In our last blog post, we addressed Transcendence: you can experience freedom and peace as the Transcendent Self, which is an aspect of who you really are.  As the Transcendent Self, you are greater than a body and a mind. And yet, if you’re reading this blog, you also experience yourself with a body and a mind, with physical sensation and emotions, with a brain and intellect.

In a state of Unitary Awakening, we reconcile the infinite with the finite; the timeless with the time-bound; the Transcendent with the Physical. At the Metamodern Mystery School, we reconcile duality experientially and in identity with the aspect of you that is BOTH infinite AND finite. The reconciliation of these apparent opposites brings incredible power to create your life and relationships.  You may recognize this reconciliation as what the wisdom traditions have called “non-duality.”

Resolution & Reconciliation

How do we reconcile the two aspects of our identity: (1) “beyond space and time” and (2) “a time-bound body on earth”?

  • Consider a coin. There is one coin with two sides.  It cannot be one coin without two sides. The relationship between two sides creates one coin.
  • Consider the nature of human relationships: it takes two.  A friendship has two people. A motherhood has a mother and a child.  A transaction needs a giver and a receiver.  A conversation needs a speaker and a listener.

In each case above, there is something transcendent to each of the pairs.  In each case, there is something that becomes entangled between the pairs.  A oneness, and a connection, within the polarity. Oneness within the polarity is non-duality.

A mind that realizes its transcendent nature can pour its awareness back into the world, reunite with the world, and take up a non-dual identity as:

  • both Source and Sourced
  • both Creator and Created
  • both Subject and Object
  • both Beyond and Everything

With the right techniques and conditions in your body-mind, you can realize, experientially, that you are not “either Transcendent or an embodied Soul.”  You can realize that you are “both Transcendent and an embodied Soul”, a Soul that is empowered by Source, in a non-dual relationship with Source. You exist because Source exists, and Source exists because you exist.

This unitary state of Self Realization is deeply profound and, so far, rare. PraxisAletheia: The Metamodern Mystery School and its core technologies allow access to this profound state. With this awakening, you experience bliss with eyes wide open.  You move through your life, and in your relationships, connected to Source, as Source, as an extension of Source — in a flow of peaceful action and deep trust.

Paradox Resolution

Have you ever been in the situation where your mind says one thing and your heart says another?  Have you ever solved problems with a team of creative peers, each one with a potential solution? Have you ever been in an ambiguous relationship?

When it really counts, how do you resolve ambiguity and paradox?

Even without being in a SalutoGenic state, this exercise can help you start developing skills in perception that overcome these kinds of conflicts and paradoxes, which will also help your Source Code Meditation. If you were in a SalutoGenic state, then we could do far more. For now, if we can recognize a false dichotomy, then we can synthesize creative solutions to familiar challenges in relationships.

Your brain and psyche resolves uncertainty by choosing an available meaning. Resolving uncertainty reduces fear in the survival brain. However, in the image above, there are at least two meanings available: Either a duck or a rabbit.  Either meaning is familiar.  But, from a higher integrated perspective it is simultaneously both a duck and a rabbit, which is unfamiliar.  Can you see both?  Practice stepping back and objectifying the picture as a whole. What is your experience of perceiving both? Get comfortable with holding ambiguity as a growth experience.


PraxisAletheia means “practice which reveals truth.” The Metamodern Mystery School is a one-year journey into expanding your identity such that it includes more and more of what is possible to include within your identity. The result is bliss, and a life lived from a frequently blissful state

Watch this webinar to learn about PraxisAletheia and to get access to an application to start in January 2022.  We are currently in early enrollment process with significant tuition incentives.