In the USA alone, 80 million people source their values and make meaning of the world through a stage of human development that has been called ‘postmodern pluralism,’ and which Spiral Dynamics calls ‘the green meme.’

The green meme fully emerged in the 1960’s and, until recently, has been the leading edge of evolution. The green meme resisted much of culture’s dogma and assured us that a ‘New Age’ was on its way. The vehicles to bring about the New Age were alternative healing techniques, Eastern philosophy, Unity Church, and embracing pre-modern approaches to life.

But the new age never really arrived…

…at least not as a catalyst for genuine developmental transformation in consciousness and culture.

The green meme certainly made an impact on our ability to see the world from a wider lens, and to appreciate other cultures and the uniqueness in each of us. It also taught us how to think and talk about higher consciousness, enlightenment and liberation.

However, in the ability to actually deliver higher consciousness, enlightenment and liberation…not so much.

The problem was that the new age practices were somewhat anemic, regressive and confused. And to a great extent, that is still true today.

Without the transformative power needed to sufficiently upgrade the brain, awaken the mind and unleash the soul’s purpose, we just start to spin, hopping from one new age philosophy, modality, and technique to the next. Each new technique promises to be the one, the final one.

With each spin of the new-age wheel, we hope these new thoughts, and these new words, and these new actions become a new, truly transformed, enlightened and liberated life.

But they never really do.

Not really.

Instead, things become more regressive, more confused, and more chaotic.

Our new age approaches seem profoundly underwhelming as we face the urgent need to genuinely and radically transform ourselves, and live at a new, vertically-elevated developmental space.

Our new age approaches seem profoundly underwhelming as we face the urgent need to genuinely and radically transform ourselves, and live at a new, vertically-elevated developmental space.

We need new philosophies, techniques, and practices. And we need to create the communities that can amplify new results. We need to get serious about transformation. Real transformation is needed now, not more thinking and talking and hopping from one ineffective approach to the next.

There is an opening, and we are moving into it. The good news is that the green meme is full of new age seekers. It is nearly 80 million strong in the USA alone and one third of this 80 million have been identified as ‘green exit.’ This means that over 25 million people in the USA – and 20 times that worldwide – are becoming aware that their own practices are not working to catalyze the growth and evolution they are being called towards.

New worlds always start with new thinking and new talking. But a new world only becomes real with new physiology, new consciousness, and new behavior.

The NEW HUMAN University (NHU) is designed to give this beautiful, burgeoning ‘green exit’ group what they are looking for. And if you are reading this, there is a high probability that you are in the green-exit group and are ready to transform.

I have spent most of my life preparing for this time. I have a white-hot fire in me. I hope you are ready too.

The NHU is quite possibly the most potent personal transformational experience that has ever existed. As you undergo The NHU curriculum, you will learn to transform the lives of others. But of integral importance, you will awaken your own inner organic technology, upgrade your brain, enlighten your mind, increase creativity, unlock psychic capacities, live your purpose, and become a New Human.

We are living in the post-truth era, and the complexities of the world are accelerating, leading us closer and closer towards a potential New Dark Age.

The New Human and The New Human Community must lead the World toward the Light. The New Human University is a path of Destiny, Revolution, Rebirth, and history in the making.


The next stage of human evolution can be caused by a significant minority – a minimum amount of New Human change agents working together to cause The Tipping Point. The Tipping Point can be catalyzed by the coherence between the new physiologies of New Humans who are consciously engaged in an evolutionary-life process. Coherence is strengthened through morphic field resonances across all space and is perpetuated through epigenetic changes that are passed horizontally among groups and through generations in time.

The catalyzing agents create an emergence of Epoch 6 culture that shifts the primary motivation of human beings from surviving to thriving. Each person in Epoch 6 culture unlocks their deep purpose and aligns with the evolutionary impulse.

All citizens will know that they are participating in their own evolution, and in the evolution of the world, through the use of assessment tools that measure their degree of flourishing and evolutionary development.

The Vision is NOT new-age fantasy… the following numbers are REAL.

There was a time in human history when the culture and consciousness of the world was plunged into the Dark Ages. But, there were a few people in Florence, Italy, in 1350 AD that woke to higher consciousness, unlocked new potential in their brains, and created new lives for themselves.

Their new consciousness and Higher Brain capacities lead to new art, philosophy, commerce, governance, and technologies that accelerated evolutionary development in those around them.

At the time, less than 40,000 people lived in Florence. A significant minority of just 800 people – approximately 2% of the population – started the Renaissance.

These 800 change agents formed a single node in Florence from which this ‘rebirth’ would emanate throughout Europe, pulling the Western world out of the Dark Ages, giving birth to the modern world.

The graduates of The NHU will form micro-communities in hundreds of modern cities. Each micro-community ‘node’ will strive to engage 2% of a city’s population with HBL/SCM inner organic technologies, waking up higher consciousness, unlocking new potential, and creating new lives, in analogy to the 800 in Florence, Italy. Each node will be strategically interconnected by The NHU to amplify their effects.

We believe that 10,000 NHU graduates impacting 2% of the population in modern cities using micro-community nodes can create a Tipping Point that catalyzes a new Epoch 6 culture within 2 to 3 decades. These interconnected people will lay the groundwork – as it was done in Florence in 1350 AD – for worldwide transformation.

New micro-communities will create new models in governance, socioeconomics, education and ecology, as well as new conveyors for evolution. Then, once 10% of the world population moves into the next stage of evolution, a downward causation is exerted worldwide from this next stage of evolution.

Within 2 decades, the downward causation from the next stage of evolution ends poverty, famine, war, crime and provides guaranteed basic human income (the end of ‘work’ and the beginning of ‘purpose’) while providing conveyors to unlock purpose and promote flourishing and vertical growth in its citizens.

You can be alive for, and participate in, the creation of this leading-edge Revolution that brings in The New Human culture and a new world.

There are currently 120,000 yoga teachers, 170,000 psychologists and 50,000 life coaches. That is 340,000 people with pre-New-Human training having minimal impact on the evolution of consciousness in our world.


Were you born for this?

Is this why you are here now?