In our last blog, we discussed the idea that, from several perspectives, “The World Is Illusion.”

  1. We can discover that the world is an illusion through mystical experience: a sense of being “outside of” time, beyond past and future, or being in a realm with no space boundaries, or an experience of timelessness. A preliminary analysis of data from PraxisAletheia, Class of 2021, shows a dramatic increase in mystical experience as a function of academic quarter in PraxisAletheia.
  2. And/or we can deduce the world is an illusion from a simple rational & intellectual analysis of the nature of perception.

This time, we’ll discuss what is Real. As we said last time: “Only Brahman in Real”


What is reality? How can we know it?

If we can discover the illusory nature of space and time through a mystical experience, then, we should also be able to discover reality. In the Mystical Experience, people report, among other things, experiences related to an “ultimate reality.” Upon exiting an experience, one can gauge the degree to which it was mystical by ranking experiences on a scale between 0 to 5 (as reported last time). The following are the specific assessments related to ultimate reality:

  • Certainty of encounter with ultimate reality (in the sense of being able to “know” and “see” what is really real at some point during your experience)
  • You are convinced now, as you look back on your experience, that in it you encountered ultimate reality (i.e., that you “knew” and “saw” what was really real)
  • Experience of unity with ultimate reality.

In addition to an encounter with ultimate reality, the mystical experience can be a sacred, spiritual experience, or what we could say is an encounter with that which is of God, or Brahman.

  • Sense of being at a spiritual height.
  • Sense of reverence.
  • Feeling that you experienced something profoundly sacred and holy.
  • Awareness of the life or living presence in all things.

It is this combination of discovering ultimate reality, plus the experience of pure being and pure awareness (beyond the world of sense impressions), within a spiritual experience characterized by reverence, sacredness, and holiness that lead to great mystics pronouncing:

Brahman Alone is Real

In the next blog post, we continue moving towards the final part of this three-part paradoxical series: “Brahman is the world.”

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