A one-year transformational journey into the teachings, techniques and trainings of the Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution.



(from Ancient Greek: πρᾶξις, romanizedpraxis) is the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized. 


(Ancient Greek: ἀλήθεια) is truth or disclosure in philosophy. The literal meaning of the word λήθεια is “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.”


is the revelation and disclosure of a new truth for our times, that becomes realized, embodied and enacted in the world.

Thousands of years ago…

…new truths emerged across the world that were so profound and revelatory they had to be hidden from the dominant culture. Eventually new movements formed to secretly disseminate these higher truths to the leading edge of society. The transmission of this revelatory new knowledge took place in ‘mystery schools’. The secretive mystery schools were designed to teach these higher truths in a way that led to the radical transformation of the student into higher states and stages of consciousness.

During the ancient age, mystery schools appeared the world over—notable examples were the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece and the Isis mysteries of ancient Egypt. There were secretive Buddhist mystery schools in Tibet, carefully guarded Tantric mystery schools in India, and hidden mystery schools of the early Gnostic Christians.

All of the mystery schools transmitted deeper truths and secret knowledge, but only to the initiates who were committed to honoring with full integrity this knowledge—knowledge that was advanced beyond the understanding of the dominant culture they lived within.

The ancient mystery schools were catalyzers of advanced self-development and esoteric spiritual growth. Behind the scenes they transformed the initiates and ultimately transitioned  society into a new evolutionary stage of consciousness and culture.

PraxisAletheia, the Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution, is picking up the torch in the 21st century. New knowledge has been revealed. This new knowledge includes the discovery of emergent ‘human inner organic technologies’, a new spiritual enlightenment experience, and a higher stage of human consciousness.

In the 21st century, a ‘significant minority’ of truth seekers are being called to this new knowledge and being positioned to unlock the newly discovered inner organic technologies, upgrade their mind and brain, experience the new enlightenment state and grow into the next higher stage of consciousness.


PraxisAletheia Will Allow You To…

Transform Challenges Into Opportunities

Problems become the catalyst for transformation, rendering the concept of a problem obsolete.

Experience Heightened Perception

The world takes on a luster, a glow, a beauty, that has been there all along, but is now obvious.

Unlock Synchronicity & Psychic Capacities

The emergence of psychic abilities, synchronicity, lucid dreaming, and  premonitions are frequently reported.


Enhance Your Creativity

The production of novelty through creative advance is a defining feature of evolution.


Discover Your Confidence

You realize that there really isn’t anything to fear and you can go boldly into the world.

Ecstatic Joy & Purpose

The shift in your pre-frontal cortex results in ecstatic joy and helps you find your purpose.

PraxisAletheia Utilizes A Three-Pillared Approach To Attain The Desired Objectives

More detailed descriptions of each of these three pillars are found below. These three components are the map and means to revolutionize your understanding of reality, provide the technology and practices to radically upgrade your human physiology, subtle energetic dynamics, and meta-mind capacities beyond anything the species has known or embodied before.



The Bio-Psycho
Active Map Of Reality



Integral Metatheory

Context is bio-psyho actvive. Integral Metatheory (IMT) is a theory of everything. A framework that is the result of looking carefully at the enduring truths and consistent patterns within all the ways we see and making sense of our philosophy, spirituality, healing, and indeed all of reality. IMT is, in a word, well ‘integral’, leaving nothing out, and yet never prioritizing partial truths – be they healing systems, religions or meditation techniques for that matter – at the expense of the greater whole. My belief now is that if any practice or technique is not informed by some version of an integral framework, the odds are overwhelming that the practice or technique will have arrested outcomes at some point and there will be diminishing returns for the amount of time invested.

Integral Metatheory posits the importance of several different key vectors of what it means to be human. These vectors are ‘States of Consciousness’, ‘Life Altitudes of Consciousness’, ‘Dimensions (quadrants)’, ‘Types’ and ‘Lines’ of development. For our purposes and in my opinion, the first three listed here – states, altitudes and dimensions – are the most important to SCM and to your evolution.

