In a previous blog post, “What is The Matrix?”, we discussed the stunning power of context

This post is the first of a three-part series that continues the exploration of context and applies the power of context to the revolutionary work of The New Human University.

SalutoGenesis is fueled by context

SalutoGenesis means “Origin of health and wellness” and is an opposing paradigm to pathogenesis, the origin of pathology and illness. SalutoGenesis is also the origin of healing, wellbeing, and Life Itself. The principle of SalutoGenesis has existed from the beginning of time, since the time of The Big Bang. The raw energy of the Big Bang was shaped by principles of SalutoGenesis: Conservation of Energy, Principle of Least Action, and the Drive towards Complexity & Consciousness.

The raw energy of creation has evolved over time:

  • raw energy condensed into elementary particles of matter,

  • elementary particles coalesced into more complex forms of matter, like hydrogen

  • higher-order atomic matter formed pools of hydrogen that fused under gravitational pressure to form helium

  • gases formed stars which burned and synthesized more complex elements like carbon, oxygen, iron and nickel

  • stars collapsed, exploded, and ejected these new forms of complex matter, like iron

  • planets were formed and were gravitationally captured in orbits around stars
  • the universe evolved and there was a Second Big Bang of Life, which gave rise to organisms that formed interiors and exteriors, with self-preservation principles, and nervous systems and brains to ensure the health & wellbeing of the organism.

… and then a miracle occurs …

And here we are — embodied — with latent, inner-organic technologies, including SalutoGenic mechanisms that can awaken higher-brain functions.

Our higher brain is the most complex system of matter in the entire universe, with more synaptic connections than there are stars in the known universe, capable of self-awareness and higher consciousness; a consciousness that can (1) know itself and (2) know what came before the Big Bang, the Transcendent Self.

How can we evolve this most-complex system even further and reach new heights in consciousness?

Source Code Meditation is the world’s first “brain-first” mediation.  SCM activates & promotes SalutoGeneic mechanisms that become active objects of meditation.  Putting active focus on SalutoGenesis creates a positively amplifying feedback loop — a chain reaction — that has no ceiling.  The “power” of meditation on SalutoGenesis can grow into a singularity.  That’s when the magic happens.

Integral Metatheory: the four dimensions of every sentient being


If the brain-mind can play a role in psychosomatic effects that cause disease in the mind and body (pathogenesis), then the brain-mind can also play a role in wellness in the mind and body (SalutoGenesis).

Right? Context is bio-psychoactive. If you need a refresher on that concept, then read the previous blog post “What is The Matrix?

If context is bio-psychoactive and plays a role in psychosomatic affects — disease and wellness — then let’s make setting context a priority.  We can ask:

  • What are the contexts for creating the conditions for wellness?
  • What is your personal context for life?
  • What is your context for meditation, consciousness, and spirituality?

Are these contexts boring? Required? Are you meditating because that’s what “the good book” says to do?


Is it exciting? Is it powerful? Is it meaningful? Is it purposeful?

Change agents enrolled in The Metamodern Mystery School

Catalyzing the Psyche

In the Metamodern Mystery SchoolPraxisAletheia, we discuss the meaning and context of “The SalutoGenic Singularity.” And, during the discussions, one thing became clear: we all had different contexts.

Some of it was due to a lack of explanation and understating about “singularity.”  Stay tuned for a mind-melting blog post on singularity in Part 3 in this series.

When our students meditated on SalutoGenesis after the context-setting discussion about the meaning of singularities, and how to imagine a singularity, meditation experiences were significantly different, deeper, and more profound. (Again, stay tuned for Part 3.)

Context is bio-psychoactive.

The legendary the Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone

Subjective experiences aside, let’s continue to create a more helpful and powerful context.

The purpose of creating context is to supercharge the meditation on SalutoGenesis as an object, in order to form the SalutoGenic Singularity, in order to alchemize the brain-mind more rapidly and efficiently.

In analogy to the alchemical legends of turning lead into gold with the Philosopher’s Stone, the SalutoGenic Singularity rapidly alchemizes “base-metal” states of consciousness into “precious metal” states of bliss and enlightenment.


