How can two opposing ideas both be true? From a level of consciousness that creates opposites, paradoxes can never be resolved. One could say that the intention of a dualistic mindset is to NOT resolve paradoxes and to maintain opposition.

But why maintain opposition? Because that’s the way it’s always been, and “sameness = safety” to a dominating, primitive stress brain. The way a stressed brain reduces stress is to depend on the constancy & reliability of opposition and to be prepared to fight!  To defend oneself against the other!  It’s a matter of survival. With such a personal stake & highly emotional vested interest, it’s no wonder we keep ourselves from taking a 50,000-foot metaview that can see both sides of a coin as part & parcel of the same dynamic. Resolving paradox means shifting paradigms. And shifting paradigms is very risky to the lower brain’s defenses.

The World is Illusion

Is the world an illusion? From several perspectives, we can conclude that the world is an illusion.

For one, through mystical experience, one can know through direct experience that the world is an illusion. There are many accounts of the mystical experience. The Mystical Experience Questionnaire is a research-validated instrument that assesses mystical experience, including transcendence of space and time.

The following are descriptions of “real experiences” that experiencers rank on a scale 0 – none; not at all; 1 – so slight cannot decide; 2 – slight; 3– moderate; 4 – strong (equivalent in degree to any other strong experience); 5– extreme (more than any other time in my life and stronger than 4)

  • Sense of being “outside of” time, beyond past and future.
  • Being in a realm with no space boundaries.
  • Experience of timelessness.
  • Certainty of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to “know” and “see” what is really real at some point during your experience.
  • You are convinced now, as you look back on your experience, that in it you encountered ultimate reality (i.e., that you “knew” and “saw” what was really real).
  • Experience of unity with ultimate reality.

At PraxisAletheia, we teach & lead practices that awaken higher structure-functions of the brain & mind that grant access to mystical experiences. Here’s a preliminary analysis of data from 2021 which shows dramatic increases in mystical experience as a function of progressing through academic quarters.

Another way we can come to know the world as an illusion is through cold, rational analysis. We see only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The range of light frequencies we can process is so limited, it’s as if we are blind. We hear only a limited range of vibrations. Most people cannot process low-frequency vibrations that signal tectonic shifting, not to mention the inability to sense gravity waves reaching us from deep space. So much of what’s really happening goes on with us unaware. How many hydrogen atoms have just fused into helium atoms producing light & heat from the sun, from the next neighboring star, from the stars in the Milky Way. We are utterly ignorant and blind to reality, and we can know this by simple straightforward analysis of scientific truth.

If we are ignorant & blind, then the “reality” we perceive must be illusory, or at least not really real.

In the next blog post, we will pick up with “Only Brahman in real” moving towards “Brahman is the world.”

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