“What? So What? Now What?”

“What? So What? Now What?” is a reflective model that helps people evaluate shared experiences, or events, so that they can identify ways to improve or act and keep themselves from getting stuck on only the facts or just the feelings. We want to prevent people from getting stuck in facts or feelings. It’s extremely easy for those who awaken higher, transformative potential to quickly normalize their higher growth & development, and even forget how it was before their transformation, which has the effect of stifling expansion. A critical reflection session can be used to further improve actions by framing observations, analyzing the impact, and then considering actions to further improve. This critical thinking model includes the following reflective steps which keep people on track and encourage forward momentum:

  • Understanding the event (What?)
  • Making sense of the facts and implications (So What?)
  • Identifying the course of action (Now What?)

What happened?

After a decade of training and beta testing, The New Human University has completed the first year of PraxisAletheia: A Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. On some measures of growth & development, we assessed students before & after PraxisAletheia, while other measures were assessed quarterly.

What was observed?

We showed some of this data in another form in the last blog post.

Inner Organic Technology is a new measure of self-reported experiences associated with SalutoGenic Mechanisms, and the frequency, amplitude, duration, and repeating qualities thereof:

  1. General Experience of SalutoGenesis
  2. SalutoGenic Breath Expansion
  3. SalutoGenic Breath Rhythm
  4. SalutoGenic Auto Wave
  5. SalutoGenic Double Helix
  6. SalutoGenic ThriveStyle

The Mystical Experience composite scale measures a person’s mystical experiences along four (4) vectors:

  1. Mystical – inner & outer sense of unity, noetic quality, sacredness
  2. Transcendence of time & space
  3. Positive Mood
  4. Ineffability

The Sense of Coherence composite scale measures a person’s orientation to life along three vectors:

  1. Comprehensibility
  2. Manageability
  3. Meaningfulness

So What?

It’s extremely easy to normalize transformation and to forget how it was before transformation. Human beings seem to reach new, higher levels of homeostasis very quickly when undergoing positive change. So, why should we care about these observations? What did we learn? And what difference does these results make?

We feel that there are some obvious benefits to decreased depression & anxiety, and to increased access to mystical experience, goal achievement, and happiness, just as examples. We believe we have learned that the practices — the praxis of PraxisAletheia — have changed our students in profound, statistically significant ways, and that evolutionary emergent phenomenon of inner organic technology is driving these transformations.

But still… so what? What difference does it make? And why should we care?

We believe that the observations reflect the characteristics of an emerging New Human. Is that so strange?  Five times before, there have been epochal shifts in human consciousness, culture, and cortex. We believe the data indicates that we’re on the brink of a new emergence.

Now what?

The New Human has new & emergent capacities for transforming human consciousness, culture, and brain cortex. And the quicker we develop New Humans, the quicker we can begin to enact emergent capacities for causing transformative, widespread social change.

One of the transformative changes is permanent access to ongoing growth & evolution. In the past, development psychologists have put an upper limit to growth & development of the mind & brain.  But, with these emergent, new-human capacities there is no apparent end to the level of complexity that our body/minds can enfold and enact.

With inner organic technology and The New Holy Trinity, we’re changing the rules of the game.



The New Human University offers a one-year course in the teachings and practices of PraxisAletheia: A Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. PraxisAletheia is a path of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up in the world with your contribution to the world’s path of waking up & growing up.  Watch this webinar to see if you are a good fit for PraxisAletheia.

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