I will only mention ‘types and lines’ briefly here and you will be able to infer how this is important to your own growth through this process. Types, refers to the type of person you are, such as your gender or personality type. Types are generally thought not to change over time; we take our specific type with us as we grow vertically through stages of development (Life Altitudes) or access higher enlightenment states. I am not suggesting that types or typologies are not important, as they can lead to greater understanding about oneself, I am simply suggesting that within the confines of this webpage, I do not want to go into great detail regarding types or lines as it is not needed here. There are many wonderful resources on the subject and many techniques such as the Enneagram or Myers- Briggs that deal with the topic.

‘Lines of development’ are the multiple streams of intelligence that each of us possess. So when we talk here about higher Life Altitudes, multiple lines or streams of intelligence are involved and we can be higher in some lines and lower in others. For our purposes taking a view from 50,000 feet and looking at where your center of gravity is located, i.e. what Life Altitude that you source your identity, world-view, values etc,. from is what’s most important. For more detailed and nuanced understanding regarding Integral Metatheory I suggest you read everything Ken Wilber has written; that’s around 25 books and should keep you busy for a while if you want to dive deeper into IMT philosophy.

I wanted to provide a very brief introduction to IMT, as this will help you see and understand why SCM was developed as it was, and understand some basics around how and why the 9 Summits unfold as they do.



The Technology And Praxis



Source Code Meditation + 9 Summits of Transformation

Source Code Meditation (SCM) shifts brain state and provides you access to advanced states of consciousness. This ability to create this shift can be cultivated for a lifetime and should be a daily practice. The 9 Summits help you take all you gain from your SCM practice and use those gains of advanced brain physiology and higher consciousness to transform all areas of your life.

To progress through the 9 Summits of Transformation is to experience a fully liberated state of ‘being’ and an evolutionary state of ‘becoming’ as you fully engage the life process. Each of the summits provide a ‘map and means’ to awaken and transform yourself within each area of human growth and evolution. Each summit provides assessment to ensure that you are accomplishing the objectives of that summit. The SCM-induced higher states are the key to effective transformation for each summits higher human potential objective. The SCM Higher Brain/mind state creates the opening to unlock the potential of each summit, thorough awakened discovery and empowered action and execution within the life process.


In the very first Summit, you will experience a shift in consciousness that releases you from the bondage of mundane existence. Once you liberate energy from your body to your Higher Brain, this shift in consciousness is very easy. In the same way that you know that you know that you’re not the objects you see all around you, you’re not any of the “things” that you can objectify: your body, your thoughts, your emotions. If you’re not the things that you can objectify, then who are you? You can have a relationship to those objects—your body, mind, and emotions—without being bound to them.


Your Soul exists in space and time, but who were you before the Big Bang, which gave birth to space and time? Modern science tells us that space and time had a beginning and that something came from nothing.  But there was a part of you that was there to witness that beginning. And you can discover that part of yourself, your Transcendent Self, the Eternal Immortal Witness that is beyond space and time. It was never born and, therefore, will never die. This is you who really are. Pure peace beyond understanding. But you can know it through direct experience.


You exist simultaneously as the body, as the Soul, as the Transcendent Self. These are not separate states: they are in a non-dual relationship. Furthermore, you can know yourself as not separate from anything in Reality. Your Transcendent Self is the Ultimate Subject to ALL Objects, and they are in non-dual dynamic that is an indivisible Whole. In the Unitary Awakening, the Seer merges with all that it sees. “I Am That.” All that Is, Is You. In the Unitary State, there is complete liberation and freedom from fear.


Your Authentic Self is the Vehicle that your Soul has in space and time. And your Soul has a Purpose for being here now in space and time. Your Soul’s Purpose provides Fuel for the Vehicle of the Authentic Self. And now that you have experienced Awakening to your Soul, the Transcendent Self, and the Unitary State, you have the confidence and drive to create a Fearlessly Authentic Life!


