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Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice

In partnership with Ubiquity University, The New Human University now offers accredited master’s degrees! Begin a career path that intertwines personal and professional growth, propelling you towards an epoch of higher consciousness and societal change.

Master of Arts Description

Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice

“Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice” at the master’s level prepares you to thrive during the unprecedented changes that humanity is experiencing in the 21st century. There are two portions to this master’s degree that will create thriving for you: (1) self-development, growth, and evolution (2) professional development as a practitioner of Source Code Alchemy.


During the self-development portion, you will harness the untapped potential within your brain and mind by awakening a dormant “Inner Organic Technology®” within your body. You will discover the unlimited nature of this energy source within you as you follow a path that facilitates your growth and evolution to higher states and stages of existence. You will discover who you really are and why you are here on this planet at this time. Humanity has gone through five major vertical epochal shifts in consciousness, culture, and brain function. Our master’s program will catalyze your growth and evolution until you become an individual example of humanity’s shift into the next epoch, Epoch 6, at the leading edge of evolution.

Professional Development

The professional development portion prepares you to pursue a career as a Source Code Alchemy Practitioner. The world is in a “meta-crisis” with much of humanity experiencing a “meaning crisis.” But there is a way out of crisis. Most techniques, teachings, technologies, and careers are inadequate for solving the predicaments of the 21st century. But Source Code Alchemy is a real and adequate solution. You will develop the skills to unlock Inner Organic Technology® for others and increase their mind/brain capacity. Those you serve will also know who they really are and will have the ability to flourish in all areas of their life. The world will change when a significant minority evolves beyond the current meaning crisis into thriving.

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A Current MA Student:

Master’s Degree Curriculum

Below is a list of required courses for the Master’s Degree in Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice. We suggest starting with PraxisAletheia to establish a strong foundation, which will support your success in subsequent courses. To learn more about the complete master’s degree journey, download our PDF:

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A Current MA Student:

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Foundational Courses

The New Holy Trinity: Brain–Energy–Consciousness, in Dynamic Feedback

This is a live, one-day experience that includes a Workshop + EEG scan with a follow-up reading and assessment. This experience will jumpstart your personal self-development practice and provide an understanding of the Source Code Meditation dynamical feedback loop referred to as “The New Holy Trinity”. The sooner you attend this day, the better.

PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution: Flow and Objectives

PraxisAletheia (PA) will form a core of the first year of your master’s degree. In addition to the courses, practices and support of PA, you will also pursue additional courses and assessments relevant for and adequate to your master’s. In this core course, we will take a ‘meta-view’ of your journey through PA, the additional courses required and the career portion of this degree. We will look at the disappointing data on the future of yoga, meditation and the human potential movement and how you will be poised for the compelling future. We will also discover what transformation means and examine the loss of belief in the possibility of transformation in western culture. Finally, we will examine the key to the next major transformation, both personally and globally, which lies in fully energizing the untapped Higher Brain and providing a path and an integral map for new consciousness and a new culture to emerge.

Epoch 6, the Next Stage of Human Evolution, Part 1: We Are Going Somewhere

The purpose of this course is to briefly explore and examine a new emerging stage of human development. This new emerging stage is referred to as ‘Epoch 6’. Epoch 6 transcends and includes all five of humanity’s previous stages of development and provides a new view to see the world through—a new ‘life altitude’, a higher consciousness.

Beyond even these profound changes in the mind and worldview, the Epoch 6 stage is associated with the liberation and cultivation of a latent human inner organic technology. This liberated inner organic technology upgrades physiology and confers new enhanced ways to ‘meaning make’ in the face of the inordinate amount of complexity encountered in 21st century life.

This new life altitude leads to the awareness that we are part of the creative process of reality, and that reality is moldable. You see reality as systemically and holistically linked together and context-dependent. A certain merging of mind-stuff and matter co-creates reality. The world is interconnected and interdependent, not a collection of isolated parts bumping into each other.

Integral Metatheory – Your 21st Century Reality Map, Part 1

Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, Show Up. This course is an introduction to the most sophisticated holistic map of reality known to humankind: Integral Theory, also called Integral Metatheory (IMT). Although the map is not the territory, an accurate map is essential to navigate the transformative territory that lays before us. The 9 Summits of Transformation that you will be introduced to in your next class, and which form a core component of your master’s degree, are informed by IMT. This course is essential as an orienting framework for the journey ahead.

PraxisAletheia Courses

PraxisAletheia is a 12-month program conducted in a structured online group setting. Includes one required in-person component.

