The Next Stage: Epoch 6

After 100,000 years, we are poised for development into the next stage of human evolution. Now that we, as a species, have created a foundation in consciousness, we are ready to raise our collective consciousness more than ever before to a developmental stage that is higher than all the other stages combined. This new stage of consciousness is more joyful, freer, and yet more connected than all our past stages. It is a radical new way to be in the world that is being co-created by all of us. You have everything you need to make this leap to a new stage for yourself.

This higher stage of development of consciousness is associated with higher development of the Higher Brain & Higher Heart. There is a unique signature that is emerging within human physiology — brain, heart, DNA, etc. — that is associated with higher functions of the mind, and higher functions within culture and society. There are signs that one is emerging into this next stage. And because there is one, single, irreducible dynamic between Higher Consciousness, the Higher Brain, and the Higher Heart, if we can awaken higher physiology in the Higher Brain (which we can), then we will see correlated awakening is all dimensions mind, body, relationships, and environment. And because higher changes to physiology are easily cultivated and remain sustainable, changes to consciousness are also easily cultivated and sustainable.

We must acquire permanent traits associated with the next stage!

Through the Source Code Meditation “brain-first” technology, these unique signatures are emerging holistically, integrally, and sustainably. And they’re leading us toward the Next Stage of Human Evolution: EPOCH 6

Emergence & Ascension

There are two phases within Epoch 6 — Emergence and Ascension — which are tied into a single dynamic. When a significant minority emerges into this new Life Altitude and becomes living embodiments of the early signs of Epoch 6, the rate of vertical evolution will accelerate rapidly and move into a period of Ascension. Epoch 6 Ascension is more of a continual developmental process than it is a stabilized stage: there is a vast relatively unexplored territory in consciousness.

In Epoch 6 Ascension, the synchronization of the Higher Brain and Higher Heart is more than just “mere transcendence” of older, more primitive, physiology. This new, physiological dynamic begins to transform the rest of our physiology, bringing all of the earlier, primitive structures into service of the Higher-Brain/Higher-Heart dynamic! This new “ascension dynamic” is seen on EEGs as high degrees of coherence across the brain, with elevated levels of energy in the higher structures. This evolutionarily advanced “transcend and include and synchronize” dynamic in the brain creates an emergent property in our physiology that aligns our cells and our DNA within a resonating field of new, emergent, holistic physiology. The ‘whole’ of our cells becomes radically greater than the sum of their parts. This emergent new physiology has a resonating effect on other people, pulling them into its field and catalyzing transformation within those within its communities.

Features of Epoch 6 Ascension

How will you know that you’re experiencing this new dynamic of Ascension into the 6th Epoch of human consciousness?  Here are some of the features of this Life Altitude:

  • Kosmocentric — beyond Worldcentric, beyond Universalistic, it sees all interiorities as well.
  • Driven to create Heaven on Earth — a heaven & earth informed by the evolutionarily advanced “transcend and include and synchronize” dynamic
  • All matter is seen as awake, and all energy is seen as living.
  • Direct identification with Supreme Spirit
  • Sees the world as Process
  • Simultaneous existence inside & outside of time
  • One with the Kosmos — inside & outside.

How can we cultivate these attributes and make them permanent traits?

PraxisAletheia: A Mystery School

The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: The Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world as The New Human.  New Humans make large, systemic changes that create a New World!!

Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia. We are currently offering enrollment into the class beginning February 2023 with a reduction in tuition for the first 12 to apply after watching the webinar.