The Authentic Self is rising to higher and higher Life Altitudes. It went through several stages of development already in a very short time! Congratulations! It took our ancestors millions of years to accomplish that! And you’re still going!  There is no end to your Evolution. In this Summit, we discover and plan our Emergence and Ascension into the 6th Epoch of Human Evolution. So few humans have ever accomplished this feat. We’ve got to plan ahead and form the Higher Brain physiology that will get us there.


The spiral of human development is composed of discrete stages of growth that are in a system that is holonic and foundational, which means each stage of growth encapsulates, and is built upon, the previous stage of growth. We need to transcend and include each stage of development in a healthy way. If we fail to transcend, or if we fail to include, then eventually our growth will be arrested. And our environments and our cultures are not specifically designed to create healthy transcendence and inclusion. Summit 6 is designed to repair the spiral of development.


When trauma occurs and the physiology cannot process the energy, the wise response of consciousness is to lock away the energy as psychological repression. A shadow. The shadow creates a lower-brain loop that repeats a maladaptive behavior that causes pain and calls for growth and evolution. In our misunderstanding, we “heal” the shadow by masking the symptoms—the very signals that make us aware of a useful shadow energy. By releasing shadow energy into SalutoGenesis, we can re-purpose the shadow as fuel for our Higher Brain and for our Soul’s Purpose. A wound instantly becomes a great asset.


The rules of the Game have changed. Energy has shifted from lower to Higher Brain dominance. You have released the shadows that have prevented you from moving forward. We have identified ourselves as One and the same as the Godhead and all Reality. We see our Authentic Self as the Vehicle of the Soul moving through 13.8 billion years of evolution, going somewhere. You are completely empowered and confident in your Soul’s Purpose. And now it is time to take action to create evolution in 4 Dimensions. What are the actions required to give you the life you desire? These are your Life Codes.


At this stage, you become an Architect of Epoch 6, the next stage of Human Evolution. An Architect of Epoch 6 has a deep knowing, a SalutoGenic Knowing, moment by moment. You come into continuous communication between You and the Environment—an Epoch 6 Thrivestyle that is based on the SalutoGenic response as the primary detector of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. At this stage, Architects of Epoch 6 spontaneously adjust their habits and practices to evolve themselves, transcending and including, quickly and efficiently. The World occurs as a seamless whole. SalutoGenesis is the link and integration mechanism between YOU as a Kosmic Process and YOU as the personal being.



The New Enlightenment
Experience In A Sacred WE Space
(The Emergent New Awakening)



The New Enlightenment Experience: Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment

Both goal and the ground. An entire live week in Chicago is devoted to UEE.

Today’s mythic-traditional religions are too regressive for rational minds and maturing Souls. In the West, the New Thought Unity Churches, for example, sought to cure the mythic-regressive deficiencies, but most of the post-modern spiritual communities have become too shallow for our evolutionary fire.

In addition to lacking spiritual depth and evolutionary fire, most of our post-modern spiritual communities are attempting fix what they perceive as social injustices through healthy pluralism and social activism instead of amplifying their current spiritual technologies  that would lead to radical liberation of the Soul and Life Transformation.

A UES community seeks to Enlighten, Evolve, and Engage the Life Process. A UES community goes beyond the ‘Great-Grandfather-in-the-Sky’ religions, beyond the atheism of modernity, and beyond superficiality of post-modern spiritual approaches. UES provides a profound spiritual message, the required depth experiences, and a community-of-the-adequate that lives in a radical new way.

The force of Eros brought an entire Universe into existence from nothingness and it continues to propel becoming and evolution moment by moment.

The force of Eros is experienced as sex at the reproductive level, it’s experienced as creativity at the mental level, it’s experienced as purpose at the level of the Soul, and it’s experienced as Liberation at the Spiritual level.

It’s the same evolutionary force.

When Eros moves above the waist, we feel an Evolutionary Intensity throughout the entire Life Process that is more erotically charged than any biological sexual encounter could ever offer.

