At it again…

The Love & Liberation Retreat in Miami this year was yet another massively transformational event that brought together individuals seeking enlightenment, cultural coherence, and a deeper connection with the World. Hosted by Dr. Michael Cotton and his team, the retreat was a two-day immersive event that focused on Source Code Meditation — a revolutionary ‘brain-first’ meditation technique — and awakening the mind with three great awakenings: Soul, Transcendent, and Unitary/Non-Dual.  The retreat energizes Higher Brains, unlocks transcendent states of consciousness, and fosters a sense of a “community of the adequate.”

We continue awakening Inner Organic Technology® which awakens higher functioning of the Higher Brain such that states of awakening and enlightenment are easily and reliably attainable. It’s a massive upgrade to the power of meditation — a “spiritual technology” that’s adequate for modernity and the 3rd millennium.

The Love & Liberation Retreat: A Journey to Higher Consciousness

The Love & Liberation Retreat in Miami was not just another event; it was a transformative experience designed to awaken your Higher Brain and elevate your consciousness. Hosted by Dr. Michael Cotton and his expert team, this retreat was a deep dive into the revolutionary ‘brain-first’ meditation technique known as Source Code Meditation (SCM).

The Brain-First Approach

Traditional meditation techniques often require years, if not decades, of practice to yield significant changes in the mind and Higher Brain. SCM flips the script by focusing on the brain first. By mobilizing latent energy in your body and directing it to your Higher Brain, you create the physiological conditions to amplify meditation. This approach leads to quantum breakthroughs in deep flow states, transcendent states of consciousness, and Higher Brain potential.

In retreat settings, participants get real-life experiences that they bring back to their real life.

The Power of Collective Consciousness

One of the unique aspects of this retreat was the collective framework designed to leverage the power and resonant potential of the group. A new ‘we space’ in consciousness was liberated, giving birth to a new sacred community. This collective energy not only amplified individual experiences but also created a resonant field that facilitated deeper transformations.

A Multi-Faceted Experience

The retreat was structured to provide a holistic experience. It included:

Enlightened Dialogue: Discussions led by Dr. Michael Cotton on the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain.

Hands-On Sessions: Practical exercises to liberate the energy of transformation in your body and awaken your Higher Brain.

Specialized Meditations: Techniques to awaken various states of consciousness, including Soul Awakening, Transcendent Awakening, and Unitary Awakening.

The Takeaway

Participants emerged from the retreat with increased happiness and energy, decreased fear and anxiety, and a renewed sense of purpose and meaning. They also gained a deeper understanding of Dr. Cotton’s teachings on the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. Here is a look at the Love & Liberation Retreat in Miami from 2020. It was a slightly different format, but you’ll get the idea…



The Next Steps

So, what comes next after the Love and Liberation retreat? Dr. Cotton advised attendees on daily practice and connecting to community. For those interested in diving deeper, The New Human University offers “PraxisAletheia, the Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution,” a program designed to further explore these transformative practices.

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In the words of Dr. Michael Cotton, this retreat is “the end of all overwhelm, confusion, and illusion… the discovery of absolute peace, love, and freedom.” So, are you ready to take the integral leap into a new state of being?

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