Grow Up

The Hero’s Journey includes

  1. Waking Up
  2. Growing Up
  3. Cleaning Up
  4. Showing Up

In today’s blog, we continue discussing the path of Growing Up. On the Growing Up path, (1) you discover your Soul’s purpose so you can follow even higher bliss as your Authentic Self, (2) create a compelling future into higher stages of growth — all within the context of your awakening mind.  Today, we will discuss the second part of Growing Up by looking UPWARD to more mature stages of development.

Maturing Consciousness

After 100,000 years, humans are ready to ascend into the next stage of evolution. Now that we, as a species, have created a foundation in consciousness, we are ready to raise our collective consciousness more than ever before to a developmental stage that is higher than all the other stages combined. This new stage of consciousness is more joyful, freer, and yet more connected than all our past stages. It is a radical new way to be in the world that is being co-created by all of us. You have everything you need to make this leap to a new stage for yourself. Are you ready?

Right now, the leading edge of consciousness is reflected in postmodern culture, which accounts for about 80 million people in the US alone. People at the leading edge have been called “cultural creatives.” Cultural creatives are concerned with self-actualization, self-expression, social and cultural issues, inclusion of cultures, and environmental issues. If you’re a cultural creative, then you have probably engaged in yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, self-help, or spiritual practice, and you probably enjoy travel or new “foreign” ideas.

While cultural creatives have won on many issues that advance global civilization and postmodern values, the leading edge has been challenged by a diffusion of energy due to the rising level of complexity and seeming paradoxes. How do we continue to make progress on technology that helps us evolve and still preserve the environment?  How do we honor our traditional stage of consciousness, which is a foundational structure in our mind, and continue to evolve our mind?  How do we become a holon: a complete, autonomous, self-validating, evolving being that is simultaneously part of a whole?

Photo by <a href="">Vitaliy Paykov</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

We face complex questions. And without a clear source of concentrated energy, the movement of cultural creativity is going flat and has begun to rely on aggression instead of pure inspiration to compensate.

What we need is a compelling future. We must be the architects of a new age of transformation. At the leading edge, we must create this transformation in ourselves and build communities around this co-creation — like the Renaissance. As we enter this realm of conscious evolution, we need to throw out elements that no longer serve us, and simultaneously integrate the building blocks from the previous stage into our higher developmental stage of consciousness. 

This step in The 9 Summits of Transformation points you towards a metamind consciousness and higher physiology in both the brain and heart.  The rewards for reaching this stage are tremendous.

Stay tuned!  In our subsequent blogs, we’ll discuss the details of

  1. emergence of early metamind consciousness
  2. ascension into late metamind consciousness

The Hero’s Journey

In this blog series, we’re exploring the path of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). Today, we’ve explored the second step in Growing Up. And there is much more to the Hero’s Journey. PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School is a one-year journey through The 9 Summits of Transformation and is the highest-level teaching and training offered by The New Human University.

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