Assessment of Mystical Experience

April 22, 2021

Students in PraxisAletheia were assessed along multiple dimensions, including:

  1. Inner Organic Technology
  2. Mystical Experience
  3. Sense of Coherence
  4. Happiness
  5. Flourishing
  6. Mastery
  7. Goals
  8. Anxiety
  9. Depression
  10. Homeostatic Hierarchical Integration
  11. Brain physiology via qEEG

The purpose is to create a New Human Assessment that is a composite of the above measurements. In this entry, we analyze the relationship between self-reported experience of Inner Organic Technology and Mystical Experience.

In the PraxisAletheia Class of 2021, the total number of observations is 52. In the current data set, four observations were removed due to failure to respond to the assessment of “Mystical Experience” which was administered in February 2021 at the start of the school year.  Therefore, in the current analysis, NFeb2021 = 48

Incoming students were sorted into categories by level of previous experience with Inner Organic Technology. In order of increasing experience, the qualitative categories are “NEW”, “SCM”, and “HBL.” 

  • Students in the “NEW” category had no experience with Inner Organic Technology, the exceptions being three (3) students that had experienced a week-long SCM retreat two weeks prior to the start of PraxisAletheia.
  • Students in the “SCM” category had no more than three (3) years of experience with Inner Organic Technology.
  • Students in the “HBL” category have between three (3) and nine (9) years of experience with Inner Organic Technology.

NNEW = 17

NSCM = 17

NHBL = 18



NFeb2021 = 48

The data was analyzed with linear regression.

Correlation Coefficient = 0.808

  • Lower Bound (95% confidence interval) = 0.680
  • Upper Bound (95% confidence interval) = 0.888

Coefficient of Determination, goodness of fit, R2 = 0.653

The Correlation Coefficient of the fit, 0.808, indicates a high degree of correlation.  80.8% of Mystical Experience can be associated with Inner Organic Technology.

The Coefficient of Determination, or goodness of fit, R2 = 0.653, is interpreted as 65.3% of the data fits the linear model.  We have reason to believe that the goodness of fit is currently not an adequate representation of the relationship between Mystical Experience and Inner Organic Technology because the data was assessed at the beginning of PraxisAletheia when NNEW = 17 students were categorized as “NEW” and had little or no access to Inner Organic Technology in February 2021 at the time of the first assessment.  “NEW” students were included in the data set of NFeb2021 = 48.

As PraxisAletheia progresses, access to Inner Organic Technology should increase and become more refined, in according with the basic practices of PraxisAletheia, and we will reassess the association.

Furthermore, at the time of the assessment, the “NEW” students also had not practiced any of the state-awakening meditation in Summits One, Two, and Three which are, we assert, appropriately named “Soul Awakening,” “Transcendent Awakening,” and “Unitary Awakening,” respectively.