The Class of 2021

On February 1st, 2021, The New Human University (NHU) launched PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School, a one-year transformational journey into the teachings, techniques, and trainings at the leading edge of evolution. As a school, PraxisAletheia periodically assesses student progress across several dimensions over the course of the year. Initial assessments were administered for the class of 2021 in February, and we are currently in the process of making a preliminary analysis that supports and augments guidance by NHU Faculty.

A brief history…

After two decades of research and development by Dr. Michael Cotton, The New Human University opened its doors in early 2017 and launched a training program that offered some of the highest level of integrally informed, leading edge, transformational training available on the planet. The design of the training program offered self-paced study over the span of between two to four years. The design included online training, yearly in-person training, and optional in-person retreat weekends three times per year. During the training program, EEG data from brain scans was collected by our Director of Research, Alison Ooms, but the predominant assessment of progress — especially early in the program — was based on level of completion of the course content.

When The NHU first opened its doors, enrollment was offered to a demographic that had already had some level of training and development of previous trainings with Dr. Cotton. In early 2019, we opened the doors to the public, enrolled a new class, and launched a second iteration of the NHU training program. Again, our assessments were predominantly based on course-progress and EEG assessment.

From mid-to-late 2019, we began working with the integral genius, Roman Angerer, to develop and implement the Homeostatic Hierarchical Integration (HHI) Assessment for use with The New Human University. The HHI is an assessment of stage development in human consciousness. HHI integrates basic dichotomies within conceptions of human development and is one of the most — if not the most — broad and sophisticated assessment of vertical growth and development on the planet, ameliorating deficiencies in previous assessment tools and increasing the precision and specificity of assessment. Assessment of NHU students now includes the HHI.

The NHU is a revolutionary path in evolution, and we assess the impact on students. To that end, we developed a “New Human Assessment” which includes, but is not limited to, an amalgamation of the following assessments:

  • Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG)
  • Homeostatic Hierarchical Integration (HHI)
  • Inner Organic Technology: Expression of SalutoGenesis
  • Mystical Experience
  • Sense of Coherence (SOC-29)
  • Flourishing
  • Happiness
  • Life Mastery
  • Goals
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

The New Human Assessment: Preliminary Analysis of a Partial Data Set

The PraxisAletheia Class of 2021 (starting Feb. 1st, 2021) took the New Human Assessment. We are in the process of organizing the data for the purpose of analysis. Below, we present some preliminary analysis of the partial data set that was ready for analysis. The partial data set below includes:

  • Inner Organic Technology: Expression of SalutoGenesis
  • Mystical Experience
  • Sense of Coherence (SOC-29)
  • Flourishing
  • Happiness
  • Life Mastery
  • Goals

Each assessment above was administered using its own natural scale (e.g., a 7-point Likert scale 1 = strongly disagree to 7 = strongly agree). The data that follows has been normalized such that the range of each assessment is zero to one hundred (0 to 100) in order facilitate both comparison among scales and combination of scales into The New Human Assessment.

Inner Organic Technology: General Expression

The demographic of the Class of 2021 contains a mixture of past experience with awakening Inner Organic Technology ranging from no experience to several years of experience.  The practice of awakening Inner Organic Technology is a new and novel experience and is one of the three pillars of PraxisAletheia. In February 2021, each student was asked to assess their experience of Inner Organic Techology and Expression of SalutoGenesis, regardless of whether they had previous experience with awakening Inner Organic Technology.

There are six assessments of Inner Organic Technology: one general, and five specifics. On the “General Assessment,” students selected one of the following descriptions of a general expression of SalutoGenesis.

  1. I do not feel any spontaneous differences — not even subtle differences — in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations (warmth, cold, vibrations, twitching, etc.)
  2. I feel subtle spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, which are temporary and/or occasional.
  3. I feel spontaneous movement and/or pronounced spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, which are temporary and/or occasional.
  4. I feel spontaneous movement and/or pronounced spontaneous differences in my breath, energy, or bodily sensations, over a significant duration or over multiple durations.
  5. I feel like my whole body is breathing over significant durations.
  6. I feel a wave of energy and motion in my whole body over significant durations.
  7. I feel like I am being breathed and my entire body feels like a wave of highly complex and coordinated energy most of the time.

The histogram below illustrates the range of experiences with Inner Organic Techology. They demographics appear to fall into three distinct categories:

  1. Very little to no expression
  2. Some expression
  3. A range of expression from 50% to 100%

In follow up, we can correlate these categories to known experience levels (e.g., how long a student has been training within The NHU).

Expression of Inner Organic Technology (ITO) was assessed in February 2021 at the start of PraxisAletheia, which included range of students with prior experience with IOT ranging from no experience to years of experience.

Inner Organic Technology and Mystical Experience

Expression of Inner Organic Technology appears to be correlated with Mystical Experiences. While not all students have experience expression of Inner Organic Technology, some have come to The NHU with previous mystical experience. This preliminary analysis of this partial data set indicates that the teachings and trainings of PraxisAletheia supports mystical experience.

Scores for Inner Organic Technology and Mystical Experience appear correlated.

Happiness, Flourishing, and a Sense of Coherence

Without much analysis or discussion, we simply present a few other preliminary results which fell easily out of a simple pre-programed spreadsheet analysis.

Each scale of Happiness, Flourishing, and a Sense of Coherence seems to be interrelated. While these preliminary results may indicate redundant assessment, they also corroborate one another.  As future assessments are made, it will be interesting to analyze the response of the scales independently and interdependently to participation in PraxisAletheia.

Again, each scale has been normalized from zero to one hundred (0 to 100) to facilitate comparison and combination.

Contribution of Individual Scales

Most scales within this partial data generally seem to contribute a relatively consistent amount across the student body, except for Inner Organic Technology and Mystical Experience, the dynamics of which have been explained above. Initial Happiness score is distributed unevenly among the student body.

Ongoing Research

Over the course of the year, PraxisAletheia will administer The New Human Assessment — in whole and in part — as required. For example, one of the pillars of PraxisAletheia is practice of awakening Inner Organic Technology. Therefore, we will assess IOT more frequently (since it’s often awakened from an initial phase transition into a rapidly accelerating expression) than other assessment such as HHI which is expected to change over the course of one year.


PraxisAletheia, Class of 2022

Early enrollment is open for the Class of 2022 (January 31st, 2022)!!  We’ve already enrolled several people into the upcoming year of PraxisAletheia and application are being approved for an interview daily. The benefits of early enrollment include a substantial discount and plenty of time to do the preliminary work required to make a smooth entry into PraxisAletheia.

We have limited spots for this first round of early enrollment. See if you’re a good fit by watching this webinar and applying for enrollment.