Love is powerful, and its gravitational force is irresistible. Love reaches through illusions to make sweet that which is bitter. Love, like gravity, is attractive, and reunites. A “bitter problem” in the world — perhaps the source of all “problems” — is the problem of separation, and more specifically, the perspective of separation. The illusion of separation sources other problems. But once we see the through illusion, the bitterness first becomes bittersweet, and then sweet.


The couples line of development is one example of the dependence of the perspective of “love” on developmental stage. This proposed couples line of development is a new concept in the couple’s literature with no empirical corroboration, according to its developer, Thomas A. Habib.

The problem related to perspectives is complexified by the dependence of perspective of “love” on vertical stage of development. 
      • At the magic stage of development, “love” originates from a first-person perspective and can only be extended to that which supports your personal survival needs, which may include family & friends.
      • At the mythic state of development, “love” originates from a second-person perspective and can be extended to a group to which one relates — a religion, a race, a nation. Mothers send their beloved children to war to defend their beloved nation.
      • At the modern stage of development, “love” originates from a third-person perspective and can be extended beyond a familiar group to that which can be called an “it.” For example, such a mind can love strangers that are completely different than us.
      • At the post-modern stage of development, “love” originates from a fourth-person perspective and can be extended beyond the human species to the environment and systems of non-sentience.
      • At the post-postmodern stage of development (integral stage), and in the second tier, “love” originates from beyond fourth-person perspectives and is extended to the entire Kosmos of both the created & uncreated, including all previous stages & perspectives.

The suchness of love itself is beyond interpretation by stage-dependent perspectives. Love is transcendent and immanent. In the words of William Shakespeare in Sonnet 116:

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:


O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.


Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
Within his bending sickle’s compass come;
Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
—William Shakespeare

What do you see? 

We perceive with our eyes. Photons take “time” to travel from one place from another, so we can never see “the now” with our eyes. We believe what the body’s eyes detect even though it is “false” information — false because the source of information has already changed by the time you receive the information. What you perceive with your eyes is never a perfectly accurate representation of reality. I’m not suggesting that I’d be better off blind, but the belief in what we detect with our senses as absolute truth perpetuates the illusion of separation.  Do we have “quantum information” detectors that know all information simultaneously, which is the true nature of the universe, according to the modern quantum theory and cosmology?

Well, yes, and no.

If we believe our 5 senses, then we will perpetuate the illusion of separation. But our higher brain, e.g., the prefrontal cortex, has been called “the angel lobes.” The higher brain is associated with higher states of consciousness: with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. The realization of non-dualityunity in plurality. And we have the means and practices for waking up and growing up.

Illusion to Solution

The great fortune of this one problem is that it has already been solved! To realize that there is only one problem to solve, which solves all problems, and that it’s been solved, liberates us, and leaves us in utter joy. The solution lies, inherently, in the realization of the core nature of the problem. To realize that separation is an illusion is to realize unity in plurality, non-duality. As great realizers in the ancient wisdom traditions phrased it:

“The World is Illusion. Only God is Real. God is the World.”

The core problem is illusion. And that problem, once you know it, is solved. The implementation of the solutions, however, has its own challenges in the relative realm. The motto of the ego, correlated with lower-brain physiology, is: 

Seek, but do not find. Sameness = Safety

And, thus, we go on endless quests. We play the psychological game of “Yeah, but…!” And we refuse to do our due diligence toward investigating the veracity of truth claims. The “problem” is a matter of thinking, a matter of consciousness, and a matter of brain physiology.

There are distinct, scientific solutions for this problem!

Integral Solutions

From the perspective of, for example, quantum entanglement, the entire universe is entangled because it All started together from the same “point,” at the same “time,” from the same source. All information is shared simultaneously and holographically in all space-time points. And your mind has access to all of it, all information, because your mind IS all of it. If you insist on partial and hidden information, then, at best, your intentions are innocently deluded. But, at worst, your actions are willfully ignorant and, potentially, destructive. An integral solution accounts for four dimensions of mind, body, relationship, and environment.

The greatest leverage point for waking up the mind to the illusion of separation is to wake up the higher centers of the brain with, e.g., the brain-first meditation Source Code Meditation and then following the protocols for awakening to higher levels of consciousness and achieving higher life altitudes with the 9 Summits of Transformation.

PraxisAletheia: The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution is a year-long journey through the esoteric, advanced forms SCM + 9 Summits of Transformation in a Sacred WE-Space, and we’re reliably and repeatably navigating the Waking-Up Process.

What say you?

To know that there are solutions, then, gives you grave responsibility. You cannot look away without in some way causing your own suffering. But that is nothing new. The motto “Seek, but do not find” keeps this long-standing game in place. And, yet, even in our illusion of separation, the pangs of separation are made bittersweet! We create love songs, dramas, and romantic comedies. All mere entertainments, reflections, and weak commentaries on, the ineffable glory of Unity, in which

The Only One is Here and Now Forever.

Pretending that this is not so keeps us the illusion alive, and what other purpose for things like religion (“re-ligation” “reconnection”) exist, other than realizing and dissolving the Great Illusion of Separation, and living in liberation and joy? Isn’t that the core purpose of all religions?

What is great about transcendence in the unitary evolutionary state of awakening, which is the newest, highest form of enlightenment that wasn’t yet available to the great realizers — is that it includes all that came before. In the unitary evolutionary enlightenment state, one becomes one with all of which one is awareThat means, while the illusion of separation is gone, you still get to write super-sappy love songs, and romantic comedies, and play in the game of life. You still get to feel bittersweet, but only if you want to.


Mystery School

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