In practice, we don’t just need a teaching and contemplation. We need to liberate the evolutionary energy to the new, evolutionary brain.

We know how to do this.

The UES Movement is a WE-space community that knows themselves as the Transcendent Self, an impersonal absolute reality of Being Consciousness and Bliss, while simultaneously each member of the UES community expresses their unique, personal signature into the relative world of form and spacetime.

In all of eternity, there will only be this one unique signature, this one spark of consciousness, this particular instance of personality and behavior, just so that God could know God in this specific, new way … through You.

UES celebrates evolution as Sprit-in-Action becoming self-aware, in you, as you and through you. God takes delight and feels ecstasy in a new and unique experience that wasn’t possible without You.

The UES community has an uncompromising integrity that pursues nothing less than the creation of Heaven on Earth.

How Does The Mystery School Work?

PraxisAletheia is a 12-month quest through the new Mystery School at the Leading Edge Of Evolution… Keep scrolling to hear what other students have to say, learn what is included in your enrollment, and check out the registration information.

You Will Learn The Advanced & Secret Teachings

(Context Is Bio Psycho Active)

The Advanced and Secret Techniques of Source Code Meditation

The never-before-taught, most potent and advanced teachings of the 9 Summits of Transformation—the world’s most complete human potential philosophy and technology

This new teaching and technology has enfolded the brilliance and liberating potential of the secret esoteric teachings of the world’s wisdom traditions and then went light years beyond. Become fully prepared to thrive in 21st century life.

What You Will Experience & Embody

The Awakening of an Inner Organic Technology Inside of You

The Awakening of the Higher Brain + Higher Heart Physiology

The Awakening of the Higher Mind (Transcendence, Purpose, Psychic Abilities and Ecstatic Joy)

The Awakening of ‘Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment’, the newly emerging enlightenment experience that was not available to the Buddha, Christ, Lao Tzu or Krishna

What You Will Create & Integrate By Graduation

Emergent NEW Properties of Your Super Human Body, Brain and Consciousness

A New Brain (Measured Through EEG)

A New Mind (Measured Through Developmental Assessment)

A New Life (Measured Through Integral Assessment)

Member of a ‘Hearts on Fire’ Community

If qualified, pursue training to learn HBL and SCM as careers

What This Will Do For Your Life

Mastery of life’s challenges and opportunities in fitness, health, leadership, career, finances, family, relationships and consciousness

Profound meaning in life by awakening more creativity and purpose

Conquer death through deep spiritual awakening

Impact your community through transmission of your higher level heart/brain cohered energy




Online Portal

PraxisAletheia Online Course
You will be guided step-by-step, week-by-week through a year of video, audio and written curriculum via your personal online portal. The online course portion of PraxisAletheia will help keep you on track with your development and stay focused on what you need to accomplish that week. Through this course you will also be developing your Epoch6 leadership and communication skills.


In Chicago

Before & After QEEG, Plus an Immersive Workshop

Experience the thrill of seeing your brain changes in real time! You’ll receive a “before and after” scan which will allow you to see the progress towards your Higher Brain function demonstrated via Quantitative Electro Encephlagraph brain mapping. You also have the opportunity to attend a 4-hour Workshop and receive hands-on sessions! The QEEGs and Workshop are offered at our Institute in Chicago, IL.




Developmental Assessments

Your developmental stage can be assessed with sophisticated linguistic intruments such as the Maturity Assessment Profile (MAP) with in the Leadership Maturity Framework (LMF) developed by the world-renouned, Harvard-trained, developmental psychologist, Dr. Suzanne Cook-Greuter who has peronally assessed student development. We can also use the Transcendental Pluralism assessment created by German anthropologist, Roman Angerer, M.A., which relies on grammatical analysis to explain and measure stage growth.




