From Dark Age to Next Stage

Humans have moved through five epochal shifts of culture & consciousness in the last 40,000 years. Each stage has its virtues and its vices. Each stage has features and flaws.

Here’s the evolutionary pattern:

features help overcome the flaws — which are just failing features — by creating new, emergent features that define the NEXT STAGE.

Emergent features always come along to “save the day.” That is how the next stage gets created. That’s how new worlds are born. The Renaissance brought Western society out of the medieval Dark Ages via new ways of rational, scientific thinking. At one point in human evolution, rationality & science was an emergent phenomenon that created a new, emergent culture and a whole new world. Science overcame the features that became flaws of the mythological stage of development that were wreaking havoc on the world in the 16th Century.

What about today? We’re on the verge of a New Dark Age with complexity so complex we don’t know what anything really means, or what is truly true. We’re regressing into “what’s true for me is true … [and to hell with the rest of you!]” This is no way to fix the flaws of post-modernity. Instead of repairing growth hierarchies, we’re destroying all hierarchies. Instead of cultivating new ways of knowing via healthy growth hierarchies, we’re regressing into ignorance and burying our head in the sand with drugs, alcohol, apathy, and suicide.

We need new emergent features that define a new stage, for new humans in a new world.

Are you moving into Epoch 6?

One of our goals at The New Human University is to raise global consciousness to create a new world. We can do this by becoming “New Humans”. Perhaps you feel you are already a New Human and are either living in, or moving toward, the highest Life Altitude, Epoch 6? Look at the list below — The 11 Signs You’re Moving into Epoch 6 — to find out!

1) New Modes of Knowing – “Trans-Rational” Intuition and Insight. Rational thought got us to this point in our evolutionary history, but it doesn’t appear that, alone, it will take us much farther. It’s time to transcend and include rational thinking and enter deeper and higher “Trans-Rational” modes of knowing, which are slumbering in the Higher Brain. Science itself, however, is making it clear that to thrive in the face of complexity, we need energy in the pre-frontal cortex (PFC), and we need to go higher and forward in the brain not lower and backward. Higher Brain insight and intuition jump ahead to reveal the simplicity on the other side of complexity.

2) Synchronicity and Psychic Capacities – Yes, these are real. The emergence of psychic abilities, synchronicity, lucid dreaming, telepathic powers, premonitions, and trans-rational modes of knowing are frequently reported.

3) Heightened Perception — When the lower brain is dominant, its safety mechanism filters and dulls our experience. Beauty, vividness and intensity (of nonthreatening stimuli) is not prioritized, so that threats seem to stand out. When the Higher Brain is dominant the world takes on a luster, a glow, a beauty; that has been there all along, but is now obvious.

4) Confidence — Confidence emerges as a fearlessness that isn’t dependent on anyone or anything. You stop personalizing events and see them as patterns playing out in a larger context. You realize that people do not do things ‘to you’ because of who you are, but instead act according to who they are. The petty personal drama drops away and you feel invincible. Driven by a deeper meaning and not ruled by the lower brain, you engage in life fully. You realize that there really isn’t anything to fear and you can go boldly into the world.

5) Joy and well-being: Research conducted on HBL has shown profound shifts to alpha waves in the pre-frontal cortex. Higher production of alpha waves is associated with increased dopamine levels in the brain, which heightens our sense of joy.

6) Purpose — The shift from lower brain dominance to the Higher Brain, AND the Awakening of your Authentic Self into Epoch 6 leads to a path of purpose. We move towards experiences that make us feel whole, creative, and in service instead of moving away from things that scare us. The number one regret at the end of life, according to end-of-life research, is the wish to have had the courage to live a life true to oneself, not the life others expected. Sadly, this regret is the most likely outcome for those who do not make the momentous leap to Epoch 6.

7) Creativity — Unlocking creativity is a product of the Authentic Self being in alignment with the evolutionary impulse. The production of novelty through creative advance is a defining feature of evolution. As the Authentic Self emerges into Epoch 6 the ecstatic urge to ‘create’ becomes a driving force.

8) Meaningful Relationships — You step into deeper, more transparent ways to engage in relationships. Relationships promote evolution. And you’ll seek out only those that create win-win dynamics. At this level of development, it becomes impossible to remain in a relationship that stifles your own becoming.

Students & Teachers in The New Human University circa 2019

9) Transforming Challenges into Opportunities — Problems are the catalyst for transformation, rendering the concept of a problem obsolete. We flip “flaws” into new emergent features. The solutions to problems on one level of existence define the new higher level of existence. Every “problem” — by the very definition of “problem” — has a solution. If no “problem” existed, then no solutions exist, and no growth could occur. Epoch 6 turns all challenges into opportunities. As you mature in Epoch 6 the very idea of a “problem” is meaningless.

10) New Behaviors — The shift into Higher-Brain functioning helps engage the motoric aspects of motivational drive. In Epoch 6, motivation converts into immediate action and is unconsciously and automatically integrated into life. This phenomenon requires less energy and frees the Higher Brain to grow beyond its current state…forever.

11) No Personal Drama and No Signs of Victimhood — All claims to victimhood vanish when one feels limitless power! Blame — which is a feature-that-became-flaw — in Epoch 5 is gone in Epoch 6. When we see the world from this larger perspective, we don’t see other people doing things to us, and we don’t see our life conditions repressing us. We know we have the unlimited power for conscious choice and conscious change. We don’t deny the repressed pathologies that lower altitudes have created, nor do we deny that there are victims of those creations. We simply do not see ourselves as part of the oppressed or victims of anything. Therefore, we assume full responsibility for our life.

PraxisAletheia: “practices to emerge new truth”

The world is presenting us with an opportunity to evolve into the next stage of consciousness and culture. There are new emergent features in Epoch 6 which solve the features-that-became-flaws of the previous stages.

The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world with your unique contribution to the world and to make large, systemic changes that create a New World for New Humans!!

Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia. We are currently offering enrollment into the class beginning February 2023 with a reduction in tuition for the first 12 to apply after watching the webinar.