• What is “The Matrix?” Context, and it is bio-psychoactive.
  • Context provides the fuel for SalutoGenesis, which is a universal principle of nature that is both creative and evolutionary.
  • Something came from Nothing.  The universe was birthed in The Big Bang.  All the energy of the expanding universe must come from somewhere, otherwise, none of this makes any sense.
  • Welcome to PART 2…

Meditation on SalutoGenesis

Source Code Meditation is a new, fourth type of meditation — the world’s first “brain first” meditation that leads to rapid, sustainable, reproducible spiritual awakening and de-ossification of old patterns in consciousness. SCM relies on meditation on an active object — SalutoGenesis in the body — that produces a singularity.  (We will explain “singularity” in context in Part 3… stay tuned…)

We assert that the SalutoGenic Singularity is the single greatest human discovery, so far. And we require a sufficient context — a large enough container — to fully avail ourselves of this discovery.

Assuming you practice Source Code Mediation, how much energy is recruited in 2 minutes of meditation on SalutoGenesis?

  • Are you using the glucose in your brain that was produced by oxidation of fuel?

  • Are you using the energy in your gross body? Subtle body? Causal body?

  • When you use SalutoGenesis as the object of your meditation, how big is the container/context? How far have you gone “back” to objectify SalutoGenesis?  How far have you pushed SalutoGenesis out in front of you?

    • Did you push back to see it from just beyond your gross body?

    • Did you push back to the edge of the room? Above the earth?

    • Did you push back to the edge of the Universe, encapsulating all manifest creation?

    • Did you push back into the Subtle Realm? The Causal Realm?

    • Did you see everything between your Pure Subject and SalutoGenesis in your body? How much of the Everything All-There-Is did you see?

    • Did you harness the energy of the entire Kosmos, or just part of it?

You’re entitled to use all of it.  It’s your birthright as a citizen of the universe. 

Your consciousness is one and the same with Consciousness Itself.

Why use only part of it?

Regardless of the answer to that rhetorical question, can you use MORE attention, MORE of the energy of the Kosmos to pour into SalutoGenesis? How much further can you push back?

Here’s some more important context

During 2 minutes of meditation, 12,000 units of gross, physical energy are consumed for homeostasis. During that time, SalutoGenesis is active and directing energy and metabolism (some portion of 12,000 units of physical energy) to the higher brain. Meditation actively recruits the energy of consciousness and attention.

So, how much energy is there in your conscious attention?

There’s at least as much energy in your conscious attention as that which is inside your conscious attention, for the same reason we “concluded” that the all the energy in the universe is a portion of the energy of Beingness, the “Nothing” that produced a Big Bang. (Remember the conservation of energy?)

Did you push back to see your physical body? If so, how much energy is in your physical body?

According to the laws of physics, total energy of an object (at rest) is directly proportional to the mass of that object.

Massive objectsCase #1. The Body.

If you were to convert all the mass of an average human body into energy, then it would release

6,291,286,251,157,720,000 units of energy

The energy in an average human body is 353,827,074,509 times (call it 354 billion times) the amount of energy that your body is using in 2 minutes to keep you alive.

Your consciousness contains at least this amount of energy, right?

If not, the laws of physics don’t make sense. Something came from the energy of consciousness.

The following statistic is useful because it typically holds meaning for most people, although it’s a bit morbid and destructive (but A LOT less destructive than a supernova) but converting the mass of an average human body into energy would release 42,798 times the energy that was released in both atomic bombs that were used in World War II.

What if you harnessed the total energy in your body and put that amount of attention on SalutoGenesis?

Massive objects: Case #2. The Earth.

If you were to convert the entire mass of the earth into pure energy, then it would release

536,736,592,741,628,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 units of energy

You can see where this is going.

Home. The mass of the Earth is 5.972E+24 Kg

That amount of energy, the energy in the earth, must just a small part of the energy of consciousness, the One Singular Consciousness that exists.

Relatively speaking, it’s 46,005,993,663,568 trillion-trillion times (call it 46 trillion-trillion-trillion) more energy than the amount of energy an average human body uses to sustain itself over the course of 2 minutes.

Again, you can see where this is going.

Have you, during Source Code Meditation, pushed back to the point of seeing your body, including SalutoGenesis and the earth as an object of mediation? 

As they say, “you can only be one with that of which you are aware.” A corollary to that statement is that you can only use the energy of consciousness contained in that of which you’re aware.

Massive Objects: Case #3. The Sun.


The Sun has a mass of 1.989E+30 Kg

This is getting sick, but I’ve already done the calculations, so here they come. The sun contains 15 million-million-million-million-million-million-million (call it 15 trillion-trillion-trillion) times the energy that your body uses in 2 minutes to keep itself alive.

Massive objects: Case #4. The Galaxy.

We can go further back. The point is almost already made.

A representation of The Milky Way Galaxy, our home.

Every single object — every single star, including the Sun — that can be seen with the naked eye is part of the Milky Way Galaxy. (There are only three exceptions to that rule: Andromeda Galaxy, Magellanic Clouds, and Triangulum Galaxy)

That is a fun fact. The mass of the Milky Way Galaxy, our galaxy, has … a lot of mass. The energy contained in that mass is: (drum roll)

268,143,607,576,130,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 units of energy

That’s 23 million-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion times the amount of energy your body uses in 2 minutes

Massive Objects: Case #5. All mass in the universe, including Dark Matter

Call it 249,597 trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion times the energy of your body in stasis for 2 minutes. By the way, 1 trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion can be written


The gross matter-energy of the Universe is 250,000 of these trillion-trillion-trillion-trillion units of energy times greater than what your own body uses for 2 minutes.

Wouldn’t you like to harness that energy for creating a metacognitive brain-mind?

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

Now that we’ve weighed the Physical Universe …

All the energy that exists in the Physical Universe came from somewhere.

It came from Beyond.

Now that you’ve expanded Your Subject to the Edge of the Physical Universe — a container/context which has a lot of energy — you can further expand your Awareness to include the Subtle and Causal Realms.

The Subtle Realm must contain at least as much energy as the Physical Universe and should contain much more.

The Causal Realm must contain at least as much energy as the Subtle Realm and should contain much more.

So, how much energy do you have at your disposal to pay attention to SalutoGenesis?

All of this universal energy is a part and parcel of your very attention & consciousness. This big container of fuel can be directed into SalutoGenesis.  As we master this mindset, the SalutoGenic Singularity becomes inevitable.

The principles and applications of context are taught at The Metamodern Mystery School, PraxisAletheia.

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Stay tuned for Part 3…

In Part 3, there will be some mind-melting context that’s so profound and so thought provoking that you might not be able to fall asleep!