Paradigm of Singularity

In our journey through the exploration of paradigms, we’ve delved into the profound influence paradigms exert on our lives, on culture, and on society. We’ve contrasted the Pathogenic and SalutoGenic paradigms, revealing how these frameworks shape our perceptions, our choices, and our experiences. Today, we venture further into the realm of the SalutoGenic paradigm, unveiling a concept that stands at the very heart of this framework: The SalutoGenic Singularity.

The SalutoGenic Singularity is not about perfect harmony or a state of static equilibrium. Instead, it represents a radical transformation, a quantum leap in the evolution of human consciousness and physiology. This concept is a testament to the dormant potential within us, waiting to be awakened, and the possibility of a swift phase transition to a new state of being: The New Human.


The emergence of The New Human can be likened to the evolutionary theory of punctuated equilibrium. This theory, proposed by paleontologists Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould, suggests that species experience long periods of relative stability punctuated by rapid periods of change, leading to new species. Similarly, human evolution has been marked by periods of relative stability, punctuated by swift, transformative leaps in consciousness and physiology. The New Human represents the next ‘punctuation’ in our evolutionary story. Just as punctuated equilibrium posits that new species arise quickly in response to drastic changes in the environment, The New Human is emerging rapidly in response to the profound shifts in our societal, technological, and existential landscapes. In particular, we are quickly responding to this new emergent “inner organic technology” within us! This swift phase transition, facilitated by the SalutoGenic Singularity, is not just an adaptation, but a radical transformation – a quantum leap towards a new epoch of human existence.

The New Human is not merely an individual who has achieved a state of equilibrium with a SalutoGenic Paradigm. The New Human is an agent of radical change and transformation, a harbinger of a new epoch in human evolution. This new state of being transcends the limitations of the Pathogenic paradigm, embracing the infinite, positively amplifying feedback loop between consciousness, brain-body physiology, and physical and subtle energy that the SalutoGenic Singularity offers.

This meditative practice, central to the SalutoGenic paradigm, opens up new pathways for the evolution of the human species. It allows us to tap into the fourth evolutionary layer of the brain (!), awakening dormant physiological and functional phenomena, and paving the way for the emergence of the sixth epoch of human evolution.

The future is now

The New Human is not a distant, abstract concept. It is a tangible, achievable reality. And when enough humans awaken this dormant potential, a tipping point will be reached. A quick phase transition will occur, leading to the emergence of a new culture and society.

This transformation is not a passive process. The New Human plays an active role in this evolution, contributing to the conscious universe’s progression towards what Pierre Teilhard de Chardin referred to as the Omega Point. The New Human is a catalyst for change, an agent of transformation, working towards creating “heaven on earth” or “as above, so below.”

In the face of this radical transformation, the question arises: How do we facilitate this transition? How do we awaken the dormant potential within us and catalyze the emergence of the New Human?

The answer lies in the SalutoGenic Singularity. By embracing this meditative practice, we can tap into the infinite, positively amplifying feedback loop between consciousness, brain-body physiology, and physical and subtle energy. We can awaken the dormant phenomena within us, facilitating our transition to the New Human.

Activism for Evolution

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities that the SalutoGenic Singularity offers and wish to explore this concept further, I invite you to watch the webinar for PraxisAletheia. This webinar will provide you with a deeper understanding of the SalutoGenic Singularity and guide you on your journey towards becoming a New Human.

Join us in this transformative journey. Embrace the potential — your potential — of the SalutoGenic Singularity. Become a part of the radical transformation that is reshaping the human species. The future is here, and it begins with you.

Watch the PraxisAletheia webinar here:

Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we will delve deeper into the implications of the SalutoGenic Singularity and the role of the New Human in the evolution of our species.