Partial Love

It is common for individuals to seek out self-improvement and personal growth through various forms of therapy, coaching, and personal development programs. One such program is the “Pure Love” program created by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a chiropractor and author who has become well-known for his work on the relationship between the mind and the body. While the Pure Love program has been well-received by many individuals, there are some who have raised concerns about the lack of understanding of integral metatheory.

Integral metatheory is a holistic approach to understanding and addressing complex systems and phenomena. Integral Metatheory is a Theory of Everything and should encompass “pure love.” Integral Metatheory seeks to integrate diverse perspectives and approaches to understand the complexity of human experience and behavior fully and completely.

Joe’s “Pure Love” program does not incorporate integral metatheory in its approach to personal growth, and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

While the program does draw on elements from various fields, such as neuroscience and psychology, it has been criticized for not fully integrating these perspectives in a holistic, integrated manner. For example, the program primarily focuses on the power of the mind and the role of thought and emotion in shaping our reality, but it does not address crucial factors that absolutely influence our experience and behavior, such as the interpretation of the experience of “Pure Love” through the lens of vertical, psycho-spiritual & moral development. Waking up to a state of more love will always be interpreted through a stage of growing up. And there’s nothing in the Pure Love program that addresses this critical step of interpretation.

And without the ability to explain the meaning of “Pure Love” into a theory of everything, then “Pure Love” can only be partial, which means it’s not pure.

Sloppy, Joe

That’s sloppy, Joe!

Partial Love is not Pure

Carol Gilligan is a well-known feminist psychologist and author who has made significant contributions to the field of moral development. Her work has focused on the ways in which gender influences moral reasoning and decision-making, and she has argued that traditional models of moral development, which are largely based on the work of psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, do not adequately take into account the experiences and perspectives of women. While the program does focus on the importance of developing a sense of personal responsibility and ethical behavior, it does not adequately consider the ways in which gender influences these processes. For example, the program does not address the fact that women may often be socialized to prioritize the needs of others over their own, or that they may face unique challenges and expectations in terms of their moral development due to their gender.

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Carol & James Gilligan


In Gilligan’s theory, there are four stages to a woman’s moral development: 1) Selfish, 2) Care, 3) Universal Care, and 4) Integrated.

At SELFISH, “Pure Love” is egocentric. “Pure Love” is interpreted through an archaic-magical filter and manifests itself as love for me, for oneself, and only for oneself.

At CARE, “Pure Love” is ethnocentric. “Pure Love” is interpreted through a mythic-literal filter and manifests itself as love for us, for family and for people who are similar in values, beliefs, and geographical region. Nazi mothers love, purely, their Nazi children.

At UNIVERSAL CARE, “Pure Love” is world-centric. “Pure Love” is interpreted through a modern/post-modern filter, and manifests itself as love for all of us, all people regardless of values, beliefs, and geographical region. “Can’t we all just get along.”

At INTEGRATED, “Pure Love” is cosmo-centric. “Pure Love” is interpreted through an integral filter — that integrates both masculine & feminine moral intelligence — and manifests itself as love for all Being, all people regardless of values, beliefs, and geographical region.

The sad irony — which will lead to a train wreck — is that the people who have created “Pure Love” — as well those that attend — do not seem to understand how partial their love is. If they cannot understand the interpretation of “Pure Love” at each of these moral stages, then they only have a partial understanding of “Pure Love.”  Again, their meaning of “Pure Love” can only be partial, which means it’s NOT pure. They are, in effect, mouthing the words, while simultaneously stealing the cultural code of integral understanding.

This is what we call, in the business, “virtue signaling.”  But I’m sure it’s a lovely, caring experience, nevertheless. If that’s what meets your needs, then I guess that’s where one needs to be.

“Pure Love” is not integrally informed & not informed by developmental psychology. Therefore, “Pure Love” is partial, and partial love is not pure. Stop calling it pure.


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