The Biological Thrive State

You will learn to form the Source Code Meditation Base and create the Biological Thrive State as the beginning of the self-development portion of your education. During this course we will also explore the following topics: Your Stone Age Brain Is Eating You Alive, Why ‘Self-Help’ Seldom Helps, Why Health and Wellness Care Rarely Lead to Health and Wellness, The Solution, Activation Energy for Your Higher Brain, The Science of the Energy of Transformation and its Pathways, and Higher Brain Mechanisms and the Energy of Transformation.

Quantum Biology, Super Conducting Pathways and the Energy of Transformation

Inner Organic Technology® has been known, in some form, in many of the esoteric teachings of the world. The modern world has a better, scientific understanding of these inner organic technologies. In this course, we explore inner organic technology from a modern, scientific perspective, and the possibility of new, emergent human physiology which can be associated with the rise of a New Human.

The “Brain First” Revolution

This course will introduce SalutoGenic Meditation (into the Source Code Meditation Base) as the next phase of the self-development portion of this program. We also explore the following topics: The Angel Lobes – An Emerging New Brain, The Higher Brain and the Emotions That Drive Change, The Higher Brain and Higher Order Thoughts, The Higher Brain and Spiritual Experience, Acquired Savant Syndrome: Undeniable Evidence for Transformative Brain Potential, Your New Brain’s Architecture Has Arrived but…, The Silent Area Is about to Roar! A 21st-Century Renaissance, Hacking Meditation, Introducing the SalutoGenic Object-Based Meditation, and The New Holy Trinity.

Integral Metatheory – Your 21st Century Reality Map, Part 2

This course is a brief introduction to Integral Metatheory and includes the following topics: The Four Dimensions, Mind and Brain, Two Irreducible, Perspectives of One Holism, Lower Brain Feedback in Four Dimensions of Life, and The Pre/Trans and Pre/Post Fallacy.

The 9 Summits of Transformation (9ST) – An Integrally Informed Evolutionary Journey

This course is an overview of the integrally informed self-development system, The 9 Summits of Transformation (9ST). In addition to a deep understanding of the philosophy and science of the 9ST, it will become the major component of your personal practice as you take all you gain from your SCM practice and use your advanced brain physiology and higher consciousness, to progress through the 9 Summits of Transformation and evolve all areas of your life. The 9 Summits of Transformation are as follows:

  • SUMMIT 1: Soul Awakening
  • SUMMIT 2: Transcendent Awakening
  • SUMMIT 3: Unitary Awakening
  • SUMMIT 4: Your Authentic Self and Your Soul’s Purpose
  • SUMMIT 5: Look Up – Promoting the Vertical Trajectory of the Authentic Self
  • SUMMIT 6: Look Down – Reclaiming the Spiral of Development
  • SUMMIT 7: Illuminate, Liberate and Trans-Mutate the Shadow into High Brain Fuel
  • SUMMIT 8: Your Life Codes
  • SUMMIT 9: Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment

Soul Awakening

In this course we will explore the identity shift in consciousness to the Soul as well as the proposed corollary physiology and subtle energy. During the Soul Awakening there is the sense of your subjective awareness, your observer being released from the exclusive identification with the body/mind and the material world. You notice that there is a gap, a space between your awareness and that which it is aware of. You no longer ‘react’ to life’s circumstances—you find that you have a space to reflect and then make a choice. During the Soul Awakening there is also a sense that although your self-identity is still within the stream of time, that time that you are within, is unending. You know that although your body/mind may someday drop, the subject that has been released will carry on forever in time. The soul experiences its body as filled with light and energy; your personality, still present, is filled with visions and luminosity. This is a self-identification with your soul and your soul is eternal.

Transcendent Awakening

In this course we will explore the identity shift in consciousness to the Transcendent Self as well as the proposed corollary physiology and subtle energy. The next shift in self-identify moves from an exclusive relationship with your personal Soul to a higher identity with your Transcendent Self. The Transcendent Self is known as the eternal, immortal witness to all that arises. The recognition of your Transcendent Self as an absolute freedom from death, decay and destruction is experienced. The Transcendent Self provides access to pure peace – free of time, space and conditioned reality. Your Transcendent Self is eternal; it wasn’t born and therefore cannot die. The realization that you are timeless, in fact immortal, changes everything. Awakening to the Transcendent Self is the ultimate in freedom; it’s the knowing of a spaciousness that dwells within you where you will always be free and always at peace regardless of circumstances or events in your earthly existence. This knowing is nothing short of absolute liberation from death.

