Showing Up

The Hero’s Journey includes

  1. Waking Up
  2. Growing Up
  3. Cleaning Up
  4. Showing Up

In today’s blog, we continue discussing the path of Showing Up. On the Showing Up path, you experience intuitive control and higher-level mastery over your whole life, which leads to even more confidence, happiness with your life, and fulfilling achievements.

Relativity and Absoluteness

We make judgments all the time. To be successful and happy in the modern world, we must develop our skill with making accurate judgements and discernments.

But what if the accuracy of our judgement depends on external factors and changing contexts?

This simple exercise can train you to recognize relative truth, as distinct from absolute truth.  If we can recognize relative truths and stop insisting on absolute truth in situations where there is no absolute truth, then we are more flexible, agile, and creative with our thoughts and, therefore, in our relationships. Being flexible in a world of relative perspective leads to happier relationships.

Relative truth happens when we have limited perspective or are working with multiple perspectives. Absolute truth is beyond space and time, and, therefore, is in the domain of Source and the perfect perspective of the absolute Witness, which you can experience on the Waking Up path.

In the Ebbinghaus Illusion [see image below], the orange circles are the same size.  But within the context of larger and smaller circles, the orange circle seems to be smaller and larger, respectively. Can you see past the distorting influence of relative visual context?

Our perceptions of reality are partially true, rather than absolutely true.  If we can get comfortable with the relative nature of reality — and the associated uncertainty — then we can deal with reality more effectively, which leads to feelings of success and happiness.

We need the capacity of taking multiple, simultaneous perspectives. The more perspectives the better. Partial perspectives eventually lead to dead ends. An integral framework helps us accommodate an increasing number of perspectives.

Integral Techniques

From the previous analogy, we could surmise how a traditional meditation practice — even a deeply committed one — has limited power to create the life we want. If you practice traditional meditation for long enough, it will make sufficient permanent changes to the brain eventually. The same is true for other perspectives: if you’re in a growth-promoting relationship or environment for long enough, your brain will make permanent changes. But these one-dimensional approaches are unsustainable and take years, or decades to achieve.

Traditional Meditation

Source Code Meditation and The 9 Summits of Transformation

  • One dimensional
  • Partial solution
  • Mind techniques make small changes in the brain
  • Power of a waving feather
  • No prescription for life’s other perspectives
  • Temporary states of awakening
  • Four dimensional
  • Integral solution
  • Brain-first technique makes quantum-leaps in consciousness
  • Power of the entire physical, subtle, and causal bodies
  • Inspired action in all life’s perspectives creates permanent changes in mind, body, brain, relationship, and environment 

When it comes to the mind and brain, the greatest leverage for awakening higher consciousness is awakening the higher brain first.  To make these changes sustainable, we create a match in our relationships and environments, so that our growth isn’t hijacked.

In the second step of Showing Up, we use our higher brain and higher mind to create solutions or improvements to all four perspectives. The result: feeling even more mastery over your life.

You must … MUST … get into a higher-brain state and then, and only then, identify the actions required to give you the life you desire in all four dimensions.


The Hero’s Journey

In this blog series, we’re exploring the path of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). Today, we continued exploring Showing Up! And there is much more to the Hero’s Journey. PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School is a one-year journey through The 9 Summits of Transformation and is the highest-level teaching and training offered by The New Human University.

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