Body and Mind

What does the body have to do with the ego? There is a strong correlation between physiology and psychology, between body and mind, and the mind is where the interior experience of ego takes place. According to one of the most advanced understandings of Integral Metatheory:

Every mind has its body

As your physiology matures, your brain can function at higher levels, which means your mind can function at higher levels. As your mind matures, your ego can also mature. This process of parallel maturation of body & mind has been happening, well, since the very beginning, since the time of the Big Bang. But, for our purposes of discussing ego maturity, we can narrow our evolutionary timeline down to the last quarter-million years. Watch this video:


Ego Development

The way we see ourselves, and the way we understand what life is about, shifts as we move through developmental stages. Our values, our worldviews, and our sense of self change as we mature from infant to child, to adult.  In other words, the ego develops over time in stages.  Some stages are more mature than others.  The more mature stages are characterized by increasingly mature values, mature worldviews, and mature senses of self. And it’s all correlated with physiological development of our brain & body.

We evaluated the “ego maturity” of students in The NHU by using validated tests of ego development.  For example, the “construct-aware” stage of development, according to Susanne Cook-Greuter is the first stage that “sees through the function of the ego to make us feel safe, important, and permanent.”  We also evaluated the brain changes associated with evolving into the construct-aware stage of development and compared it with other stages of development. The Construct-Aware group shows an increase in 40hz gamma-wave-activity in the temporal area and in the temporoparietal junction in the left hemisphere as well.

Ego Maturity

An immature ego doesn’t know who you really are and, therefore, doesn’t know who anyone is! “They must be enemies!” Your ego projects its immaturity onto others (who are in the same boat as you) and the only option it sees is defense from attack through attacking. And because this thought pattern is based in the illusion of separation, it leads to sadness, isolation, and meaninglessness.

As the ego matures, it moves through self-actualization, self-transcendence, and into nondual unitary integrated showing up in the world, which means one transcends and includes all the previously “immature” aspects but from a place of higher life altitude, integrated horizontally and vertically. It means that “defense” can be sourced from mutual invulnerability, and “attack” can be sourced from willful agency to create non-dual, unitary, integrated, Heaven on Earth for yourself and for the entire world.


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Cook-Greuter, S. (2018) The Construct-Aware Stage of Ego Development and its Relationship to the Fool Archetype. Integral Review, August 2018, Vol. 14, No. 1