Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality (UES): A New Spiritual Movement

Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality is a deep, comprehensive, experiential spiritual discipline that promotes the discovery of one’s Soul, liberates the Soul in the world of form and spacetime, and brings the Soul into Identity with the indwelling God. This is the experience of Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment.

Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality integrates neuroscience, evolution, and Integral Metatheory while simultaneously including and transcending the Gnosis of the world’s great wisdom traditions.

Today’s mythic-traditional religions are too regressive for rational minds and maturing Souls. In the West, the New Thought Unity Churches, for example, sought to cure the mythic-regressive deficiencies, but most of the post-modern spiritual communities have become too shallow for our evolutionary fire.

In addition to lacking spiritual depth and evolutionary fire, most of our post-modern spiritual communities are attempting fix what they perceive as social injustices through healthy pluralism and social activism instead of amplifying their current spiritual technologies  that would lead to radical liberation of the Soul and Life Transformation.

A UES community seeks to Enlighten, Evolve, and Engage the Life Process. A UES community goes beyond the ‘Great-Grandfather-in-the-Sky’ religions, beyond the atheism of modernity, and beyond superficiality of post-modern spiritual approaches. UES provides a profound spiritual message, the required depth experiences, and a community-of-the-adequate that lives in a radical new way.

The force of Eros brought an entire Universe into existence from nothingness and It continues to propel becoming and evolution moment by moment.

The force of Eros is experienced as sex at the reproductive level, it’s experienced as creativity at the mental level, it’s experienced as purpose at the level of the Soul, and it’s experienced as Liberation at the Spiritual level.

It’s the same evolutionary force.

When Eros moves above the waist, we feel an Evolutionary Intensity throughout the entire Life Process that is more erotically charged than any biological sexual encounter could ever offer.

In practice, we don’t just need a teaching and contemplation. We need to liberate the evolutionary energy to the new, evolutionary brain.

We know how to do this.

The UES Movement is a WE-space community that knows themselves as the Transcendent Self, an impersonal absolute reality of Being Consciousness and Bliss, while simultaneously each member of the UES community expresses their unique, personal signature into the relative world of form and spacetime.

In all of eternity, there will only be this one unique signature, this one spark of consciousness, this particular instance of personality and behavior, just so that God could know God in this specific, new way … through You.

UES celebrates evolution as Sprit-in-Action becoming Self-aware, in you, as you and through you. God takes delight and feels ecstasy in a new and unique experience that wasn’t possible without You.

The UES community has an uncompromising integrity that pursues nothing less than the creation of Heaven on Earth.


It is time to shout the words of Revolution to the apathetic.

It is time to whisper the words of Rebirth to anyone with ears to hear.

Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment

Modern cosmology and physics trace the world’s origin back 13.8 billion years. The scientific story goes something like this…

Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment

Modern cosmology and physics trace the world’s origin back 13.8 billion years. The scientific story goes something like this…

First, there was nothing. And then from nothing came an explosion. A Big Bang and a soup of matter and energy burst forward, along with the simultaneous creation of ‘time and space.’

Over the next 13.8 billion years this fiery, exploding undifferentiated matter/energy soup mysteriously organized itself in such a way as to become alive, and as life continued evolving in more complex forms, the consciousness within these life forms became more complex and ‘awake.’

Now let’s take a moment and contemplate this process. That singularity that physics and cosmology saw as Nothing, couldn’t really have been nothing, right? Something doesn’t come from nothing.



Zero is supposed to equal zero, yes? ‘Zero’ shouldn’t in any way equate to the evolution of a universe.

So, what existed prior to space, time, matter, energy and manifestation? What was there all along…eternally?

It was, of course, Infinite Being and Consciousness. Pure Existence as the Transcendent Self. The same Transcendent Self that now looks through your eyes and hears with your ears. The same consciousness that permeates all existence, percolates with potential and swirls with possibilities. It’s the same background state within you right now. And it’s that inner well-spring of creativity waiting to emerge as something new through you. YOU are how spirit liberates itself from the realm of potentiality into the manifest realm of the finite world.

YOU are a shining beacon of hope for all those that lived and loved and labored before you.

You are the promise to all those souls that will come after you.

And you are right now, in this body, on this planet, during this lifetime, essential to and responsible for the direction of this evolutionary principle. For nearly 14 billion years, evolution has climbed and climbed upwards – and at this very moment has created a sentient being that possesses awareness with the free will to actively participate in the continued unfolding of ALL.

Your life becomes a drive to create, as a direct manifestation of God’s will.  You have the simultaneous experience of being unmoved and unaffected by the entire world of form as your peaceful Transcendent Self – while in a state of radical BECOMING as you create the new world. The purpose-driven choices and actions of Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment are new mechanisms in the evolutionary process. In Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment the ‘doer and the deed’ become ONE.