Every sentient being, like the reader of this blog, consists of no less than four dimensions. These four dimensions arise together. They occur simultaneously. They evolve together and in concert with one another. You, dear reader, are a body, mind, relationships, and environment. You’re an individual and a collective. Both, at the same time, simultaneously, together. [This message has been brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department]

Furthermore, you are the leading edge of a 13.8-billion-year-old process of evolution which has produced consciousness in stages, or structures.  These structures of consciousness are stable patterns that are imbedded at multiple scales. Over the last 100,000 years, humans have attained higher & higher stages of complexity & consciousness, and every individual human grows through these very same patterns of consciousness within a lifetime. Some humans will only attain the early stages of consciousness, and some attain the later stages of consciousness.  As it turns out, the probability of attaining any stage of consciousness is strongly dependent on all four dimensions. That means your individual progress is directly informed, and mutually cross-informed, by the collective: relationships & environment.

Biased towards you

This message is biased. This whole blog is biased. It’s biased toward later stages of development because that’s where the center of gravity of our readers are. Most of you out there are either exiting Epoch 4 or Epoch 5, which means you’re reaching the limits of your cognitive capacities of your current stage of development and you’re wanting MORE. MORE answers. MORE ease. MORE understanding. MORE capacity. MORE understanding. MORE compassion. MORE mastery.  This pattern is not new. When you grew through childhood, you got frustrated because you didn’t understand everything you wanted to understand. Then you understood more. Then you hit another limit… See the pattern? It’s happening again.

So, this blog contains some information that may help.

There’s a pattern to evolution. There’s an evolutionary pattern in all four dimensions, but in this blog, we’ll focus on the Relationship dimension.

We Spaces

Here’s that bias again. You understand WE-SPACE because you’ve moved out of exclusive “ME-SPACE.”  It’s important that you recognize and tend to your “ME-SPACE” but you’re not exclusively defined by “ME.” You also recognize others. You can experience “You, too, are like me.”  You can experience, “All of us have similarities.” And you can experience “We’re all in this together.”

The more expansive your view on relationships, the more care & compassion you can extend to more & more people.

What happens when more & more people attain states of Kosmic Consciousness more frequently?  And what happens when these higher, elevated states of consciousness become permanent traits? We start to find a permanent home in Sacred WE-Space



No one can do it alone

No one can do it alone because you’re not just an individual. You’re a collective, too. And the developmental stage of your collective directly impacts & influences your individual experience of your states & stages. “They” can bring you up, or they can bring you down.

PraxisAletheia: The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution relies heavily on these understandings and leverages SACRED COMMUNITY to get the job done. This is why we get the kinds of results that we get. 

We’re accepting applications for early enrollment into the class beginning February 6th, 2023. We’re currently in the 2nd stage of early enrollment and continue to offer tuition incentives to those that apply and enroll during this stage. Watch this webinar and complete an application to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia. Once accepted, you can schedule an interview.