Emergence, forever

Once in a great while, humanity experiences a breakthrough, whether technological, scientific, social, or spiritual. The organizing force of evolution and the tendency toward greater complexity organically produces emergent properties. Occasionally, humans gain an insight that harnesses one of the gifts of evolution. Evolutionary gifts have developed over time. If the pattern continues, these gifts will emerge ad infinitum, until the end of evolutionary time. A short list of evolutionary emergent gifts produced by organizational complexity include:

  •  matter, organized into the atoms of the periodic table, all of which precipitated from the energy of the Big Bang
  •  life itself, which emerged in a second Big Bang, with atoms organized into a DNA double-helix molecule
  •  the prefrontal cortex, which emerged as a fourth evolutionary layer of the brain that interconnects and communicates with the reptilian brain, mammalian brain, and cerebral cortex, built from molecules and atoms.
  •  the evolution of consciousness in structured stages, each of which bring more truth, beauty, and goodness into the world, including
  •  the Renaissance, a scientific, cultural, and social breakthrough — a rebirth — that brought humans out of a Dark Age and into the Modern Age and the Scientific Revolution
  •  the great contemplative paths and their progressive sequence of inner realizations of illusion, enlightenment, and non-duality.

For the first time, humans have detected this pattern of evolution, notice the forest for the trees, and can participate in the process of emergence

The Leading Edge

The leading edge of the evolutionary process promotes evolution itself by addressing evolutionary challenges. Where there is a limitation to extension and expansion of the evolutionary process, evolutionary energy gathers and goes to work. We are now aware of this process and can collaborate. More than that, we must collaborate and usher humanity through a massive evolutionary leap. The flipside to breakthrough is breakdown. Occasionally we lose the benefit of a breakthrough by delaying the gifts of evolution. In our current stage, a significant number of “evolvers” are engaged in anti-evolutionary efforts — efforts which were, at one time, the leading edge but are now holding evolution back with the possibility of extinguishing the current progression within humanity.

Loss Prevention

The great realizers developed paths for “waking up” and “growing up.”  But these gifts are being wasted in several ways.

  1.  We do not engage meditative techniques because of the time and effort required to overcome the lower-brain resistance to change.
    • The power of traditional meditation has been compared to the power of a waving feather
    • The timeline for change is measured years
  2.  Mind-on-mind techniques are ineffective because we are using the very tool — which we say is less effective than we want — to improve the tool.
  3.  If we experience a breakthrough in our mind associated with physiological shift in our brain — which takes extraordinary effort
    •  it remains a 1st-person experience without greater impact on the world.
    •  the increase in the force of consciousness gets wasted through misdirection into inanimate objects

The evolutionary emergent solution to these problems is two-fold:

1. Change the brain first, and then meditate.

The lower, survival brain is dominant in the human species and prevents us from focusing on non-threatening stimuli by continuously scanning the environment for threats, whether real or imagined. Therefore, the prefrontal cortex — also known as the “angel lobes” — is unable to bring us the focus, intuition, and enlightenment associated with an awakened brain.  There are emergent SalutoGenic mechanisms with the human body, currently lying dormant, that can be used to awaken the higher brain which prepares the whole human system for deep and profound meditative practice.

The Source Code Meditation protocol mobilizes latent SalutoGenic energy in the body. Energy is metabolized by the higher brain, creating the physiological changes associated with “waking up.” The timeline for physiological change is measured in minutes. The higher brain is ready for meditation before the practice begins. The results of Source Code Meditation are non-linear, sustainable, and actionable as the higher human heart begins to emerge.


2. Close the loop and create positively-amplifying feedback

The New Human University has introduced a new, fourth kind of meditation which produces a breakthrough from lower-brain to higher-brain dominance by closing the “meditative loop.”  Instead of focusing on inactive objects, such as a mantra, consciousness is directed back at the active object of SalutoGenesis, which closes the energetic loop. The force of consciousness then amplifies SalutoGenesis, which increases the capacity of the higher brain (the “angel lobes”). The increased capacity in the higher brain expands the mind’s capacity to direct more force of consciousness. This evolutionary, emergent dynamical system forms a new Holy Trinity within humanity. The metamorphosis into The New Human includes epigenetic emergences of DNA function.

Forever fractal

Like the eternal and infinite nature of the evolutionary drive, the positively-amplifying feedback loop generates evolution ad infinitum. The only limits on this new evolutionary process are (1) willingness and (2) the physiological flexibility to accommodate the multi-dimensional changes in body, mind, relationships, and environments. But the physiology is easily upgraded, and it’s capacity for evolution increases rapidly.

Like all the others, it’s a grace of evolution.

The New Human University promotes this revolutionary breakthrough in harnessing the organizing force of evolution. We’re helping humanity produce emergent properties consciously.  We just opened early enrollment into the next year of PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern School, which starts in January of 2022, to allow new students to be prepared for a year of profound growth and transformation.  Watch the webinar here www.TheNewHumanUniversity.com/webinar to see if you’re a good fit for the school.