Master’s Degree Q&A


Spark a Revolution in Your Consciousness and Career! Learn more about a career path that intertwines personal and professional growth, propelling you towards an epoch of higher consciousness and societal change. Earn an accredited Master’s Degree in Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice.



To give you a clearer vision of what lies ahead, we’ve included a nine-minute video that illuminates the profound transformations you can catalyze in the lives of your clients through this program. This visual journey is designed to inspire and inform you about the tangible impacts and revolutionary shifts possible through the mastery of Source Code Alchemy.

Prepare to embark on a discussion that stretches beyond the boundaries of conventional education.

“Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice” at the master’s level prepares you to thrive during the unprecedented changes that humanity is experiencing in the 21st century. There are two portions to this master’s degree that will create thriving for you: (1) self-development, growth, and evolution (2) professional development as a practitioner of Source Code Alchemy.

During the self-development portion, you will harness the untapped potential within your brain and mind by awakening a dormant “Inner Organic Technology®” within your body. You will discover the unlimited nature of this energy source within you as you follow a path that facilitates your growth and evolution to higher states and stages of existence. You will discover who you really are and why you are here on this planet at this time.

The professional-development portion prepares you to pursue a career as a Source Code Alchemy Practitioner. The world is in a “meta-crisis” with much of humanity experiencing a “meaning crisis.” But there is a way out of crisis. Most techniques, teachings, technologies, and careers are inadequate for solving the predicaments of the 21st century. But Source Code Alchemy is a real and adequate solution. You will develop the skills to unlock Inner Organic Technology® for others and increase their mind/brain capacity. Those you serve will also know who they really are and will have the ability to flourish in all areas of their life. The world will change when a significant minority evolves beyond the current meaning crisis into thriving.

“I feel the fire burning within. This flame that you, we, have ignited is radiating from within me to within everyone and everything around me! The genuine love and passion for this work that I feel, is unlike anything I have ever experienced.”

Ashley Grandstaff

On this Q&A with Dr. Cotton:

Grasp the broad vision of how this MA program can intertwine with and amplify your life’s pursuits.
Learn about the admission process, especially for unconventional candidates.
Discover the program offerings you can provide for your clients upon graduation.
Ask questions about program details, outcomes, and how it aligns with your aspirations.

Remember, we’re on the brink of making history. Your voice, your questions, and your vision are crucial to this journey.

Your Host, Dr. Michael Cotton

Founder of the Source Code Alchemy Institute, The New Human University, Source Code Meditation, and Higher Brain Living®

Michael has devoted over 30 years to studying human potential, focusing on the creation of organic human technologies that free energy in the body and awaken the brain. He is an Integral Metatheorist and uses the integral framework to support all of his creations. Michael is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain.

Why do we need Source Code Alchemy Practitioners? {Part One}

Part One of this series explores how Source Code Alchemy significantly impacts individuals by increasing flourishing, mystical experiences, and life mastery, effectively combating the modern meaning crisis. Dr. Michael Cotton discusses validated research demonstrating these benefits and vertical development into higher stages of consciousness among students. The goal is to equip more practitioners with these transformative skills, fostering a global shift toward a new era of heightened awareness and societal evolution.

Why do we need Source Code Alchemy Practitioners? {Part Two}

In Part Two, the video delves into the academic and professional journey towards becoming a practitioner capable of addressing complex global crises. Highlighting the partnership with Ubiquity University, it underscores the revolutionary potential of accredited degrees in Source Code Alchemy: Theory and Practice to drive significant societal transformation. The narrative appeals to those with substantial life experience, suggesting that even without a traditional academic background, there’s a pathway to qualifying for this transformative education. The video paints a vision of ushering in a new renaissance through the collective impact of practitioners, aiming to solve “wicked problems” with evolved consciousness and innovative approaches.

Why do we need Source Code Alchemy Practitioners? {Part Three}

Part 3 delves into the operational aspects and the envisioned impact of the master’s degree program in Source Code Alchemy: Theory & Practice. It outlines the structure of half-day workshops, including their content, pricing, and the support provided to practitioners. Dr. Cotton also discusses broader goals, such as sparking a revolution in consciousness and creating a network of practitioners. Furthermore, it touches upon the scalability of the model, comparisons with Transcendental Meditation, and the potential for personal transformation and societal impact. Dr. Cotton’s vision extends to establishing a new profession at the leading edge of evolution, emphasizing the urgency and potential of the initiative to catalyze a new renaissance.

Our degrees are more than just pieces of paper. They’re a revolution. An awakening. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.