Activation Energy

Your body is a machine that burns calories in the same way that a fire burns fuel to produce heat and light. Your body converts food into energy by oxidizing it with the oxygen in the air you breath. The metabolic rate in an average person is the same rate at which a 100-Watt light bulb produces heat and light. Some of the energy produced by metabolic processes produces heat — just like a light bulb — and some of it goes into producing organic molecules — glucose and adenosine triphosphate — that can be used for more purpose-driven things, like thinking or muscle contraction, analogous to how (and why) a light bulb produces light.

Please, Please, Please do the Mental Heavy Lifting …

If you haven’t checked out yet because this got all sciencey, then good-on-ya! We’re building a context that, I assert, is going to really help alchemize the brain using SalutoGenesis and produce metacognitive output.

It’s about to get more sciencey and mathy. This is important. Buckle up. Bear down.

Your Body is an Energetic Machine

A Human Machine: part mind, part matter, all process

Again, your body produces energy at the same rate as a 100W light bulb, on average. That means, during a typical 2-minute period, your body uses:

~12,000 units of energy (Joules)

These 12,000 bits of energy are used to keep organic tissue alive and well, doing what it’s supposed to be doing: biological functions of survival.

Your Mind an Energetic Machine … with gross, subtle, and causal functions

We talk a lot about “The Big Bang” which is the current model that cosmologists and physicists use to explain existence of everything.

Well, almost everything.

You’re not an energetic machine, like a robot. You’re a conscious being.

Something came from nothing.  All matter and energy (something) came into existence (“… and then a miracle occurs …“) from the vast, unbounded ocean of consciousness (nothing).


If so, and this is important so stay super curious and dig deep, then:

Hubble Deep Field Image

  • Doesn’t it stand to reason that, if “The Big Bang” produced ALL the energy and matter in the universe, then consciousness, at the time, must have contained at least as much “energy” (or creative power, or eros) as all the matter and energy in the universe?


    • Otherwise, evolution would have produced logic and reasoning all for naught. There would no such thing as logic, or reason, or math.

    • Otherwise, given the above premise, the law of conservation of energy would mean nothing at all, not even in a local gross universe.

  • Given the above premises, doesn’t it also stand to reason that “Being” (consciousness itself) must have had much more energy than ALL the energy that came into a process of “Becoming?”

    • Otherwise, this would be “IT.”  This physical Universe would be all there is: just matter and energy.

    • Otherwise, ALL the energy of consciousness would have been spent on creating the universe: spacetime, energy, matter.

It makes sense that Consciousness-Beingness used a fraction of its total energy to form a single creative thought, instantly followed by a Big Bang, and a Universe was created.
In this discussion, we are transcending and including the conservation of energy

Even in the vacuum of space, there is a “zero-point energy,” another topic covered in The Metamodern Mystery School. Matter and energy continue to come from nothing! The “void” of spacetime is filled with a similar energy, power, and function of “The Big Bang.” (Indeed, perhaps the void-vacuum is the home of Being-Consciousness, but that’s another discussion for another time.)


Part 1 Summary

  1. Your body survives on quantifiable amounts of matter and energy, which is the same matter and energy that came from The Big Bang. Average survival conditions for the human body requires a mere 100 Watts. In an average 2-minute period, 12,000 units of energy (units known as Joules) are used to keep the body alive and active.
  2. A portion of the energy of Beingness donated itself to evolutionary Becoming during The Big Bang.
  3. Everything we see in the Universe is, in one way or another, correlated to the fraction of the energy of Being that was donated to produce a Becoming. Your body is using some of that energy right now “digesting” this reading material.
  4. Context is bio-psychoactive and, therefore, influences the energy of metabolism creating either illness or wellness of body and mind.
  5. Attention and awareness are expressions of consciousness. Meditation is a specialized use of attention that is, for the purposes of this exercise, a context-setting energy.

Stay Tuned for Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we’ve set important context that can change your relationship to … everything!  And we’ve laid the groundwork for further discussion on the power of context in Parts 2 and 3 of this series on the stunning power of context.

The principles and applications of context are taught at The Metamodern Mystery School, PraxisAletheia.

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