Showing Up

The Hero’s Journey includes

  1. Waking Up
  2. Growing Up
  3. Cleaning Up
  4. Showing Up

In today’s blog, we discuss the path of Showing Up. On the Showing Up path, you experience intuitive control and higher-level mastery over your whole life, which leads to even more confidence, happiness with your life, and fulfilling achievements.

What is your whole life?

According to Integral Metatheory, which is the most sophisticated philosophy of Everything, your whole life can be viewed from no less than four perspectives which are all happening simultaneously and mutually inclusively:

  1. Mind: Who you are on the inside as an individual – consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, dreams
  2. Body: Who you are on the outside as an individual – brain, heart, genetics, behaviors, habits, posture, nutrition, exercise
  3. Relationships: The inner dynamic between people – cultural beliefs, partners, friends, coworkers, family members
  4. Environment: The outer dynamic between people and things – gathering places, houses, infrastructures, group behaviors, money, technology, business, education, spiritual practices

Why is this philosophy important to you?  

Let’s answer that question with an analogy.  

Imagine you’re a bicycle tire — a very smart tire — and you’re trying to get somewhere in life. But there’s an air leak and it’s slowing you down.

So, you inflate yourself from the inside by using your mind, as all good tires can do!

But you’re still deflating.

You try harder and fail again.


You’ve got places to be.  What’s wrong?  On the inside, you’re inflating and thinking as best you can, but nothing is working.  

Let’s check the exterior body.

“Oh! There’s a hole in our tire!”  No matter how much you inflate from the inside, the exterior hole is going to result in deflation.

So, you fix the hole and inflate.  Problem solved! 

But soon, you’re deflating again. You check your body and there’s another hole!  So, you fix that new hole, and seem to be on your way, until another new hole appears!  What is going on!?

So, you go to your relationships and ask for help.

One friend gives you a strategy for patching holes. Your parents tell you about a better patch treatment for holes. Your doctor gives a prescription for the patches. Your therapist has coached you to patch the hole with your mind. Your significant other is highly supportive.

In this hypothetical tire culture, everyone knows (1) how to inflate with their mind, and (2) how to fix holes in their body. 

It’s not working.  And you’ve got big dreams of getting somewhere other than deflated.

But a wise friend tells you that you’ve rolled into an environment of nails.

“Oh!  No wonder!”

“No wonder everyone is working hard at mind-inflation and body repair!”

“I’m in a hole-making, tire-puncturing environment, just like everyone else in this culture .”

The source of the deflation wasn’t a problem with your mind’s ability to self-inflate, it wasn’t because you weren’t fixing your exterior body with the best patches, and it wasn’t bad advice. The problem of deflation on the inside was primarily located in the outside environment. The primary solution for a tire trying to get somewhere is a nail-free environment.

But the perspective from mind, body, relationships, and environment ALL plays a role, simultaneously.  You might need to heed your friend’s advice and get strong patches until you’re out of the detrimental environment.

Such is our lives. The whole world operates integrally and simultaneously in four perspectives of mind, body, relationships, environment.  Each perspective impacts your whole life. An imbalance in one area can impact the whole system.

From this analogy, we can understand that a lower-brain strategy creates reinforcement in all four perspectives. If our body has an overactive, long-term, stress-brain physiology, it will lead to anxiety, which will create non-ideal influences on our relationships and environments. Then, our non-ideal relationships and environments feed back into the stress physiology and the mental anxiety. We get trapped in a negative feedback loop.

We can also understand that compensating for symptoms in one area can blind you from the lessons needed in the other areas. Even worse, we can numb ourselves to the chronic pain, which is a wake-up call that something is wrong in another dimension, until the pain leads to a collapse. 

The Hero’s Journey

The good news is that we can create positive reinforcement using the higher brain, which will cause breakthrough results in all areas of your life.  These feedback loops cause a resonance that rapidly shifts all areas simultaneously. You’re not returning to the old life which caused the symptoms in the first place.

It’s a better world and a better life.

In this blog series, we’re exploring the path of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). Today, we’ve explored the first part of Showing Up! And there is much more to the Hero’s Journey. PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School is a one-year journey through The 9 Summits of Transformation and is the highest-level teaching and training offered by The New Human University.

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