Higher Brain and Higher Mind: Source Code Meditation Advanced

Immerse yourself in Source Code Meditation with advanced online and live teachings. Through your year of practice and application, you will find that awakening your Higher Brain comes naturally, and you’ll have the ability to use this skill whenever and wherever you need to. You’ll also receive access to the weekly Source Code Meditation Q&A/Community calls, as well as a vast vault of previously recorded calls.




The 9 Summits Advanced

Discover the esoteric teachings of The 9 Summits of Transformation. While Source Code Meditation will give you advanced brain physiology and higher consciousness, The 9 Summits will help you take those upgrades and transform all areas of your life. To progress through The 9 Summits of Transformation is to experience a fully liberated state of ‘being’ and an evolutionary state of ‘becoming’ as you fully engage the life process. Each of the summits provide a ‘map and means’ to awaken and transform yourself within each area of human growth and evolution.



Live Week

UEE Week | 7 Transformative Days in Chicago

Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality (UES) is a new spiritual movement—a deep, comprehensive, experiential spiritual discipline that promotes the discovery of one’s Soul, liberates the Soul in the world of form and spacetime, and brings the Soul into Identity with the indwelling God. Unitary Evolutionary Spirituality integrates neuroscience, evolution, and Integral Metatheory while simultaneously including and transcending the Gnosis of the world’s great wisdom traditions. During this week, you will supercharge your brain with hands-on sessions and access intimate teachings. Perform the Unitary Evolutionary contemplation and catalyze your emergence into the New Enlightenment.



With Experts

Your Weekly Zoom Meetings

Every week you will have access to five calls, four of which are exclusive to PraxisAletheia students. There will be:

  • Bio-Pyscho Active Teachings – with New Human University experts.
  • Catalyzer Calls – with your assigned mentor, which allows a more intimate, personalized setting to go over topics and questions.
  • Praxis Group Experience Calls – with a mentor where you practice and fine-tune the techniques together.
  • PraxisAletheia Community Calls – where students get together without faculty or mentor supervision.
  • Source Code Meditation Community Q&A Calls – with everyone in the SCM programs.



Never Feel Alone

Personal Mentor & Supportive Community

Your own personal mentor will be assigned to you from our New Human University Faculty to help guide you through your year of PraxisAletheia. All mentors have a deep experience in our techniques and have the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals. You also will have access to our exclusive PraxisAletheia Facebook group for additional support and guidance. You will never feel alone!



Weekend Retreats

Love & Liberation Retreats

The Love & Liberation Retreat is a live, 2-day retreat with Dr. Michael Cotton and his team. This retreat is based on the teachings of Source Code Meditation and is set within a collective framework designed to leverage the power and resonant potential of the group. A new ‘we space’ in consciousness will be liberated at this retreat and a new sacred community will emerge. You will also get to experience Dr. Cotton’s teachings on the evolution of consciousness, culture and the brain. Three Love & Liberation Retreats are included in your year of PraxisAletheia (attendance is optional).



Are you ready to unleash your brain’s potential and unlock your inner organic technology?


Are you ready to create ecstatic joy, passion, purpose and clarity in your life?


Are you ready to awaken your Higher Mind and experience enlightenment and higher consciousness?


Are you ready to invest in high-end program that will bring your personal transformation to a level you’ve never experienced before? 

If you answered YES to these questions, please watch our free webinar. 

You’ll be able to complete an application at the conclusion of the webinar.

Recent research suggests that most people die with regret for what they did not do with their life…don’t let it be you. 

Destiny isn’t discovered, it’s created.

Through this one-year “Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution” quest you will conquer death, fulfill your purpose and discover the secrets of the universe. In time, this facilitates the transition from our current late stage modern world (which many experts believe has now entered a ‘new dark age’) into a new ‘metamodern’ world. The newly emergent metamodern world solves the wicked problems humanity now faces. This new world ends suffering for so many, frees the imprisoned spirit, and institutionalizes the paths to happiness, meaning and evolution for all of its citizens.


PraxisAletheia is a 12-month quest through the Mystery School at the Leading Edge Of Evolution…