The Illusion is Reality

The sage, Ramana Maharshi, is regarded by many as an outstanding enlightened being, and stated:

The world is illusory, Only Brahman is real, Brahman is the world.

But you can discover this Truth for yourself, too, through direct experience. And you cannot skip steps.

In our last blog, we discussed the idea that “Only Brahman (God) Is Real.” The mystical experience is measurable and includes encounters with ultimate reality. Those who experience the mystical report, among other things:

  • Certainty of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to “know” and “see” what is really real at some point during your experience)
  • They are convinced, as they look back on their experience, that in it they encountered ultimate reality (i.e., that you “knew” and “saw” what was really real)
  • Experience of unity with ultimate reality.

And now we address the final part of the trilogy: BRAHMAN IS THE WORLD!


If the World is Illusion and Only God is Real, then how can God be the World?  How can Illusion be Real?

From a level of consciousness that creates opposites, paradoxes can never be resolved. One could say that the intention of a dualistic mindset is to NOT resolve paradoxes and to maintain opposition. But why maintain opposition? Because that’s the way it’s always been, and “sameness = safety” to a dominating, primitive stress brain. The way a stressed brain reduces stress is to depend on the constancy & reliability of opposition and to be prepared to fight!  To defend oneself against the other!  It’s a matter of survival. With such a personal stake & highly emotional vested interest, it’s no wonder we keep ourselves from taking a 50,000-foot metaview that can see both sides of a coin as part & parcel of the same dynamic. Resolving paradox means shifting paradigms. And shifting paradigms is very risky to the lower brain’s defenses.

This paradox gets resolved through direct experience, a Unitary Awakening. The logic becomes clear when you experience it, and there’s no way to convince another who hasn’t had the experience that the experience is Truth. In fact, the Mysteical Experience Questionnaire accounts for mystical experience by assessing this difficulty of imparting truth to another through words. The Questionnaire asks experiences to rate their experience as follows:

  • Feeling that it would be difficult to communicate your own experience to others who have not had similar experiences.
  • Feeling that you could not do justice to your experience by describing it in words.
  • Sense that the experience cannot be described adequately in words.

Non-dual realizers have discovered the truth of Ramana Maharshi’s words through direct experience. This illusory play within the physical realm IS an expression of God and IS God.

More on this next time…

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