Word of the Day


  1. the fear that time to act is running out,
  2. the fear of missed opportunities.

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In the vast expanse of human existence, a sense of urgency often accompanies our journey through life. We grapple with the fear of missed opportunities, a phenomenon known as Torschlusspanik, which loosely translates to “gate-closing panic.” This existential fear has become more pronounced in an era defined by rapid technological advancements and the looming threat of global catastrophe. However, amidst this race against time, there lies a path to evolution and growth through practices such as Source Code Meditation and The 9 Summits of Transformation, and its esoteric forms in PraxisAletheia: The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution.  In this blog post, we explore Torschlusspanik, the race between consciousness and catastrophe, and the potential for human evolution through the transformative power of Source Code Meditation.

Torschlusspanik captures the deep-seated anxiety that arises from the belief that time is running out and opportunities are slipping away. This fear often manifests when faced with pivotal life decisions or significant milestones. In today’s interconnected world, the pace of life has accelerated, leaving many individuals overwhelmed by the weight of endless possibilities and the fear of making the wrong choices. As we grapple with Torschlusspanik, it becomes crucial to embrace a mindset that allows us to transcend this fear and harness our potential for personal and collective growth.

A Race Between Consciousness and Catastrophe:

Humanity finds itself in a race between consciousness and catastrophe. The relentless progress of technology, the perils of climate change, and the precarious state of geopolitical affairs perpetuate an ever-present sense of urgency. As our collective awareness expands, so does our understanding of the existential risks that threaten our future. In this race, it is imperative that we explore avenues that foster rapid evolution and adaptability — even anti-fragility — enabling us to navigate the challenges of the present and lay the foundation for a thriving future.


In the midst of this race against time, PraxisAletheia – The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution presents itself as an enigmatic and radically transformative path towards human evolution. Rooted in integral metatheory, PraxisAletheia offers a multidisciplinary approach that stand on the shoulders of giants, taking cues from both ancient wisdom traditions and modern science to guide individuals on a Hero’s Journey of profound self-discovery and radical transformation from human to The New Human.

As a participant of PraxisAletheia, you delve into esoteric teachings and engage in practices of awakening latent inner organic technology that initiates an emergent evolutionary process. This process is a positively amplifying feedback loop between physiology, energy, and consciousness that grows towards infinity — which we call The New Holy Trinity, or The SalutoGenic Singularity — which unlocks new capacities of The New Human. When this energy of singularity is used in conjunction with The 9 Summits of Transformation, we access new revolutionary and evolutionary resources to Wake Up, Grow Up, Clean Up, and Show Up in new ways never seen before in the species.

PraxisAletheia transcends the limitations of traditional educational systems by providing an immersive and experiential, online and in-person learning environment that fosters the evolution of both individual and collective consciousness. Furthermore, PraxisAletheia is now a core component of accredited master’s and Ph.D. programs through Ubiquity University.

By engaging with PraxisAletheia, one gains access to a radically transformative framework that promotes both self-actualization and self-transcendence. As you navigate the depths of your being, awakening latent evolutionary processes and mechanisms within, you unveil your true potential and uncover new possibilities for personal and collective evolution that can solve the issue of “gate-closing panic.”

In the race between consciousness and catastrophe, Torschlusspanik can serve as a catalyst for transformation. As we confront the fear of missed opportunities and the urgency of our times, PraxisAletheia – The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution emerges as a compelling process for personal and collective evolution. Through its esoteric teachings, and Sacred WE-Space, PraxisAletheia is positioned to usher in a new, evolutionary age.

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