What is PraxisAletheia?

PraxisAletheia is a one-year transformational journey into the teachings, techniques and trainings of the Mystery School at the Leading Edge of Evolution. You will learn to conquer death, to live without limits, and to master the secrets of the universe.

Thousands of years ago, new truths emerged across the world that were so profound and revelatory they had to be hidden from the dominant culture. Eventually new movements formed to secretly disseminate these higher truths to the leading edge of society. The transmission of this revelatory new knowledge took place in ‘mystery schools’. The secretive mystery schools were designed to teach these higher truths in a way that led to the radical transformation of the student into higher states and stages of consciousness.

PraxisAletheia is picking up the torch in the 21st century. New knowledge has been revealed. This new knowledge includes the discovery of emergent ‘human inner organic technologies’, a new spiritual enlightenment experience, and a higher stage of human consciousness.

How does the year unfold?

Each month there is a new module. The first two months we teach you the standard & advanced forms of the SCM Base state (the Higher-Brain state that is necessary for SCM), and SCM, which is the world’s first “brain-first” meditation technique. It’s a whole new class/category of meditation; meditation on an active, conscious, internal objects – SalutoGenic mechanisms. In the following 9 months, we use the standard & advanced SCM Base and SCM to go through the 9 Summits of Transformation https://sourcecodemeditation.com/the9summits/ . The last month is focused on co-creating Epoch 6, the next stage of human evolution.  Epoch 6 is a new world that supports rapid development of humans through all states & stages of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. In Epoch 6, the world’s societal structures (external) & cultures (internal) support growth & development of the true self. In our model, the Authentic Self is the time-bound soul that has purpose in spacetime, and the Kosmic Self is transcendent to, but also includes, spacetime forms.

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey that we promote comprises waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up. (And to some extent opening up to various lines of development).

On the waking up path, one can cease exclusive identification with the ego (Summit 1), and one can come into identity with the Transcendent Self (Summit 2) that is the Ultimate Witness to All. This is part of knowing one’s Self. The next step is to make that awakening non-dual with Unitary Awakening (Summit 3). Simultaneously in the world but not of the world, informed by both, not escaping from either. Embodiment. Once you know this about yourself (non-exclusive identities with ego, Transcendent Self, Unitary awakened Self) then we can live our Authentic Self – Soul’s Purpose (Summit 4), fully embodied.

Summits 5 & 6 address the growing up path which forms an attractor up into Epoch 6 and goes back down the spiral to address failures to include (allergies) or failures to transcend (addictions) earlier stages of development. No one gets out 100% cleanly (e.g., traumas) and uses coping mechanisms, adaptations, affectations, forming sub-personalities etc., and we can get sick boy/girl. But then we handle it.

The cleaning up path, in Summit 7, we transmute any subconscious shadowed energy into fuel for the Higher Brain. All along the path of the 9 Summits (starting with brain-first meditation) we address the lack of flexibility in the brain/body nervous system. The PFC (higher brain) regulates the rest of the nervous system, but it’s hijacked by lower-brain, stress-brain, physiology. The very first step is awakening the Higher Brain which handles most if not all of inability to regulate. From there, all the Summits are easily accessible.

In the showing up path, Summit 8, we take our awakened, matured, cleaned Self into the world, taking action and enacting new potential. Summit 9 is Unitary Evolutionary Enlightenment which could stand on its own as a whole course because it’s so much bigger than just a Summit. It’s a new awakening state plus a new stage of development. A new state/stage.

Then, the spiral of development restarts back at Summit 1. There is no end to growth & development & evolution…

Integrally Informed

This past year, we began working with Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter whose Harvard Ph.D. thesis addressed “post-autonomous ego development.” She’s the darling of the integral movement and she wanted to work with us because we’re demonstrating this exceedingly rare ability for late-stage adult development. Some of these late stages of development she calls “construct aware” and “ego aware” in which one finally sees that stacked nature of development. That development is envelopment. That each stage is necessary. We’re demonstrating that our students move toward, or into, that stage of cognitive/ego development. But cognitive/ego/moral development are only a few of the lines of development on the path to Epoch 6…

Using the integral metatheory framework, we focus on all four dimensions:

  • The internal state & stage of the individual, or Mind. This includes waking up state experiences as well as stage maturity
  • The external of the individual, or Body, which includes brain, behavior, and SalutoGenic mechanisms
  • The internal state of a collection of Minds, or Relationships, such as cultures.
  • The external of a group of Bodies, or Environments, such as societal structure.

The path focuses on all of these simultaneously because they tetra-evolve (evolve in 4 dimensions simultaneously) and yet, we can focus conversations, or practices in one of these dimensions at a time – because that’s how time unfolds, but because we work in all 4 dimension in that sequential unfolding in relatively short time ordering, we cover all 4 dimensions sufficiently so as to not ignore any dimension and avoid partiality, which avoids limited or arrested development.


PraxisAletheia creates conditions for the New Human to emerge, which knows itself as Spirit in Action. Embodiment of God expression. We address both the Absolute/Being, and the Relative/Becoming, with previously unavailable potency, which necessarily impacts cultural/interior & societal/exterior constructs. There will be widespread social & cultural change. And we are leading the way at the leading edge.

For further information, you can check out our blog and other parts of our websites where we’ve posted information and empirical results. Just a few examples:

Without knowing you, the reader, I assert that you’re going to find what you’re looking for, but also what you may not have known could be discovered. If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably already in rarified air. And evolution will never stop until the end of spacetime…

Join us on the Hero’s Journey

PraxisAletheia is in a very unique & powerful position. We’re also offering professional careers, with masters & doctorate level accreditation, for an integrally informed practice that dramatically accelerates all four paths of waking up, growing up, cleaning up, and showing up.


If you think you might be a good fit, then watch the webinar and complete an application.