Wake Up

Human evolution, including growth & development, is a process of Waking Up, Growing Up, Cleaning Up, and Showing Up (WUGUCUSU). In this blog series, we address each of the aspects of evolution.  As with the last two previous blog posts, we address waking up and states of enlightenment, but this time with a focus on Unitary Awakening.

We assume you’ve read the last two blogs for this one to make sense…

Also, keep in mind that The New Human University makes the path of Waking Up reliable, sustainable, and quick, because it rapidly awakens the physiology required for enlightenment. The text below in and of itself will probably not wake you up to Unitary consciousness. But with a transformed, evolving brain, and with the right context, it becomes a done deal.

Awakening Unitary Consciousness

You can experience freedom and peace as the Transcendent Self; that is who you really are.  As the Transcendent Self, you are greater than a body and a mind, and yet you experience yourself with a body and a mind.  In this next step toward enlightenment, we reconcile the infinite, timeless nature of you as your Transcendent Self with your finite, time-bound nature having a body and a mind.  The reconciliation of these apparent opposites brings incredible power to create your life and relationships.  You may recognize this reconciliation as what the wisdom traditions have called “non-duality.”

Your awakened mind realizes its own transcendent nature. Your awakened mind knows, through direct experience, that it intersects with Source and identifies as Source.  Your awakened mind is Source, the Transcendent Self.

Source is beyond space and time, outside of space and time. It is the absolute witness to all that is.  Source is complete oneness without another, without a 2nd.  Source was there before the Big Bang. But it was also there at the moment of creation.  It was there when life sprang forth on Earth.  It was there yesterday witnessing everything that’s in time and space, and everything that’s not.

That’s you.  Beyond space and time, outside of space and time. The absolute witness to all that is. And yet there you are in a physical body, reading these words with your physical eyes, located somewhere in time on the planet Earth.


How do we reconcile our two identities: (1) “beyond space and time” and (2) “a time-bound body on earth”?

  • Consider a coin. There is one coin with two sides.  It cannot be one coin without two sides. The relationship between two sides creates one coin. 
  • Consider the nature of human relationships: it takes two.  A friendship has two people. A motherhood has a mother and a child.  A transaction needs a giver and a receiver.  A conversation needs a speaker and a listener. 

In each case above, there is something transcendent to each of the pairs.  In each case, there is something that becomes entangled between the pairs.  A oneness, and a connection, within the polarity.

Oneness within the polarity is non-duality.

A mind that realizes its transcendent nature can, then, pour its awareness back into the world, reunite with the world, and take up a non-dual identity as:

  • both Source and Sourced
  • both Creator and Created
  • both Subject and Object
  • both Beyond and Everything

You realize that you are not “either Transcendent or an embodied Soul.”  You realize that you are “both Transcendent and an embodied Soul.”  A Soul that is empowered by Source, in a non-dual relationship with Source. You exist because Source exists, and Source exists because you exist.

You are both the Source of Everything, and Everything that is Sourced.  Your consciousness is both free from all objects and emanating in all objects.

Rarified Air

This state of Self Realization is deeply profound and, so far, rare.  But because we awaken the evolved parts of the brain that correlate with this highly evolved state, this step on the path to Awakening becomes easy.  With this awakening, you experience bliss with eyes wide open.  You move through your life, and in your relationships, connected to Source, as Source, as an extension of Source — in a flow of peaceful action and deep trust.


Without spending decades in isolation, how can I wake up and achieve the enlightenment states? You can hack enlightenment by awakening a dormant, evolutionary energy within you and then directing your New Human capacities into practices that give you direct experience. The 9 Summits of Transformation are designed to accomplish it. And PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School delivers the advanced and esoteric teachings for attaining it in a year.

The Hero’s Journey

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