Unitary Awakening

In this course we will explore the identity shift in consciousness as the Transcendent Self unites with the world of form, as well as the proposed corollary physiology and subtle energy. As stated in the previous section, the awakening of the Transcendent Self has historically been the recognition of a timeless eternal consciousness. The experience of this eternal consciousness (Transcendent Self) leads to a liberation from suffering in the manifest existence – pure emptiness, pure peace, unborn and undying, untouched by the world. The Unitary State Awakening, also called Unitary Enlightenment, is the next sequential unfolding of these enlightenment states. In Unitary Enlightenment, the Transcendent Self, the light of pure consciousness, pours itself into the world and infuses with material form as it unites with all objects of manifestation.

Your Authentic Self – Purpose as Fuel for Evolution

Your Authentic Self is the soul’s vehicle in space and time. We understood and cultivated the three enlightenment states prior to this course. The relationship to these deep states outside of space/time provides a sense of absolute freedom and confidence for your Authentic Self inside of space/time. Discover in this course how your Authentic Self can utilize the Soul’s purpose as fuel for your personal evolution which simultaneously serves the greater trajectory of the Kosmic evolutionary process.

Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment – An Emerging New Awakening State (Live Week)

The purpose of this course (live event) is to understand and ultimately experience “Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment (UEE)”. UEE is the awakening of evolution within the Unitary State, felt as one’s own identity assuming the 13.8-billion-year Kosmic Process, and one’s own life process becoming aligned with the evolutionary principle. Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment adds a radical, erotic, vertical, becoming dimension to the unitary experience.

Promoting the Vertical Stage Trajectory of the Authentic Self in Consciousness and Culture

In Part 1 of this course we will take a deep look at what’s wrong with where we are. Our world today—and often reflected in our personal lives—is facing a meta-crisis. There are many converging apocalyptic paths that could lead to an extinction event. The challenge is that we do not yet possess enough neurological flexibility nor cognitive bandwidth to find solutions to the meta-crisis. Western culture primarily consists of the latest three Life Altitudes to emerge in evolution: traditional (Epoch 3), modern (Epoch 4) and postmodern (Epoch 5). Healthy representations of all the lower Life Altitudes form building blocks for the higher Life Altitudes to rest on. Development is envelopment. However, most concerning at this point in history is that all three of these Life Altitudes currently have deep pathological elements in them. Of particular concern is the dysfunction that appears to be growing within Epoch 5, as it is the leading edge and is therefore called on to catalyze the seismic shift. This course examines the challenges but also elucidates the opportunities and solutions to grow to the next stage of human evolution. In the second part of this course, we will develop an understanding of the Vertical Transformations of Your Brain, Consciousness and Culture. We will explore the various ‘lines of develoment’ and provide a historical overview of the vertical evolutionary shifts in consciousness and culture and the corresponding neurophysiological correlates. We will examine the apparent connection between increased complexity of the objective physical brain, increased complexity of the subjective mind and the flourishing of cultures initiated through the downward causation of a significant minority of people developing to higher Life Altitudes.

Reclaiming the Spiral of Development – Repairing and Integrating at All Levels

To flourish wherever we are and/or to move to a higher Life Altitude, it is imperative that we have a healthy foundation. Development is envelopment and it often occurs incompletely. Bringing awareness and techniques for healthy re-development and integration is the single greatest way to create a healthy Life Altitude to flourish from or jump off from. To go beyond, you must ensure a healthy foundation. As you reach up you must reach back down and integrate. In this course you will see that from a Higher Brain/Mind perspective, these areas of incomplete development are NOT ‘problems’ but instead are opportunities to catalyze more growth. You will discover how to mine the energy from these ‘failures to integrate’ and use that energy as fuel for your Higher Brain.

Illuminate, Liberate and Trans-Mutate the Shadow into Higher Brain Fuel

The shadow as psychological repression becomes locked in an unconscious loop of shadow/lower brain energy. The shadow becomes buried deep in our unconscious and anchored to lower brain physiology. Once the shadow is hidden, our newly awakened Higher Brain/Mind may not find it, to feel it, face it and deal with it. Is this course you will learn how locating the shadow during the active energized Higher Brain/Mind state allows for a spacious opening in consciousness for the shadow to surface within and become metabolized, and even used as fuel for growth. Imagine your wounds becoming your gifts.

