“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
— Nikola Tesla

Resonant Frequency

Resonance is the degree to which one system vibrates with another system to become part of a whole.

Resonance can refer to a physical, mechanical resonance, which occurs, for example, if you place a group of metronomes together on the same surface (see the video demonstration). If each metronome is set to the same frequency, then they will eventually resonate with one another, and fall into lock-step phase with one another and become a single system, even though each individual metronome starts in a distinct phase and direction. Metronomes can spontaneously synchronize with one another through physical resonance.

What factors contribute to physical resonance between metronomes? The first factor that makes resonance possible, is the existence of a communication channel that brings each metronome out of isolation and into a greater environment with other metronomes. The second factor is the rigidity of the communication channel to accurately transmit vibrations to other metronomes. If the mechanical communication channel is too soft, then vibrations are absorbed and not transmitted by the communication channel. Paradoxically, the third factor is the flexibility of the system. If the communication channel is overly rigid, then the time required to resonate and spontaneously synchronize may be close to the age of the universe (a.k.a. “never”). In the video below, the rigid mechanical communication channel is placed on top of rolling cylinders, the combination of which provides an optimal amount of flexible communication.



Coherence is closely related to resonance. While resonance is the degree to which one system vibrates with another system to become part of a whole, coherence is the degree of unity within a particular system. Resonance assumes separate systems becoming a whole (e.g., multiple metronomes) and coherence assumes a whole system exhibiting a degree of unity. But what is the difference between resonance and coherence when “separate” parts resonate together as a whole?   Where is the boundary between dualistic, and non-dualistic dynamics?


In some cases, resonances can lead to singularities. If you push a system at the right time, then the system can make a phase transition into new & singular behavior. For example,

  • shattering glass with sound waves
  • feedback between a speaker and microphone
  • pushing a swing until it rotates 360 degrees … watch the video below


Non-dual Resonance

What if the “two systems” – the pendulum and the push – are in a non-dual relationship, part of the same system, like two sides of a coin.  So far, we’ve discussed mechanical resonance and have seen that there is a potential for resonances to lead to singularities. But there are also non-mechanical systems that exhibit a “non-dual resonance.” According to Integral Metatheory — the most complete map of reality ever constructed — the brain and the mind are in non-dual, non-reductive, correlated relationship. The brain is physical, but the mind is not; the former is objective, and the latter is subjective. The brain and the mind are correlated, but they are not the same.

In meditation, if you focus the mind hard enough and long enough, the mechanics of the brain will change. But because the “natural frequency” of the brain is survival, we rarely get to experience thriving. How can we drive the brain into a new domain of behavior that takes us into thriving?

The Breakthrough

Source Code Meditation is a “brain first” meditation. The SCM protocol (1) awakens SalutoGenic energy in the body which (2) awakens the Higher Brain which (3) awakens higher functions and increases the mind’s capacity to focus attention.  By focusing the force of consciousness back on SalutoGenic energy, a resonance between the mind, the Brain, and SalutoGenic energy is formed that can be driven into a new domain and towards a singularity. The key is the non-dual relationship within the New Holy Trinity of mind, brain, and SalutoGenic energy.


PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School

PraxisAletheia, The Metamodern Mystery School promotes this revolutionary breakthrough, leverages the new holy trinity, and provides the means for a human to grow into The New Human. We’re helping humanity produce emergent properties consciously.

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