The Nature of Time

Time is a unique dimension of spacetime. It doesn’t behave quite like the three dimensions of space.  Or, from another perspective, human consciousness doesn’t interact with time in the same way that it does with three-dimensional space. Our brain evolved through primitive stages of consciousness that, first, processed the world in two dimensions, then in three dimensions, and then in the modern age took on a new capacity to process time as another dimension. When human consciousness developed a sufficient capacity to process a third dimension of space, art, for example, could be expressed with more complexity such that it was a more accurate portrayal of three-dimensional space. Similarly, the ability to process the fourth dimension of time leads to more complex experiences of reality.

The phenomenon of time is experienced in multiple ways and from multiple perspectives. The table below is an integral treatment of time in all four dimensions.  Time is experience both subjectively and objectively; there are both psychological and mechanical aspects to time. We’ve all experienced the flexibility of time psychologically.  In flow states, we lose track of time and time seems to pass quickly, while in other states we experience each moment and the “now” seems to extend into eternity.


An integral treatment of time



The psychological flexibility of time is correlated with the mechanical flexibility of time. For example, the special theory of relativity accounts for time dilation wherein measurement of time depends upon relative velocity of the observer of time; as an observer’s velocity tends towards the speed of light, the observer’s experience of the past and the future are dilated into the present moment.  The general theory of relativity accounts for the effects of mass on spacetime, which is warped due to the presence of mass. A measurement of time depends on the distance to a massive object. Therefore, clocks in GPS satellites must be calibrated to account for distance away from the earth, otherwise measurements of time will progressively diverge from measurements at the surface of the earth at the rate of about 38 microseconds per day. But at 38 microseconds per day, the relativistic offset in the rates of the satellite clocks is so large that, if left uncompensated, it would cause navigational errors that accumulate faster than 10 km per day! GPS accounts for relativity by electronically adjusting the rates of the satellite clocks, and by building mathematical corrections into the computer chips which solve for the user’s location. Without the proper application of relativity, GPS would fail in its navigational functions within about 2 minutes.

Transcendence of Time and Space

The psychological experience of space and time can be transcended altogether, and to varying degrees. The Revised Mystical Questionnaire was designed to measure a person’s mystical experiences. Research has validated measurements of mystical experiments across various experiments.  Mystical experience falls into several categories, one of which is the transcendence of time and space, which can be measured through a series of questions and self-reported responses.

In PraxisAletheia, we asked students to rate the degree to which at any time during their practice of Source Code Meditation + 9 Summits of Transformation they experienced the following phenomena, and to answer each question according to your feelings, thoughts, and experiences at the time of the SCM + 9 Summits session.

    1. Being in a realm with no space boundaries.
    2. Experience of timelessness.
    3. Loss of usual awareness of where you were.
    4. Loss of your usual sense of space.
    5. Loss of your usual sense of time.
    6. Sense of being “outside of” time, beyond past and future.

Students reported their experiences on the following six-point scale (in situ, administered on a scale from zero to five)

    1. None
    2. So slight, cannot decide
    3. Slight
    4. Moderate
    5. Strong (equivalent in degree to any other strong experience)
    6. Extreme (more than any other time in my life and stronger than “5”)

We discovered a positive correlation between mystical experience and their experience of inner organic technology which is the core and fundamental practice of Source Code Meditation. There are several distinguishable manifestations of inner organic technology, including breath expansion, breath rhythm, and autowave. With respect to their overall experience of inner organic technology, we asked students to choose from the following options that match their experience, compared to their normal resting state, during an average, 30-minute practice of Source Code Meditation:

    1. I do not feel any spontaneous differences — not even subtle differences — in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations (warmth, cold, vibrations, twitching, etc.)
    2. I feel subtle spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, which are temporary and/or occasional.
    3. I feel spontaneous movement and/or pronounced spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, which are temporary and/or occasional.
    4. I feel spontaneous movement and/or pronounced spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, over a significant duration or over multiple durations.
    5. I feel like my whole body is breathing over significant durations.
    6. I feel a wave of energy and motion in my whole body over significant durations.
    7. I feel like I am being breathed and my entire body feels like a wave of highly complex and coordinated energy most of the time.

The following graph illustrates the results of the study: a positive correlation between mystical experience and their experience of inner organic technology


There is a positive correlation between mystical experience of the transcendence of space and time and the experience of inner organic technology.


Transrational Ways of Knowing

Evolution into the next stage of human consciousness and brain cortex comes with several signs of progress, including:

  • Intuition & Insight: Transrational Ways of Knowing
  • Heightened Perception
  • Synchronicity & Psychic Capacity

We teach our students to awaken inner organic technology and then immediately receive, metabolize, and synthesize information in non-linear ways, seeing and experiencing the whole, processing all at once beyond rational analytical processing and into transrational ways of knowing. We rely on the correlation between experiences of inner organic technology and transcendence of time to get the job done.  We cultivate this “superhuman” capacity and leverage its potential in PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School as we pursue The 9 Summits of Transformation.

Enrollment into the PraxisAletheia starting in January 2022 is now open.  As of April 2021, we are in the early enrollment stage so that students can prepare well ahead of time for this hero’s journey and for that we are offering significant reduction in tuition.  See if you’re a good fit for PraxisAletheia by watching this webinar.




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