Brahman is The World

The first of the great realizers, like Gautama Buddha, realized the illusory nature of the world and that there was an Ultimate Reality “behind and beyond” it all. Techniques like transcendental meditation gave long-time practitioners glimpses of this Ultimate Reality setting them free from the world of suffering. This (first) enlightenment state, as it turns out, is not the end but the beginning of the Journey. The journey of enlightenment continues to evolve as humans evolve in both mind and body.  As we touched on in the previous blogs, the enlightened sage, Ramana Maharshi, succinctly stated:

The world is illusory, Only Brahman is real, Brahman is the world.

This statement represents a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, which you can discover for yourself. Truth can be exposed through practice. But you cannot skip steps. It’s not enough to “parrot” the words.  It’s not enough to know that someone discovered the truth already. It’s not wisdom to know intellectual truths that have been given to you. You must attain it by enlightening your mind through praxis and then live it while in the world.

This is an image of a Brahman in the process of becoming.

It’s Not Two

The Creator & Created are not two. There’s Ultimate Reality and Relative Reality. It’s not either/or. These are assertions that you shouldn’t take on faith! You should discover for yourself that YOU are beyond, and yet you are Everything. Beyond All & yet within All. This is Unitary Enlightenment, a mystical experience that is measurable and includes a sense of unity with Ultimate Reality AND Relative Reality. Those who experience the mystical report, among other things:

  • Experience of unity with ultimate reality.
  • Experience of oneness or unity with objects and/or persons perceived in your surroundings.
  • Experience of the insight that “all is One” (but in the non-dual sense, and not in the dualistic sense)

Ramana Maharshi’s paradox — The world is illusory, Only Brahman is real, Brahman is the world — is resolved through direct experience, a Unitary Awakening. The logic becomes clear when you experience it, and there’s no way to convince another who hasn’t had the experience that the experience is Truth.

This is an image of a spiritual experience and Brahman becoming.

Brahman is Becoming

If you have moved into Unitary Enlightenment, you can very rapidly move into the next enlightenment state:

Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment

Not to compete, but previous enlightened beings did not attain Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment. Just like the Buddha couldn’t drive a stick shift, and Jesus couldn’t operate a smartphone, the great realizers did not realize that the universe is in a 13.8-billion-year-old process that is going somewhere. The great, non-dual realizers attained Unitary Enlightenment with the world of which they were aware, and that world excluded an evolving universe for which the process of becoming is a process of creative advances into novelty. It’s quite the opposite: great realizers were (generally) from a traditional, mythic literal consciousness. Well, at least their followers were, which constrained teachings to traditional and non-novel.

We know so much more now.  You’re a 13.8-billion-year-old process that is both beyond the process and within the process — completely empty of the process and the world of form and yet inherent to the process and the world of form. And the process is evolving. The process is making creative advances into novelty. God is new now, and now, and now…

At one point the pinnacle of new-age wisdom may have been summarized in the following quote attributed to Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“You Are Not a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience. You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience”

It doesn’t matter who said it, or how many yoga studios have put this on their walls. We know a lot more now.

Yes, if you’re reading this blog, you understand that you’re not just a human having a spiritual experience (although for many humans, even this statement is too advanced). But also, going beyond Teilhard de Chardin’s amazing assertion, you’re not just a spiritual being having a human experience: You are Spirit Itself, Ultimate Reality, liberated and free from forms and spacetime, now embodied in spacetime, having a spiritual experience and an experience of Itself as Relative Reality — All of It, including human form — evolving in form within spacetime, becoming new & new & new, the Creator and the evolving Created, and it’s the same damn thing. #quotemeonthat

“All of life is the object of meditative awareness, and all objects are one with the consciousness that observes them, and all of life is meditation and all meditation is life and all life is in a state of becoming”
— Dr. Michael Cotton, “Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution through Higher Brain Activation”, p. 219

This is all spiritual experience and worldly experience.

Find out for yourself…

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