Your Life Codes in 4 Dimensions

In an earlier course on Integral Metatheory, we illustrated how all four Dimensions are tied together and reinforce one another. In this course you will consciously liberate your Authentic Self in all four Dimensions and set all four Dimensions in rapid vertical motion. You will determine what a liberated evolving representation of each Dimension looks and feels like, and the actionable steps needed to create evolution in all four Dimensions of your new life. You will learn to create powerful tools called ‘life codes’ that anchor to your awakened mind and upgraded physiology.

Typology – The Enneagram in 4 Dimensions

In this course Dr. Fox provides a general overview of Personality Types and how they fit into Integral Metatheory. She specifically examines the Enneagram personality typing system, including an overview of key figures in history and general description of how the system informs our understanding of human behavior. Later she explores how to apply our understanding of the Enneagram personality types to all 4 Dimensions, specifically looking at how personality intersects with the 9 Summits of Transformation.

Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment – An Emerging New Awakening State

The purpose of this course it to deepen the experience and understanding gained in the live week. UEE is the awakening of evolution within the Unitary State, felt as one’s own identity assuming the 13.8-billion-year Kosmic Process, and one’s own life process becoming aligned with the evolutionary principle. Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment adds a radical, erotic, vertical, becoming dimension to the unitary experience.

Cosmology and the New World

In the Unitary State, that which is transcendent to the relative realm of matter & manifestation, is experienced as simultaneously immanent within the relative realm. As with any non-dual state, you can only be one with the world of which you are aware. In the Unitary State, we can come into identity with this cosmological process of becoming. In this course, we explore modern cosmology from a scientific perspective and the process by which the relative realm is in a process of becoming.

Introduction to SalutoGenic Thrivestyle

SalutoGenic Thrivestyle is a new way to ‘sense make ‘in a hyper-complex world. In this course and through practice you will develop a trans-rational, trans-biological mode of knowing truth. Many of today’s experts believe we are now in a ‘post-truth’ world. A world that has exceeded our ability to use the rational intellect to reason our way through it and arrive at truth. SalutoGenic Thrivestyle is NOT anti-rational. There are still times that the rational mind is a valuable tool. However, SalutoGenic Thrivestyle goes beyond the rational mind through newly emergent capacities.

PraxisAletheia Testing

This section is self-paced and can be completed during your time in PraxisAletheia, or anytime following. It consists of multiple choice quizzes and essays.

Practitioner Courses

The Practitioner Courses are conducted in a structured online group setting spanning 3 months. Includes one required in-person component.
Prerequisite: PraxisAletheia

Epoch 6, the Next Stage of Human Evolution. Part 2: The Rise of the New Human

Topics of this course include understanding and communicating the ‘New Human Assessment’. A view of the future through science fiction that’s not science fiction, EPOCH 6 Emergence, Signs That You Are Moving into EPOCH 6, Hacking Evolution, The Thrive DNA of the New Human, Sacred ‘WE’ Space, Red Velvet Cake (Context as Causative Agent), EPOCH 6 Ascension, Hallmarks of Moving into EPOCH 6 Ascension.

The magnitude of the seismic shift into the Epoch 6 stage is in part because, for the first time in history, a consciousness has emerged that can see, understand and honor the 13.8 billion years of evolution and the entire hundred-thousand-year history of human cultural and consciousness evolution.

The SCM + 9ST Practice, Workshop and Programs – A Way Out of the Meaning Crisis

It is here that you will become familiar with the ‘tool kit’ of a Source Code Alchemy Practitioner. You will discover the ½ day Workshops, 6-month self-development programs and 12-month self-development programs. You will also be introduced to the concept of 3rd wave healing and learn its theory and practice.

SCM/9ST Hands-On Practitioner Training – Hands-On Mastery (Live Week)

The purpose of this course (live event) is to learn, practice, and apply the hands-on Source Code Protocols that combine with all the Workshops, programs and practices of a Source Code Alchemy Practitioner. You will learn the precise merging contacts, vectors, timing, intention and transmission to unlock one’s Inner Organic Technology and advance the powerful emergent new SalutoGenic mechanisms.

SCM/9ST Hands-On Practitioner Training – Hands-On Mastery (Online, Part 1)

The purpose of this course is to review and deepen the practice and application of the hands-on Source Code Protocols learned during the live training.

