In a previous post, we explored the connection between metamorphosis and enlightenment. Several great spiritual realizers have associated “The Great Liberation” — whether it’s called Moksha, Kensho, or Salvation — with a metamorphosis.

The word metamorphosis means “transformation.” We often think of insects: butterflies and moths begin as worm-like crawlers before taking flight. It’s obvious that the form and function of a butterfly is completely different from the larval stage. The transformation from crawling to flying is a miraculous quantum leap, and yet it is understood as a natural organic process. 

“I am on the frontier of a new perception of life. As if certain parts of the consciousness were in a metamorphosis from the caterpillar state to the butterfly state”

— Satprem, “The Mind of Cells” quoting The Mother, Mirra Alfassa

 “No one can see the Kingdom of God, unless one is born again … Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”

— The Gospel of John

Waking up to a higher consciousness is noble and necessary.  Historically, enlightenment has been accessible to anyone with the time and will power to do whatever it takes to awaken their mind.

In the modern era, our awareness has become aware of awareness itself.  And we’ve also become aware of the whole story of how we got here…

How did we get here?

You started as Nothing. Then you became a Big Bang, then atoms, then gas, then stars, then planets, then cells, then organisms with neuronal tissue, then a human.  And humans, themselves, evolved from hominid to Homo habilis, to Homo erectus, to Homo sapiens.

Only recently, the human mind become aware of its history, and the significant role that humans play in the evolution of consciousness. 

The evolution of consciousness is also — simultaneously, concurrently, and non-reductively — a 13.8-billion-year-old evolution of matter.

When the Great Realizers told us “Know Yourself,” they gave us instructions for “Waking up.”  But if they had access to modern science and developmental psychology, they would have also instructed us to “Grow up!

Growing up

In ideal conditions, most human being can grow up into the highest stage of development that is available to human beings.  However, hundreds of thousands of years ago, the human brain wasn’t even big enough to understand that other human beings we’re not another predator like a sabre-tooth tiger. And, therefore, we all behaved with Archaic/Survival consciousness. That was the highest form of consciousness available in those days. 

As humans developed — both physically and functionally — we grew up to Magic/Power stage. At one point in time, children grew through the Archaic stage and into the Magic stage but didn’t develop any further.

Later, we could develop through Archaic and Magic into the Mythic/Traditional stage of consciousness. About one-third of the world’s adult population is currently the Mythic stage of development. 

The Modern/Achievement stage of consciousness brought us out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance and Western Enlightenment. We rely heavily on this stage of consciousness for the electronic devices that you’re using, for example, to read this blog post.  In many areas of the world, human beings have a reasonable opportunity to grow to this this Modern stage of development. About one-third of the world’s adult population is currently the Modern stage of development. 

 The Postmodern/Pluralist stage of consciousness is a recent development that became fully mature in the 1960’s with the Civil Rights movement and concerns for the environment.


How can human beings be so different?  We’re in the same species, aren’t we?

Each stage of development represents mutation in consciousness.  Each earlier stage serves as scaffolding to build a new consciousness; that is nature’s mechanism for growth and development. It also explains why distinct stages cannot understand each other: each stage is new mutation in mind with new meanings and new values. 

But there is an even newer, more developed, stage of consciousness. Beyond the Postmodern stage of consciousness is the Metamodern stage of consciousness.  A new 6th Epoch of human development that understands that development itself happens in stages, and that it’s a process, and that the process is 13.8 billion years old, and that every human being must succeed at the earlier stages to get to later stages, and that you cannot skip any steps in the process.

At the Metamodern stage, you learn to speak the language of all stages. You can translate between stages because you’ve been through the earlier ones and understand that others are going through the same process but might be at a different stage.

The Metamodern stage of consciousness is required to keep the world from slipping into a New Dark age.

Metamodern Mystery School

A metamorphosis into the Metamodern stage of consciousness requires both waking up and growing up.  If there is any damage or trauma at earlier stages, those stages must be cleaned up. And the Metamodern mind is compelled to show up.

PraxisAletheia, The Metamodern Mystery School has an evidenced-based program for bringing people into the Metamodern stage of consciousness.  Combined with a student’s conscious will, the program grants access into the highest known states of awakening and stages of consciousness. 

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