International Conference on SalutoGenesis

June 17 – 18, 2021  |  Girona, Spain

The 6th International Conference on SalutoGenesis will be held on June 17th and 18th, 2021 in Girona, Spain. The conference will be held in partnership with the 11th International Union for Health Promotion and Education’s (IUHPE) European Conference on Health Promotion, taking place from 15 to 16 June 2021, also in Girona. These conferences follow five successful International Research Seminars on SalutoGenesis (Helsinki 2008 & 2009, Geneva 2010, Tröllhattan 2011 & 2012), which were sponsored by the IUHPE, its Global Working Group on SalutoGenesis, the Society for Theory and Research on SalutoGenesis (STARS), and the Center of SalutoGenesis (CoS) of the University of Zurich (UZH). According to STARS,

“SalutoGenesis is the concept of the origin of health rather than disease. Developed by Aaron Antonovsky (1979, 1987), the concept focuses on strengthening individual and social resources that protect and actively promote health. In essence, SalutoGenesis is concerned with creating coherent living environments, strengthening socio-ecological health resources as well as strengthening the sense of coherence of individuals and groups.”

The New Human University expands the STARS framework of health, integrally, to include evolution of consciousness — in both states and stages of individuals and cultures within societal structures — through activation of higher, evolutionary functions in the human body including the brain, heart, and DNA.

The New Human University submitted an abstract in response to the public invitation to participate and the abstract was accepted. The full abstract follows below. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available.

Activating Latent SalutoGenic Mechanisms at The New Human University: Integrally Informed Enactment of Emergent Capacities Within Culture and Society Moving Toward Supercoherence


The methods and systems enacted by The New Human University (NHU) have been demonstrated in academic research to be associated with positive quality-of-life changes as assessed by validated scales of flourishing, mastery, happiness, anxiety and depression. Said methods and systems (1) awaken latent Salutogenic mechanisms and functions in the human body, brain, and mind via a protocol of low-force contacts on the body, and (2) promote integrally-informed enactment of newly emergent capacities into culture and society.

The NHU augmented previous academic research with a second study with a control group, the results evidencing statistically-significant changes in several aforementioned scales (pending submission for publication). A paper submitted to Integral Review evidences correlations between gamma-band frequencies in the brain and vertical stage development within an NHU population (N=24) enacting NHU methods, wherein gamma-band activity is associated with assimilation of information into a comprehensible whole, creative combination processes, transformational leadership and leadership maturity, higher learning rates, and attention span.

In February 2021, a new cohort of ~50 students began a year-long program within The NHU, activating latent Salutogenic mechanisms and integrally applying emergent capacities to the life process within a “WE-space.”


Awaken latent Salutogenic mechanisms using NHU methods and assess changes. Before-and-after assessments include: SOC-29, quantitative EEG (Neuroguide), Hierarchical Homeostatic Integration (vertical development scale), Mastery, Flourishing, Mystical Experience, Happiness, Anxiety, Depression, and a novel scale measuring four distinct, physically-observable expressions of Salutogenesis in the body. Support students through online courses, teachings, and interactions. In August 2021, the cohort gathers in the same location for a group experience of Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment.


We expect statistically significant measurements correlating activation of latent Salutogenic mechanisms with aforementioned scales, as well as expressions of WE-space supercoherence: self-coherent systems coherently related to other systems.