Obsolete & Stubborn

The current educational system is old. Occasionally, we add new topics to the academic body, but new topics are taught in this old paradigm, this old system, which is broken and no longer working the way it was designed. It was designed to educate and prepare citizens within a society to participate in culture in a meaningful way that pays the bills and, hopefully, produces flourishing.

The system is producing the opposite result. Students accumulate high levels of student loan debt, typically taken out to pay for higher education, that often becomes a burden for graduates in terms of repayment. This level of debt can have serious consequences for borrowers, including delaying or preventing them from making major purchases like buying a home, starting a business, or saving for retirement. It can also lead to financial hardship and even default, as many borrowers struggle to make their monthly payments. Furthermore, more & more graduates report irrelevance of their training to the workplace.

Stubbornly, just another brick in the wall.

That’s the opposite of flourishing. It’s getting rarer and rarer that the academic system produces flourishing citizens engaged in work that supports flourishing. It’s getting more & more appealing — and effective — to move away from traditional education.

And for some reason, the system stubbornly persists, while simultaneously falling apart.

Maybe we need a new system…


The “Flourishing Scale” is a psychological instrument designed to measure overall well-being or flourishing in individuals. The scale was developed by Ed Diener and his colleagues in 2010 and is based on the concept of eudaimonic well-being, which focuses on personal growth, purpose in life, and the pursuit of meaningful goals, rather than just subjective feelings of happiness.

The Flourishing Scale consists of eight items that measure a person’s sense of purpose and meaning, positive relationships with others, engagement in activities, personal growth and development, and overall life satisfaction. Respondents rate their level of agreement with each item on a 7-point Likert scale, ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

In 2021, students of PraxisAletheia increased their personal flourishing by 8.3% ± 2.9%. We expect that those students that pursue academic degrees with experience even higher levels of flourishing.

The Flourishing Scale is one component of The New Human Assessment. Our professional Source Code Alchemists are prepared for Flourishing!

The Trojan Horse

We’re introducing a “Trojan Horse” into the Academy and creating a new profession that can freely research new, big advances in science. The New Human University® now offers both accredited master’s and Ph.D. degrees. On the horizon, a New Human is emerging, with new higher-brain physiology, new higher-mind functions, in a new culture and a new society that transcends, yet includes, all that came before.

The Ph.D. program isn’t remotely like any other Ph.D. program in the world. It is a new model of education that includes a transformative self-development path. We have data showing that our students grow vertically (increase cognitive complexity of their minds), create more meaning, flourish, master life, become more happy, increase access to mystical states and cultivate deep relationship with their own Inner Organic Technology….and now for the first time ever all of this is combined with cutting edge academic courses and a career path in a new self-development technology.

Some of the results from the class of 2021. Students are happier, less anxious, less depressed, have more mystical experiences, express more inner organic technology, among other things.

The masters and doctoral degrees will prepare professionals to reproduce these same results for thousands of people. And with 10,000 Source Code Alchemists, the other old, stubborn ineffectual personal-growth modalities will become obsolete, too.

Accept The Gift

This is a metamodern “trojan horse” that produces results that are win-win, non-zero-sum games. Everyone wins and everyone must give something up to win.  Will you allow this meta-modern, win-win, trojan horse through the iron gates of your primitive, survival, stress physiology? It will change you. Are you willing?

The first step to masters and doctoral degrees in Source Code Alchemy: Practice and Theory is to attend The New Human University’s one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: A Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world as the new human.

Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia.