The Salutogenic Framework focuses on resources which help individuals cope with stress and return to health and wellbeing. According to “The Handbook of Salutogenesis” (Antonovsky, 1996):

      • In contrast to the dichotomous classification of pathogenesis into healthy or not, salutogenesis conceptualizes a healthy/dis-ease continuum
      • In contrast to pathogenesis’ risk factors, salutogenesis illuminates salutary factors that actively promote health
      • In contrast to focusing on a “particular pathology, disability or characteristic” of a person, salutogenesis might work with a community of persons and “must relate to all aspects of the person”

At The New Human University, we awaken and amplify Salutogenic factors for all aspects of a person.

What are all aspects of a person?

Integral Metatheory

Integral Metatheory (IMT) is a theory of everything; a framework which results from careful examination of enduring truths and consistent patterns and which we can make sense out of philosophy, spirituality, healing, and all of reality. IMT leaves nothing out but does not prioritize partial truths of healing systems, religions or meditation techniques at the expense of the greater whole. Any practice or technique not informed by some version of an integral framework will, most probably, have arrested outcomes and diminishing returns on time invested.

Integral Metatheory focuses on, for example, Four Dimensions of a sentient being which categorizes all aspects of a person:

      1. Individual Interior, or Mind, which houses subjective experiences
      2. Individual Exterior, or Body, which houses physiology and behavior.
      3. Collective Shared Interiors, or Relationship, which houses inter-subjective experience and cultural worldviews
      4. Collective Shared Exteriors, or Environment, which houses inter-objective systems and societal structures.

The New Human University will be presenting work with Salutogenesis within the framework of Integral Metatheory at the 6th International Conference on Salutogenesis in Girona, Spain, June 17th & 18th, 2021.

Sense of Coherence

To Antonovsky — the medical sociologist who coined the term — Salutogenic processes are channeled through a measurable global life orientation. Perceiving life as

  • comprehensible
  • manageable
  • meaningful

is conducive to health and wellbeing.

We assessed our incoming students with the “Orientation to Life Questionnaire” which measures a Sense of Coherence. In our preliminary assessment of incoming students, we found positive relationships between Sense of Coherence and:

  1. Flourishing
  2. Happiness
  3. Life Mastery

The Flourishing scale assesses, for example, purpose, meaning, and rewarding social relationships, which is in general alignment with perceiving life as meaningful.  The Life Mastery scale assesses perceiving life as comprehensible and manageable.  We will track these relationships over time as students engage the practices and teachings of PraxisAletheia.



The preliminary assessment of PraxisAletheia students in February 2021 are consistent with other previous studies that have measured the relationship between anxiety/depression and the Sense of Coherence.

“[Sense of Coherence] was negatively associated with depression and anxiety. The authors [Schnyder, et. al.] concluded that SOC was not merely a proxy measure of psychopathology, but rather a partially independent, general measure of a person’s world view.”

Here are the preliminary results from analysis of Sense of Coherence, Anxiety, and Depression from students in PraxisAletheia, which are consistent with the “negative association” result of previous studies.




The Metamodern Mystery School attends to all aspects of the person: Body, Mind, Relationships, and Environment.  We believe that taking an integral approach is critical to addressing Salutogenic, salutary factors that impact health and wellbeing. We will present our first quarter results at the 6th International Conference on Salutogenesis in Girona, Spain, June 17th & 18th, 2021.



Early Enrollment

The Metamodern Mystery School is taking early enrollment for January 2022.  If you think you might be a good fit for the school, then watch this webinar and fill out an application.  If your application is approved, then you’ll meet with PraxisAletheia Founder or the Director of Education for an enrollment interview.





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Antonovsky, A. (1996). The salutogenic model as a theory to guide health promotion. Health Promotion International, 11, 11–18.