After Enlightenment…

Throughout most of human history, the purpose of life has been survival. Survival isn’t as fun as it could be, but, to a great extent, survival is still the primary purpose of life. Survival takes many different forms, even in the modern world.  It’s not only about food, sex, and shelter. Survival is also about, for example, social standing and respect within a community, which often means better food, better sex, and better shelter, and, therefore, a better chance of survival.  From that survival perspective, it’s no surprise our bodies go into fight-or-flight mode when we feel humiliated, shamed, or disrespected.

To transcend our survival needs into a state of thriving (which includes survival) requires a bigger purpose.  To thrive in life requires your Soul — and your Soul’s purpose — to fuel your growth into the next stage of your development.  

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.
 After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”
— Zen Kōan

Chop, Chop.

One needs “fuel” — a meaningful reason — to commit to anything long term, even a life of chopping wood and carrying water.  But, for the postmodern and metamodern stage of consciousness, finding a purpose in physical labor, for example, does not satisfy the Soul for very long.

Your Soul’s purpose is no ordinary fuel. It is the rocket fuel that’s required to go beyond our survival needs.  We need rocket fuel because our Soul is competing against millions of years of survival programming that’s deeply anchored in our body and brain. 

Following the bliss of your Soul’s Purpose will require you to trust the deeper awakening states — Soul, Transcendent, and Unitary Awakenings — which you can experience in the first 3 Summits of the 9 Summits of Transformation.  And trusting the awakened mind is a new way of being for humans. Therefore, our lower brain and mind will dig its heels in, most likely, in the moment of your greatest breakthrough. 

Consider the act of skydiving.  It takes an incredible amount of will, courage, and trust to jump out of an airplane. The hardest part is that last step.  But once you’re out the door and flying freely, feelings of bliss and excitement take over. You realize that overcoming fear expands your mind and liberates even more fuel on your journey. Your Soul’s purpose provides the courage to overcome the obstacles on the journey to liberation while living the world of form.

Your lower brain and mind will create obstacles while following the path to bliss. Expect obstacles and commit to facing your obstacles and overcoming them with the immense help of your awakening mind.

Higher Perspective

Your Soul transcends your lifetime — this lifetime — on earth. Your Soul carries wisdom and virtue from previous lifetimes.  It knows where you’ve been, and it knows where you are heading. Your lower brain and mind are concerned with survival during your lifetime. Your Soul, however, has a higher perspective, an eternal perspective. 

Your Soul “knows” your authentic self.  When you embody your Soul’s Purpose, you embody your authentic self in this lifetime.  When you act on your Soul’s Purpose, you are following your bliss. 

Acting on your Soul’s Purpose brings incredible joy. We find the right people to gather around us, and we form the right relationships to join us on the journey.  We find ourselves in the right places at the right times.

The 9 Summits of Transformation

The 9 Summits of Transformation is a journey through all know paths of human growth and development. In the Metamodern Mystery School, Class of 2021, we’ve introduced the 3 great Awakenings or Enlightenment State and are moving into “Your Authentic Self & Your Soul’s Purpose” in Week 19. We use esoteric, advanced teachings and practices to achieve each summit, which propels students very quickly through states and stages of development.


If you have an “intuitive hit” that this journey is for you, then watch this webinar about the Metamodern Mystery School and submit an application. Our Director of Education is evaluating applications for early enrollment into the Class of 2022 with substantial tuition incentives.

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