Leadership in Practice – There are No Passive Observers

What does it mean to lead from the leading edge of evolution? What is required of you once you realize that you create influence in all situations? In other words, there are no passive observers, therefore you cannot escape the responsibility of leadership. You either choose to make leadership conscious and aligned with the evolutionary principles or unconscious where you potentially create suboptimal influence. In this course we will deeply explore these questions and topics.

SalutoGenic Semantic Iterative Communication for a Source Code Alchemy Practice

SalutoGenic Semantic Iterative Communication is meta-communication from a meta-cognitive perspective. The iterations and feedback loops are a single, non-linear event in the WE-Space. The communicative matrix is one, single occasion; find its perspective. Combined with SalutoGenesis, all communication is solution-oriented, and all communication creates opportunities. Does your communication create SalutoGenesis in you? As the conversation iterates, is it producing SalutoGenesis in the participants? SalutoGenesis is a valued currency. Is the conversation producing SalutoGenesis in the group dynamic?

The disruptive game changer is your own conscious awareness and bio-psycho-active context and proactive use of SalutoGenesis in the communication matrix. At least one participant in communication must intend novel, higher-order outcomes. The rate of change becomes non-linear as two or more share the intention and participate in this highly advanced form of communication. We will explore and practice these concepts in this course. There is no substitute for a community meeting each other in mutual resonance, specifically designed to create resonant relationships that catalyze rapid evolution.

Sacred We-Space in Practice

The energetic field effect can be leveraged in groups. In this course we explore ‘WE Space’. The space between people is not empty, it is full of causative information and energy, and that WE Space can be, and must be, consciously cultivated. Growth occurs exponentially within a group dynamic. The amplifying effect between the members of a committed WE space is driven by the organic orientation of evolution to entrain to and resonate with the more evolutionary advanced physiology, consciousness and energy in its environment.

Your Career at the Leading Edge of Evolution – Into the Marketplace with Head, Heart and Spine

As Mark Twain, famously stated; “Let your vocation be a vacation”. For this to happen you must bring your talents into the marketplace. This course will explore the ‘how to’, needed for your revolutionary Source Code Alchemy talent and skills to become a new career. We will explore conventional business and marketing practices and how those can be transcended and included in a new Epoch 6 business model.


Creative Journey to Dissertation + Dissertation

The “Creative Journey to Dissertation” is a 1-week virtual intensive designed by Ubiquity University’s Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Gyorgyi Szabo. The course is a critical part of the dissertation writing process and is a requirement for all master’s degrees.

During this course, students will familiarize themselves with the writing and research methods specific to the Wisdom School, where the focus is not only on the rational understanding of material but also on the students’ interior journey. Such methods combine objective and subjective elements, joining rigorous analysis with personal introspection, encouraging both intellectual understanding of the material at hand and self-awareness about the proclivities and perspectives that one brings to it. By exploring both sides of this objective/subjective dynamic, the course aims to help students determine dissertation topics that are suited to their personal journeys, as well as develop strategies that will enrich and advance their projects. They will engage in exercises intended to help them tap their interior wisdom as they hone a topic and give shape to a proposal. In an ambience of mutual support, students will share their dissertation ideas, plans and concerns with student peers and faculty. They will review dissertation requirements, discuss different research methods, and become familiar with helpful resources for the American Psychological Association style of writing, which is required for all dissertations at the University.

The dissertation itself must demonstrate excellence at every level. It must show awareness of the history of the literature in your particular area; demonstrate careful analysis and understanding of the field in question; and, most importantly, show how your insight can be applied to the real world. The dissertation must be scholarly and utilize extensive bibliographical data and footnotes. It should, in other words, be an impeccable work of research.

*This course is conducted through Ubiquity University.

A message from the Founder and President of Ubiquity University, Jim Garrison, PhD

Jim explains what it means to him to be affiliated with the leading-edge advanced degree in Source Code Alchemy: Theory & Practice…

Jim Garrison, PhD, founded Ubiquity University having served as President of Wisdom University from 2005 – 2012 which was acquired by Ubiquity in 2013. Jim received his BA in History from the University of Santa Clara, an MA in History of Religion from Harvard University, and a PhD in Philosophical Theology from the University of Cambridge.

What do I do once I graduate with an accredited Source Code Alchemy Theory & Practice Master of Arts degree?

1. Start a new career as a teacher and practitioner in the exciting new profession of “Source Code Alchemy”. You will have the skills and knowledge to teach the Source Code Meditation technique, host live workshops with hands-on sessions, and offer programs that change the world!

2. Use your accredited MA degree to boost your status for other employment opportunities, or simply go through the process for your own personal growth and development.


