Wake up

Human evolution, including growth & development, is a process of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). In this blog series, we will address each of the aspects of evolution.  Today, we address waking up and states of enlightenment with a focus on Soul Awakening.

Who are you? 

Your sense of identity can change; it can expand, or contract, depending on whether you’re asleep, or awake, or in a transcendent state. States of consciousness are temporary. Your sense of identity is a more stable, but flexible, structure that you use to navigate life. When you wake from sleep, you realize that you have been sleeping. You realize that you’re awake. In the state of waking, you’re more conscious, and more aware. You’re more yourself when you’re awake. While you were asleep, perhaps you had a beautiful dream.  When you wake up, you may feel disappointed that it wasn’t real.  Perhaps you set out to make your beautiful dream a reality.  If you had a bad dream, then you’re glad it wasn’t real.

What if your waking life is not as beautiful as you want?  You can change that, too. There are expanded states of consciousness in which you become more aware of the beauty of who you are. You dispel illusions. You realize your True Identity, your True Self, your Authentic Self. And it’s beautiful. Here are some states of identity with increasing consciousness, awareness, and beauty.

  • I am asleep
  • I am awake
  • I am Soul
  • I am Transcendent
  • I am Unitary (non-dual)

Through this journey of awakening, you will awaken the higher functions in your body and brain. You will simultaneously realize that you have expanded identities and higher selves. You realize the truth and beauty of who you are.  And it’s never been easier.

What are you? 

In order to discover what you are, we’ll examine something so essential about you, but so obvious that it’s overlooked. You are conscious. And a function of consciousness is awareness. You are an observer becoming aware of things as objects. It’s so natural to you that you don’t even pay attention to it.  But it’s an essential function.

Why is it essential?

We know from the science of quantum physics that things remain in a state of undefined potential, possibility, and probability until an observer makes an observation. That’s what you are: a meaning-making machine. Your very awareness gives meaning to the objects of the world through the process of your observation. This assertion is not fantasy; it’s been demonstrated scientifically and had some of the greatest minds in physics becoming more like mystics of the ancient wisdom traditions.

You can leverage this function by turning awareness in on itself and discover what it is. You’ll have a direct experience of Who you are, and What you are.  And you will find vast peace, clarity, and happiness dwelling within you. You can get a direct experience of awareness becoming self-aware.


Without spending decades in isolation, how can I wake up and achieve the enlightenment states? You can hack enlightenment by awakening a dormant, evolutionary energy within you and then directing your New Human capacities into practices that give you direct experience. The 9 Summits of Transformation are designed to accomplish it.

Will it work? 99% of all people who use the Source Code Meditation protocol to awaken the dormant evolutionary energy succeed in a reasonable amount of time, often times immediately. But that is just the first step. Not everyone, however, commits to the practices of The 9 Summits of Transformation that are required to attain the goal of enlightenment.

Summit 1: Soul Awakening

When you wake up from a dream, you realize “I am awake” and you’re in a physical body. If you couldn’t tell that you were awake, you would be very confused. Later, you lay your body down, go back to sleep, and have more dreams. Your awareness cycles easily from sleep to wakeful awareness in a body.  But one of these states of consciousness is a subset of the other.

Similarly, when you realize a more expanded identity “I am Soul,” you realize that you’ve been dreaming that you’re awake in a body, and this realization can free you from confusion. From the realization of yourself as Soul, you also realize that being awake in a body is a subset of your Soul’s subtle-energy body.  

Think about it: your physical body is made of matter and energy. It is electromagnetic in nature. You can see matter and energy if it is within the right range frequencies. There are higher frequencies of energy — light and sound — that pass right through your physical body, and you can’t physically feel it or see it.  You’re physically unaware of highly refined physical frequencies.

The subtle energy of your Soul is more refined than the electromagnetic energy of your physical body. You can discover your identity as Soul as you awaken higher physiology in your body and mind. You can feel the subtle-energy body of your Soul as your awareness is refined.

In this more refined state of consciousness, you suddenly realize that you’re not just a physical body. You’re more than that. You’re also a Soul.  Without your Soul, your physical body would have no independent capacity for awareness.  Your Soul is in and around your body, giving your physical body the capacity for awareness. Without the subtle energy of Soul, the physical body is like an empty container.

So, who are you?  Through direct experience, you can realize:

  • You are “you” — your “self” — when you’re asleep
  • You are “you” — your “self” — when you’re aware of your physical body
  • You are “you” — your “self” — when you’re aware of the subtle-energy body of Soul, which is your first expanded identity

States of awareness within states of awareness. Identities within identities, each with a state of self-awareness. Each state of consciousness is accessible. We are not stuck in any one single identity. But how deep does the rabbit hole go? Many have sought the answer. Only a few have answered it through direct experience. Through The 9 Summits of Transformation, you get to discover the answer for yourself, quickly and reliably.  We discover our first expanded identity by first awakening the higher brain, and then engaging the higher mind through a special, guided meditation that leverages the awakened evolutionary energy with you.

The Hero’s Journey

In this blog series, we’re exploring the path of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). Today, we’ve explored the first step in Waking Up. There is much more to the Hero’s Journey.

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