What is Transcendence?

At the Metamodern Mystery School, we’re in the 16th Week of our year-long journey.  At this stage, we’re focusing on Awakening to the Transcendent Self.  But what is transcendence?

The “hierarchy of needs” was made popular by renowned psychologist, Abraham Maslow. What’s less popularly known is that Maslow added “Self-Transcendence” to the top of the pyramid of needs. Shortly after adding a proverbial crown, Maslow died and was unable to promote the idea of Self-Transcendence to the extent that the rest of the pyramid of needs had been promoted.

So, most of us who are familiar with the Hierarchy of Needs thinks it stops at self-actualization: becoming your full potential as a human being.

But what about the potential we have beyond our human beingness?

We have a transcendent nature…

Where did you come from?

If you want to understand who you are — the freedom of who you are — then you need to understand where you came from — where everything came from! You exist in a body that was born and that will eventually die. Your soul is immortal in time, but it, too, was born at the beginning of time.

What existed before time existed?


Nothing existed before time existed.  Time and space came into existence. And then, later, you came into existence. What happened?  How does anything — your soul, your body — exist at all?

Things come into existence because something is transcendent to both time and space. There is something that was never born and, therefore, will never die.

Something is eternal.  

That something is your Transcendent Self and it is associated with a causal energy body that is more refined than the subtle energy body of the Soul, which we discussed in a previous blog post.

The Illusion of Time and Separation

Physics informs us that information about matter and energy is beyond time in a state of quantum entanglement. Whenever an interaction takes place, all the parts of the interaction are interconnected across all time and all space, as if time and space were irrelevant, and information is shared between the parts instantaneously.

The Original Interaction was the creation of the physical universe in The Big Bang.  Everything that was created in that interaction is interconnected. Everything is interconnected. Nothing is separated from anything else, except through an illusion of time and spatial separation.

What does that mean to you?  The mysteries of your identity are revealed in the nature of the physical universe. When we inquire into the nature of nature, we can discover our own nature and our true identity as a unified Being as a human being.  And this discovery brings us happiness and joy like we’ve never felt before.

How do you know who you are?

How do you know that you’re not the words you are reading or hearing right now? It’s obvious, right?  You are the witness to the words. The words are outside of you; you can see them or hear them.  If you can observe it, then it cannot be you.  Simple.

Are you your body? You can observe your body, just like you can observe words. Remember, if you can observe something, then it cannot be you.  But you can observe your body.  So, we can say that you are not your body.

Are you your mind?  Your mind consists of thoughts.  But you can observe your thoughts.  You can “see” your thoughts come into your mind, and then leave. In the same way that 

you are not words, or your body, you are also not your mind.  You are not your thoughts because you can observe your thoughts.

Are you your feelings and emotions?  You can observe your feelings and emotions.  You can “see” the feelings of happiness, or sadness, or joy, or frustration.  So, you’re not your feelings and emotions either.

So, who are you? 

Discovering the answer brings both profound peace and inner strength.  We discover the answer — experientially — in Praxis Aletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School

Watch this webinar to see some of the advanced techniques we use to accomplish this goal, and to get access to an application into the Class of 2022.