Preliminary Research into the Effects of Higher Brain Living on Well-being

A controlled clinical trial of the effects of Higher Brain Living® (HBL) on well-being has been published in the peer-reviewed journal, Advances in Mind-Body Medicine and searchable in the PubMed database.

Higher Brain Living is a system which awakens dormant functions within the Higher Brain, as indicated by EEG data.  For over a decade, we’ve received many incredible, but anecdotal, pieces of evidence that HBL increases wellbeing. HBL clients report everything from physical healing to drastic improvement to their mental-emotional wellbeing to spiritual experiences. And now we have unassailable evidence in the form of results of a clinical trial that HBL increases wellbeing.The study measured the effects of HBL on well-being in a quasi-experimental controlled trial that took place within the context of the professional practices of HBL facilitators across the United States. Participants in the trial attended an introductory presentation and were then assigned to one of three groups:

  1. the intervention group (N=14), who responded to the baseline and postintervention surveys and had participated in HBL sessions or
  2. the control group (N=9) who responded to the baseline and postintervention surveys and did not participate in HBL sessions or
  3. the non-completer group (N=54) who responded to the baseline surveys and did not complete the postintervention survey

Participants completed assessments of five measures associated with wellbeing:

  1. happiness, using the Subjective Happiness Scale, which positively correlated with wellbeing
  2. anxiety, using the Anxiety Index, which is anticorrelated with wellbeing.
  3. depression, using the Depression Index, which is anticorrelated with wellbeing.
  4. mastery, using the Pearlin Mastery Scale, which positively correlated with wellbeing
  5. flourishing, using the Flourishing Scale, positively correlated with wellbeing.

The study found a greater improvement for the intervention group in the measures for flourishing, mastery, and happiness compared to the control group and that the improvement was statistically significant. The study also found that the control group decreased in flourishing, mastery, and happiness. The study concluded that the study provided a foundation of empirical evidence suggesting the effectiveness of HBL as a potential treatment for improving well-being, upon which further investigation can be based.

What does this mean?

This clinical trial indicates that the HBL technology improves lives. It also suggests that, without HBL, wellbeing decreases. Those who are seeking improvement get improvement with HBL, and whatever else they’re doing ain’t working.

The results from the clinical trial are consistent with the preliminary results from PraxisAletheia Class of 2021.  Preliminary data analysis indicates statistically significant changes in all measurements in the hypothesized directions (e.g., decreased depression, increased happiness). In order of largest to smallest change from start to end of PraxisAletheia 2021:

Scale Difference Percentage Change
Mystical Experience (MEQ) 39.6   ±   9.7 42.9%   ±   11.3%
Inner Organic Technology (IOT) 9.0   ±   2.6 36.7%   ±   11.0%
Depression -1.7   ±   0.6 -24.2%   ±   8.5%
Anxiety -1.4   ±   0.7 -20.0%   ±   9.6%
Goals 2.0   ±   0.6 15.6%   ±   4.5%
Happiness 2.6   ±   1.1 12.0%   ±   5.1%
Sense of Coherence (SoC) 15.9   ±   5.1 11.0%   ±   3.5%
Mastery 2.3   ±   0.9 9.7%   ±   3.9%
Flourishing 4.0   ±   1.4 8.3%   ±   2.9%


PraxisAletheia, Class of 2023

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Seagull D. Preliminary Research into the Effects of Higher Brain Living on Well-being. Adv Mind Body Med. 2022 Spring;36(2):8-13. PMID: 35732064.