Standard Training

At The New Human University, we offer revolutionary transformational programs that take people through an evolutionary process. Although awakening inner organic technology happens very quickly — in the very first encounter with a certified Facilitator — the process of maximizing the benefits of an awakened higher brain requires more time & effort in multiple tiers of care.

For the next few days, we are in the process of recertifying HBL Facilitators who are trained in the Standard Level of care.

Tier 1

The first step of transformation includes awakening a latent, inner organic technology that activates the Higher Brain. This process is simple and straightforward but requires a level of sophistication and precision in delivering the protocol of gentle touch with the right pressures, vectors, sequence, and leadership. Once the Higher Brain is activated, the higher brain & mind begins a process of self-activation, self-promotion, and rejuvenation. The experience reported by clients tends towards “Wow! I never knew that was in me!” and “I’ve never felt so good in my life.”

The first step is just the beginning. Once the Higher Brain is awake and can further awaken through self-activation, then all sorts of transformations become possible that were impossible before. The mind moves into “bring-it-on!” mode while the body and brain continue to rejuvenate and become more flexible.

Renowned neurofeedback clinician, Dr. Penny Montgomery performed EEG on a Higher Brain Living client before, during, and after an abbreviated Higher Brain Living Session, which are normally 30-45 minutes in duration. Dr. Montgomery recorded beta-wave frequencies (12.5 and 30 Hz) in the prefrontal-cortex, which are associated with higher cognitive function, focus, and attention and have a stimulating effect.


Tier 2

When we’re trying to make changes to our lives, we often get powerful insight into how to change and the benefits of change. It’s as if the insight gives us a shot of adrenaline!  We really can improve our relationships, our jobs, our family life, our sense of wellbeing! We see the goal and are stimulated by it. But the motivation to accomplish the goal is often short lived.

Now that the Higher Brain is awake, more insight and intuition come into play.  From a Higher Brain state, we know the action required to get the life we desire AND we can associate that goal with Higher Brain function which, then, keeps us motivated to achieve the goal!  This breakthrough technology is unique and revolutionary. A client can use the Higher Brain Energy Surge Technique (HBEST) to (1) discover actions associated with a new life (2) associate those actions & results with Higher Brain activation.

In Tier 2, the rules of the game are re-written in favor of a thriving life!


PraxisAletheia, Class of 2022

The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world with your unique contribution to the world.

The first step to becoming a Facilitator is PraxisAletheia.

The purpose of PraxisAletheia includes discovering your big purpose and giving you the means to accomplish those goals. For many who attend PraxisAletheia, their big purpose includes spirituality and attainment of Enlightenment. It could be said that PraxisAletheia selects for students with goals of mystical experience.  You, too, are invited to attain knowledge of the mysteries of the universe.

Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia. We are currently offering early enrollment into the class beginning January 31st, 2022, with substantial reduction in tuition.