Cleaning Up

The Hero’s Journey includes

  1. Waking Up
  2. Growing Up
  3. Cleaning Up
  4. Showing Up

In today’s blog, we discuss the path of Cleaning Up. On the Cleaning Up path, (1) transmute shadowed energy into fuel for growth (2) you reclaim earlier stages of development make them healthy.  Today, we will discuss the first part of Cleaning Up.

Transforming Your “Shadows” into Bio-Psycho-Spiritual Fuel

By reintegrating shadowed energy, you will feel free from events of your past that have kept you stuck. You will learn to create freedom at will, which allows the light of your Soul to shine brighter in the world. You will learn deep trust in yourself in any situation, and in any relationship, because you’ll know how to process anything that comes your way.  Joy and confidence are inevitable.

What is a shadow?  The answer is much simpler, and not as nasty, as it sounds.

A shadow is unconscious, hidden energy that is stuck within the body-mind system.  The creation of a shadow is the body-mind’s wisdom for dealing with incoming information that is too much for the system to handle. And in the modern world, complexity is so high that no one is immune from overwhelming complexity unless they stay at, or revert to, a simpler pre-modern stage of consciousness.

If your body-mind system cannot fully process information from an unwanted or unexpected event, the information gets suppressed.  Left unprocessed, the information becomes unconscious, and the originating event is viewed as deeply negative, traumatic, or fragmenting. Your lower brain creates a physiological adaptation and protection mechanism. That information is stuck in both your brain and your mind. In this step, we safely process any stuck energy with the power of SalutoGenesis.

Unafraid of the dark

The shadow is not evil, bad, wicked, dark, negative, or permanent.  From 50,000 feet, it’s viewed as unprocessed information. And any interpretation of shadow as something to be avoided, or left in the dark, is but another attempt by the lower-brain survival mechanism to remain the same. The lower brain clings to shadowed energy because you’ve already adapted to that energy. Your lower-brain’s survival strategies do not want the light of consciousness focused on your long-held adaptations. And those adaptations, while necessary at the time, keep you stuck in patterns of safety, anxiety, and hypervigilance that are ultimately unsatisfying and restrictive.

When a person has enough flexibility in the neurophysiology of their body-mind system, then it becomes safe to process events that have been strategically suppressed into unconsciousness. Other techniques that force the shadow out of hiding can do even more damage if the body-mind hasn’t grown enough to put awareness on the unwanted. In this step, you will be guided by the wisdom of your higher brain and higher heart to process what you’re willing and ready to process using SalutoGenesis.

The energy that we call a shadow is transmuted into neutralized, purified, raw energy that becomes power for you to evolve and bring the light of consciousness into your life.

The Scientific View from Source

According to quantum physicists, the number of consciousnesses in the known universe is One. And yet consciousness fragmented itself into a multiplicity of Souls, experiences, and sentient beings in order to experience Itself in all possible ways, and to create new ways of experiencing of being and becoming. The Big Bang was one of the original fragmentations that seemed to have created separation. And, yet, from a scientific perspective, the entire universe behaves in a unified way, in a state of complete holographic quantum entanglement. 

Fragmentation and Integration

Fragmentation of consciousness happens very naturally while remaining one unified whole.  

You can sense fragmentation within yourself as “a part of me thinks this, but another part of me thinks that.”  Both thoughts are in your mind and seem contradictory, but the perspectives are being held by different parts of you. They are parts of you, and, if you add them all up, they are you — the whole you. If we don’t sufficiently integrate all our parts, or at least have them in alignment, then we experience sub-personalities acting out their specific adaptations and contradictory behaviors, which wreaks havoc on relationships and your intentions for a better life. The longer these parts of you remain fragmented, the more they will beg for attention through symptoms in your body and your behaviors. Your symptoms are a call from fragmented parts for attention, care, and reintegration that you’re now equipped to give.

You become allergic to the parts of you that you transcended but did not include.

You become addicted to the parts of you that you did not transcend, and overly include.

The energy of the shadowed fragments is meant to be transmuted and reintegrated, eventually. The time has come. Those parts must be integrated and brought into wholeness if you are going to reach your full potential. There is nothing wrong with shadowed energy fragments. Simultaneously, there is something powerful, liberating, and right about becoming whole. It’s your birthright to experience the peace, light, and satisfaction of integration.

The Hero’s Journey

In this blog series, we’re exploring the path of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). Today, we’ve explored the second step in Growing Up. And there is much more to the Hero’s Journey. PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School is a one-year journey through The 9 Summits of Transformation and is the highest-level teaching and training offered by The New Human University.

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