Is this online or in-person learning?

The majority of both degrees is completed online. However, there are a couple required in-person components in Chicago, IL:

  • (7 Days) Master’s Degree: PraxisAletheia’s Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment week
  • (7 Days) Master’s Degree: A live training week during the “Practitioner Courses”

What does the time involved look like?

An important note before you read on: PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School, makes up about 60% of the master’s degree. Therefore, by the time you are done with PraxisAletheia, you will be done with over half of the master’s degree curriculum! After you apply, we will provide a 90-minute webinar on PraxisAletheia.

You can begin working on your Foundational Courses for the master’s degree right now. You have up to 7 years to complete your Master of Arts in Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice.

I currently work 9am to 5pm. Will we be able to do the classes on our own time? What will the schedule look like?

For the most part, none of this should interfere with your current work schedule.

There are only a few things that are scheduled out for specific days and times that are required (note the in-person events listed earlier in the FAQ, as well as the 5-day dissertation course conducted through Ubiquity University – remember, this course can be taken any time within 7 years of enrollment), but we try to give that information far in advance so you can plan ahead.

  • PraxisAletheia, The Mystery School, makes up a large portion of the master’s degree. It is a structured course with the next cohort beginning on February 3rd, 2025. You are required to spend at least 12 hours of time per week in the PraxisAletheia course. All calls are recorded for you if you cannot attend live, making it completely possible for those will full time jobs to still participate. (After you apply, we will send you a 90-mintue webinar on PraxisAletheia so you can fully understand the program.)
  • The Foundational Courses can be done at your own pace, and will not add a lot of demand to your PraxisAletheia program (or if you enroll now, you may finish all Foundational Courses before PraxisAletheia even begins!). Once PraxisAletheia completes, the Practitioner Courses will be more demanding and on specific timeline (similar to how PraxisAletheia runs), but still very manageable for those with jobs.
  • The Dissertation course can be taken at any time within 7 years.

What if we don't have a bachelor's degree? Will we still qualify for the degree?

Ubiquity University recognizes sufficient “life experience” as enough to qualify for a master’s degree. You will need to submit your information to them – any education, courses, work history, etc. that you can think of that shows you have sufficient life experience. In the unlikely event you do not qualify, all degree tuition will be returned to you.

Once you enroll in your degree of choice, we will send you an email with next steps on how to upload your documents to Ubiquity.

What does tuition look like? How can payments be made?

Master’s Degree Tuition:


Please note that because The New Human University is not formally accredited, we do not have financial aid opportunities.

Does Ubiquity University have an accreditation acknowledged by the United States?

Ubiquity University offers degrees accredited by a global agency, providing a unique approach that diverges from traditional U.S.-based accreditation systems.

This strategic choice enables the institution to maintain lower educational costs, thereby minimizing the financial burden on graduates in terms of debt. Within the United States, only a handful of the 67 accrediting agencies are recognized by federal student loan programs. Ubiquity University is among the institutions that have made a deliberate choice to forgo participation in what they view as a flawed system. Instead, they prioritize keeping tuition costs significantly low to ensure their students can pursue their education without the burden of excessive debt.

Isn't a thesis required for a master's degree, and dissertation required for a PhD?

The terms are often used interchangeably, but yes, the technical term is thesis for a master’s degree. We will be using the term dissertation, as that is what Ubiquity University uses.

What can I do with my degree(s) once I graduate?

OPTION #1: Start a new career as a teacher and practitioner in the exciting new profession of “Source Code Alchemy”. You will have the skills and knowledge to teach the Source Code Meditation technique, host live workshops with hands-on sessions, and offer programs that change the world!

OPTION #2: Use your accredited MA degree to boost your status for other employment opportunities, or simply go through the process for your own personal growth and development.

What if I'm interested in a degree, but am not ready to sign up yet? Can I start with PraxisAletheia and then pursue the degree path after the completion of PraxisAletheia?

Yes, you can sign up for a degree at any time and still apply your time in PraxisAletheia toward the degree. However, we cannot guarantee the tuition will be the same in the future as it is now.

I love this work but I am not interested in earning a degree. How can I participate?

These degrees are additional offerings on top of our main PraxisAletheia program. They are not required in any way! You can enroll solely in PraxisAletheia and experience the most transformational year known to humankind. If you want to be a part of this movement but do not want a degree, we strongly encourage you to apply to PraxisAletheia. You will have the opportunity to do so at the end of the PraxisAletheia webinar.