What is wrong with the world?

Everything? Nothing? Somewhere in between?

Where has all the meaning gone? What’s our purpose in the face of worldly conditions, with or without global crises? What do our lives mean?

How do we make sense of the world? Should we escape the world, keep ourselves in a state of isolation so that nothing touches us? Or should we engage meaningfully in the world?

If you’re reading this blog, then you’re not in isolation — not really — and you’re probably looking for meaning & purpose in the world, trying to set things right.

We’re in a meaning-making crisis.

As individuals, we make sense of the world within the context of our cultures and societies. For some of us, our society may be as small as our rural town, or our neighborhood, or family. For some, it’s as large as a state, a flag, a nation, or a religion. For others, we make sense through science and technology.


Whatever your meaning-making mechanism, the challenge to make meaning of the world is increasing. And it seems as if, while the number of options for a meaningful life is growing exponentially, the depth of meaning. So, we take purpose, meaning, and pleasure wherever we can find it! There are a few pockets of meaning in the world, but some of them are trending toward the extremes of behavior.

Where can we take pleasure in a meaningful pursuit?

Does that even mean anything anymore? Are we out of options?

What’s left?

There is something that’s been in development for decades, even centuries. It’s an emergence. Something new relative to generational and societal timelines.

What if you discovered a that a rare new species of animal had emerged? What would you do — what would the world do — to ensure its survival? What if this new rare species held the key to all of our concerns for health & wellbeing?? What if this was the key to curing cancer? Or heart disease?  What if the key helped humans to labor quicker and more efficiently, without as many mistakes and re-dos? What if travel was quicker? What if it held the key to space travel?

What if research on this emergent species lead to scientific breakthrough in mental health? Relationship concerns? Cultural health?

What is Peace?

The word “peace” has origins in the Latin words meaning “a binding together” and “to fasten or affix.”  The word implies an agreement bound by trust; something stable and reliable.

What can we rely on? There are many things in which we can place our trust in faith. For some, we’ve bound ourselves to the capacity for violence. Even violence is an attempt at peace when we affix ourselves to anger (if not in action, then in thought and word). On the other end of our thoughts, words, and deeds is another human with a similar desire for peace. Does our attempt at peace through attack bring peace?  Maybe temporarily, if at all.

How then do we find peace? Within relationships, we must be the source of peace, for ourselves and for others, otherwise we’ll find ourselves in unsupportive relationships. We must affix to something within that brings peace to ourselves and others.

What is it, within, that brings peace?

We’re so disposed to survival instincts, how is it even possible to find peace, the kind of peace that’s thriving and not just surviving?  Our body-mind is the result of millions of years of evolution, and it won’t change easily… or will it?

Something unexpected

What if there were a way to change the body and mind quickly and easily, using the body’s own organic design and features?

What if we haven’t’ explored all the ways a person can grow and develop to reach their highest potential?

What if we have untapped potential for immediate reliable peace?

What if we could awaken function in the body that let our mind create peace, understanding, meaning, purpose, connection to the best part in other people; other peaceful, empowered, humans with personalized will & agency, just like you? What would the world be like if everybody had access to higher functions in their body & mind?

You may have an idea of what such a person is or what they look like, what they act like? Would you recognize it? Consider that the normal way of seeing people through the old way of seeing people is a survival strategy.

Even the most spiritual people have engaged spirituality as a coping strategy to get over hurt & sadness in their life. For most people, meditation and religion is a mental strategy with emotional benefits. This strategy can provide short term peace, but it’s not a long-term strategy without permanent embodiment.

How can we permanently embody peace? To what can we affix ourselves?


PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School

If you haven’t figured it out, you are that emergent being. You can embody peace within — in body and mind — and bring that peace to culture and society. You can experience evolution as a voluntary process that brings more joy and enlightenment to the world. You can experience this process through practices that reveal these truths.

There is truth, beauty, and goodness. A life consumed by these virtues is full of meaningful purpose.

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