisAletheia gets results for our students. Preliminary data analysis indicates statistically significant changes (p-value < alpha(0.05)) in all measurements in the hypothesized directions (e.g., decreased depression, increased happiness). In order of largest to smallest absolute value of percentage change from “Quarter 0” (Q0) to the end of the fourth quarter (Q4):

Scale From Q0 to Q4 Difference Percentage Change
Mystical Experience (MEQ) from 92.4 to 132.0 39.6   ±   9.7 42.9%   ±   11.3%
Inner Organic Technology (IOT) from 24.4 to 33.4 9.0   ±   2.6 36.7%   ±   11.0%
Depression from 6.9 to 5.2 -1.7   ±   0.6 -24.2%   ±   8.5%
Anxiety from 7.0 to 5.6 -1.4   ±   0.7 -20.0%   ±   9.6%
Goals from 12.6 to 14.6 2.0   ±   0.6 15.6%   ±   4.5%
Happiness from 21.2 to 23.8 2.6   ±   1.1 12.0%   ±   5.1%
Sense of Coherence (SoC) from 144.3 to 160.2 15.9   ±   5.1 11.0%   ±   3.5%
Mastery from 23.2 to 25.5 2.3   ±   0.9 9.7%   ±   3.9%
Flourishing from 47.8 to 51.8 4.0   ±   1.4 8.3%   ±   2.9%


Here are two examples of the distributions — happiness & depression — of where the collective student body starts, and where they end up, after a year of doing the practices and following the coursework.


The Class of 2021 was 12.0% (±5.1%) happier after one year of PraxisAletheia.


The Class of 2021 was -24.2% (±8.5%) less depressed after PraxisAletheia compared to when they began.

Results of Quarterly Assessments – Preliminary

The data almost speaks for itself.

While the data suggests a potentially non-linear relationship, the linear regression strongly suggests that every degree of reported experience of Inner Organic Technology is correlated with an increase of 4.4 degrees of Mystical Experience. A non-linear relationship might indicate a more rapid increase in MEQ with higher degrees of IOT.

While the data suggests a potentially non-linear relationship, a poorly fit linear regression suggests that every degree of reported experience of Inner Organic Technology is correlated with an increase of 1.28 degrees of Sense of Coherence. A non-linear relationship might indicate a more rapid increase in SoC with higher degrees of IOT.


Just the beginning…

Notice where the data is heading. This is just the beginning of what we can do as a species. An Inner Organic Technology has emerged in us, and we have the knowledge to unlock it. Following the pattern of 13.8-billion-years of evolution, humans are evolving, too. And we can accelerate the process.

What else is possible when we’re happier, less anxious, with greater access to mystical experiences?

What kinds of relationships can we form when we’ve increased our life mastery and are less depressed?

What kind of world can we build with increased levels of goal accomplishment and higher levels of coherence: manageability, comprehensibility, and meaningfulness?


If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

If not this, then what?


The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: A Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world as the new human

The Best is yet to come, and The New Human is one of the steps on the Journey.  Enrollment is now open for the Class of 2023 with substantial tuition waivers for early enrollment.

Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia.