I experience pure meaning, discernment, and knowledge

“The impact of this past week in Chicago {regarding PraxisAletheia’s Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment Week} on my relationships & environment by who I am becoming has been profound; it keeps on unfolding. I wanted to share with all of you my experience after declaring my soul purpose mantra the other night. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and then I saw myself when I was seven years old, I was in such a state of bliss I went to bed thinking it was a dream, but as I woke up at 5 am, I felt the need to go outside, sit under a tree, and cry for some time. My authentic self talked to me about my soul purpose. He showed me how to live unapologetically, with no shame; fearless in all his glorious being. He expressed love for my imperfections, and whatever trauma I had for being myself growing up. I felt such an appreciation for life on this planet, for this universe, and for all my relationships; at this moment, my heart expanded, and I fell in love with life; I Am that I Am. These experiences are ineffable. Words fall short, as I just experience pure meaning, discernment, and knowledge. My authentic self is ascending life altitudes and Meta-Mind Consciousness of Epoch 6. I am forever thankful for this experience.”

Victor Ontiveros

I am well on my way down a new path with resolute determination…

“Such great insight, wisdom, support and compassion on these calls. My life has changed tremendously since I started invoking SalutoGenesis. It fast-tracked me through a much needed acceptance and grieving process for letting go of a relationship that had long outlived its purpose for my life. It has helped me help others find or confirm the same awareness. Once the focus turned away from the toxic BS, I was then able to nurture and feel excitement and drive toward something new and worthwhile. The SCM lens has provided clarity and I am well on my way down a new path with resolute determination and kick in my step. I haven’t felt like this in over a decade.”

Deborah Rowe

I’m so excited to learn, to practice, to share and be supported…

 “In February 2022 I signed up for a year-long program in the NHU with great hopes of personal change AND being part of something greater than myself to create change in the world. A little more than halfway through the year, I am not disappointed. In fact every Monday when I receive new content, I race to my inbox.  I’m so excited to learn, to practice and to share and be supported by teachers, mentors and peers. In the beginning we took a baseline EEG and at the end of the year we’ll take a final EEG. We are doing quarterly assessments to gauge our growth in psychological and spiritual dimensions. Our community is diverse and full of wisdom. Really glad I got myself into this!”

Marianne Fitzgerald

I am in awe of the profound transformation…

“As a student of PraxisAletheia 2022, I am in awe of the profound transformation I have experienced by incorporating the theory and practice of this technique into my life.

If you are feeling the sacred impulse to evolve into the highest functioning, most authentic expression of your mind/body/soul, and move from survival-based stress physiology into the heart-mind coherence of a sustainable creative thrive state… this is the school for you!

I have found no better tool than the techniques I am learning to produce measurable results in cultivating heightened states of consciousness, from which a sense of peace naturally unfolds.”

Michelle Alia Ouellette

The deepest sense of peace…

 “What a week this has been {regarding PraxisAletheia’s Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment Week}. To be in sessions that led you to a place where you felt handpicked, chosen…that brought you the deepest sense of peace. There are no words, just copious tears of gratitude and love.”

Caroline Konnoth

An amazingly diverse group of people…

“A year ago I signed up for The New Human University, a school that is an integration of science, spirituality and human development. I am halfway through the year-long program. We get EEG’s before and after. We take sentence completion assessments designed to measure how our minds are changing. I am doing this program with an amazingly diverse group of people who are becoming family.

Imagine if we could all just love one another and feel our human connection to one another? What would that world look like? That is what keeps me going, because this work is hard, but so worth it!”

Marty Clemons